We asked the BuzzFeed Community to share the movie and TV moments that were supposed to be funny but just made them really sad. Here are the responses that might make you rethink your favorite scenes:

Warning: some submissions include topics of suicide, drug abuse, and verbal abuse.


When Kevin spilled his famous chili in The Office:

Kevin explaining how he makes his famous chili, then dropping the entire pot onto the office floor.


“He worked so hard to make it! He was so proud of the recipe and explained how much effort went into it, only for it to fall and spill. Kevin was trying to share the recipe he loved with people he loved, and he just looks so crestfallen when it’s ruined.”



When Luis described how his life was falling apart in Ant Man:

luis telling scott lang about how his girlfriend left him, his mother died, and his father got deported, but at least he still has his van!


“What’s more tragic is that his van got destroyed in Avengers: Endgame.”



Whenever the group would absolutely derail Cricket’s life in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia:

Sweet Dee and Charlie making cricket do cocain


Suggested by: lenar45ff56517


When Happy unwittingly sent his grandmother to the retirement home/quilting sweatshop in Happy Gilmore:

Happy's grandmother making quilts all day every day at the retirement home

Universal Pictures

“I literally couldn’t watch Happy Gilmore because of the way they treated his grandma there.”



When Moss acted out the goodbye Roy never got from his ex-girlfriend during a game of D&D in The IT Crowd:

Roy pouring his heart out and breaking down when moss says goodbye


“It puts a lump in my throat every time. Chris O’Dowd’s acting really sold the heartbreak.”



Whenever Gina mocked or insulted Amy for being into the “boring” stuff she was passionate about in Brooklyn Nine-Nine:

Gina making fun of Amy for showing her the magnetic flashlight clip she invented when she was a kid


“It would be different if they both snarked at each other, but Amy always looked so hurt every time Gina insulted her.”



Whenever Michael insulted Toby and no one stood up for him in The Office, which was basically all the time:

Michael making a joke about toby screwing up everything in this life, and everyone else just sitting there


Suggested by: justaprocrastinator


When Sandra’s cat’s sickness and death was treated like a joke in Superstore:

Sanda asking for donations for her cat's surgery and everyone trying to ignore her


“As someone whose pet cat had just passed away, I couldn’t really laugh at that scene.”



When Beck and Jade had a huge fight in the closet, causing Cat to have an anxiety attack and faint in Victorious:

Cat trying to self-sooth and pretend she's under her bed while jade and beck fight


“I watched a video of it without the laugh track and it was so sad.”



When Leslie visited Jerry’s home and he cought a cup she almost dropped in Parks and Rec, implying that wasn’t actually clumsy, just constantly nervous at work:

Jerry catching the cup and joking that leslie's clumsy, and leslie being stunned


Suggested by: panachely


When Phoebe would talk about her past struggles and traumas, and the audience would constantly laugh in Friends:

the audience laughing like crazy while phoebe describes how her mom committed suicide and stepdad went to prison


Suggested by: jazmingisselle


When Rico threw the steak at Napoleon’s face in Napoleon Dynamite:

The steak hitting napoleon in the face, almost knocking him and pedro off his bike

MTV Films

“It’s supposed to be funny, but he could’ve seriously injured his own nephew! I always cringe at that part.”



Whenever the adults would make fun of and insult Kimmy — a child — in Full House:

danny tanner telling kimmy to go live with a wildebeest


Suggested by: treemae91


When Aunt Viv was pregnant in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Ashley was worried the new baby would make everyone forget about her, and then they literally forgot about her when they went out to dinner:

Ashley coming down the stairs and realizing everybody left her.


“I know it was meant to be a joke, but I could feel the soul-crushing feeling of abandonment.”



Whenever Dorothy and Blanche acted totally disinterested in Rose’s stories about St. Olaf in The Golden Girls:

dorothy talking about how she wanted to be the butter queen back in the day and blanche only half listening to her


“Yes, she was kooky, but she just wanted to tell her friends about the place that made her who she is.”



When Santana went on her savage rant against Kurt in Glee:

Santana listing all the reasons kurt and blaine didn't work out to kurt


“The writing went way below the belt and crossed an already blurry line between Chris Colfer and his character Kurt.”



When Rachel’s father had a heart attack in Friends and they played the laugh track over it:

The audience laughing when rachel reveals that her father had a heart attack while she was shopping at barney's


Suggested by: emjgee


When George’s fiancé Susan died and we were expected to laugh about it in Seinfeld:

George being confused about the doctor telling him susan died while the laugh track plays over their dialogue


Suggested by: eeffr0177


Anytime Leonard’s mother belittled him and favored Sheldon over him in The Big Bang Theory:

Leonard's mother thanking sheldon for picking her up from the airport, even though leonard drove


“There’s just something about seeing a parent unapologetically treat their child so horribly that really makes me sad.”



And finally, when Thor gained weight after killing Thanos in Avengers: Endgame and it was treated like a hilarious joke:

Hulk asking Thor if he's alright, and Rocket joking that he looks like melted ice cream


“It was such a realistic and relatable depiction of depression, and the audience just laughed at it.”


Now it’s your turn! Share any “funny” TV and movie moments that make you really sad (or, any “sad” TV and movie moments that inexplicably make you laugh) in the comments below.


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