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A Nexus vibrating butt plug if you need an intro to anal play. This is great for beginners because it has multiple stimulation ridges on the shaft. It boasts six stimulation settings, including multiple vibration and pulsation speeds, and comes with a wireless remote so you can go solo or involve a partner.

The butt plug with a narrower tip and multiple textured ridges near the base and a matching remote

Bellesa Boutique

Promising review: “So I thought I wouldn’t like butt stuff… We’ve now used this several times. The material has a really nice feel, slightly flexible, seems to be a good size for beginners. It doesn’t look too intimidating, cleans easily, and can be used during actual intercourse.” —Amelia

Price: $79


A BuzzFeed Pebble that combines clit suction and vibrations for one helluva time. It’s designed so you can align your index finger with the length of the toy, which basically makes it an extension of your body. What’s more? This waterproof vibe features five vibration modes and five suction intensities.

A model holding the small pink Pebble inside its matching clamshell carrying case

Promising review: “I was so hesitant to make this buy because I’ve never used a clit suction toy before, but it was so inexpensive I decided to go for it. It’s SO much smaller and less intimidating than most of the other suction toys I’ve seen, but it is POWERFUL. This bad boy has turned into my #1 fav toy, surpassing my wand and rabbit vibes. It’s so so perfect, and the case it comes with is so cute and discreet I literally just keep it out on my side table because nobody knows. It’s fairly quiet (a little louder than my Nirvana wand) and so so small. I LOVE it.” —kt

Price: $49


A finger clit vibrator to mimic your finger. It features an egg-shaped paddle of 105 textured silicone rods for maximum stimulation — the star of this wearable toy is its flickering tongue with 10 vibration intensities that range from a gentle brush to life-changing stimulation.

A model wearing the vibrator on their finger, with a textured paddle featuring dozens of tiny silicone rods

Promising review: “I got this toy for my roommate as a beginner’s toy and she is HOOKED. We can finally talk toy masturbation now and I’m loving it.” —Cici

Price: $39


A 6.5″ dildo that’s great for beginners thanks to its wider, slightly curved head. Not only is this waterproof toy compatible with a harness, but its shape and smooth surface make it ideal for some ~serious~ stimulation.

The purple dildo with a suction cup base and slightly thicker, curved tip

Bellesa Boutique

Promising review: “I used this for the first time with my partner, and it was our first time using a strap. Both of us were very into it. Its shape is great and feels super soft. I would recommend it!!” —first timer

Price: $39 (available in three colors)


An adjustable strap-on harness for beginners that can fit up to a 60-inch waist. This harness is equipped with durable rubber o-rings in two sizes that are compatible with flared-base dildos.

The black harness with durable straps

Bellesa Boutique

Promising review: “It’s a no-frills, functional, easy to adjust harness that works well and gets the job done! A must-have for anyone wanting to get into hands-free dildo play.” —Gabby

Price: $29


An Aurora waterproof vibrator that’s made for either penetrative or surface play and is controlled with a single button. This rechargeable toy (which is one of Cardi B’s favorites) has seven different vibration settings and is great for beginners.

A model holding the purple vibrator with a slightly curved tip

Promising review: “Over the last six months, my fiance has asked me on numerous occasions if i would be comfortable introducing a vibrator into our sex life. Finally, I caved and bought the Aurora for her as a gift for Mother’s Day. In terms of our sex life, it is hands-down the best decision I have ever made. This toy has injected so much new energy and passion into our sex that the only word that I can use to describe my experience with this toy is ‘grateful.’ Wish I could give more than 5 stars, I recommend the Aurora a million times over.” —Anonymous

Price: $99 (available in two colors)


A pair of nipple clips connected by a 13-inch chain that’ll satisfy any BDSM curiosity you might have. These adjustable clips are perfect for nipple stimulation during sex, which can intensify orgasms.

The clips connected with a 13-inch silver chain

Bellesa Boutique

Promising review: “I love these clips! I’m pretty new to nipple play and the adjustable clips work wonders. Definitely would recommend to other curious beginners.” —Cindy

Price: $19


A Luvli Ditto 2 if you want to play with your partner or indulge in some solo fun. This wearable toy, which is flexible and hands-free, is designed to deliver surface stimulation while your partner handles the rest. It’s waterproof and comes with a matching remote so you and your partner can control all 11 vibration modes from the palm of your hand.

A model holding the "C"-shaped vibrator with one end that's thicker than the other and a matching remote

Promising review: “This was the first toy we’ve bought for couples. It worked great for both of us. We haven’t introduced anything new to the bedroom for a while and this was definitely a win. The quality is great especially for the price.” —new to this

Price: $59


An anal training kit that’s tailor-made for beginners. The kit includes three sleek probes — one small, one medium, and one large — so you can experiment with different sizes and go at your own pace. Each probe is smooth, flexible, and easy to clean.

The set of three purple probes, each with a flared base, in increasing size order

Bellesa Boutique

Promising review: “This kit is a great starting place for anal play. I’ve never done anything with anal before and definitely needed a slow and gentle ramp up to start getting used to it. The very gentle flare on most of the length for each plug allows for comfortable go-at-your-own-pace training for both depth and girth, and the bottom bulb is both big enough to get you prepped for the next size up over time, as well as being large enough that the plug stays in place snugly if you’re just looking to stay with the size of that specific toy. The material is high-quality silicone, is soft and pliable enough for very comfortable insertion, and very easy to care for. If you’re interested in trying out but stuff, I highly recommend this set.” —Talia

Price: $39


A flexible Halo cock ring to amplify pleasure for both parties. This waterproof toy will have them lasting longer and you riding the wave of both penetration and surface vibes to orgasm bliss.

A model demonstrating how flexible the circular cock ring is

Bellesa Boutique

Promising review: “I surprised my boyfriend with this after we talked about incorporating sex toys. He said it was easy to put on and a good fit – snug but not too tight. I liked that the vibrations were strong but not too intense. (I was worried they’d be too much for him, but if he had any complaints, he could have fooled me.) We didn’t get the angle perfect on the first try, but let’s just say we didn’t mind the practice to figure it out. We thought Halo would make it feel better for only me, I swear he loves it just as much or more.” —Anonymous

Price: $69 (available in two colors)


A bottle of water-based lubricant that might not be the most exciting purchase, but is definitely necessary as you get up close and personal with all of your new sex toys. It’s hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, and works great for sex with a partner as well.

The 4-ounce, black ombre bottle of water-based lubricant

Bellesa Boutique

Promising review: “I’ve tried so many lubes, and this one is PERFECT. It’s super long lasting, soft, and doesn’t leave a mess. I love this for using it with my husband as well as for solo play.” —jos

Price: $20


A BuzzFeed AirVibe vibrator so you can stimulate your G-spot and clit ~simultaneously~. This super discreet vibrator delivers vibrations to your G-spot and uses pressure wave technology to gently suck and caress your clit. It’s also rechargeable, so you don’t have to worry about always having batteries on hand.

A model holding the red vibrator with one curved end and another end with the pleasure jet

Promising review: “Ok, let me tell you something. I was super suspicious about this product, it was my first vibrator that I ever bought and I didn’t know what to expect. And let me tell you something, it’s AMAZING!!!! I’m in love with it! Very easy to use, and after a few SECONDS I got an amazing orgasm!!!! Thank you so much for inventing this magical thing ❤️” —Hilary

Price: $59


A set of three Satisfyer Kegel balls because your pelvic floor needs love too. Using these balls for just 15 minutes a day can help you to climax more easily and with greater intensity. While these balls are all the same size, each one is a different weight so you can work your way up to a better orgasm.

The set of three Kegel balls of varying weights

Bellesa Boutique

Promising review: “This has increased my orgasm level more than I expected. I love working out and having the biggest size in. Definitely worth the purchase! Wish there were more sizes!” —Orgasmic balls

Price: $27


A small clit vibrator that’s strong yet quiet so you can get off even if your roommates are home. This vibrator has a pointy side and a squishy, flat side, meaning you can experiment to your heart’s content and choose your own orgasm. What’s more? Its clamshell carrying case, which also acts as a charger, makes it adorably discreet.

A model holding the blue, round vibrator with a curved squishy side and flat side in its matching carrying case

Promising review: “This was my first vibrator purchase and I love it! It is very quiet and easy to clean. I also love that the case is discrete and adorable.” —KL



A silicone egg vibrator to help you strengthen your pelvic floor muscles while delivering 10 stealth vibration modes at the touch of a button. This wearable and waterproof vibe also comes with a safety strap you can hold so you’re always in control.

The egg-shaped vibrator with an attached handle and a matching remote

Bellesa Boutique

Promising review: “Looking for play or to tighten up those pelvic floor muscles while having fun? Look no further! You just need this in your life, because there is no reason not to!” —you need this

Price: $59 (available in two colors)


A Satisfyer Men 2.0 masturbator to stimulate the ~entire~ penis. Reviewers can’t get over the skin-like feel of the interchangeable sleeve and the innovative inner pressure regulator that makes this toy feel super realistic.

The oblong black masturbator with an interchangeable sleeve

Promising review: “Perfect fit and easy to clean, this toy was my first and won’t be my last! It even turns the Mrs. on when I’m using it. 😏.” —Luke

Price: $39 (available in two colors)


A luxurious wand with seven vibration modes that’ll bring you pleasure in the shower, in the bedroom and everywhere in between. This sleek silicone toy matches each vibration pattern to a color via an LED lightbar so you can easily discern what works best — ideal for newbies!

The black wand vibrator with a circular, wide tip

Promising review: “This is such an incredible toy! The speed options and vibration options are spot on! This is the first vibe I’ve been willing to take in the tub and I’ve had zero issues with it! Waterproof and so fun!” —Kate

Price: $159

Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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