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A bird harness and leash because we all deserve to see more pet birds prancing around the streets. I mean, c’mon, how cute is that???

Reviewers scarlet macaw bird wearing the harness and leash outside


The Aviator pet harness automatically adjusts from the chest to the back as your bird flies, which completely eliminates any discomfort during their flight and landing.

Promising review: “This is easily the best thing I could have ever bought for my scarlet macaw. Now we can go outside without me ever having to worry about her getting scared of something and flying away (birds can still fly with clipped wings and it is better for them to be flighted). It takes some training and desensitization but it is well worth it.” —Mike

Price: $34.99 (available in sizes 3XS — 2XL and seven colors)


A chic bird carrier for when you and Polly can’t decide if you want to rock a messenger bag or backpack.

A model showing the two carry ways the bird carrier offers; messenger style and backpack style


This fashion-forward, two-way carry bird bag comes with one portable perch and one removable and washable feeding bowl. The installed tray slides out so you can easily clean any fallen food or waste. Don’t stress about closing the bag, there are four ventilation holes on top for your birds safety and security. Bonus: There is an included car buckle. Weekend getaways with your feathery friend just got so much easier!

Promising review:This is wonderful backpack carrier! It is well built and easy to assemble and take apart. It comes with a clever zippered storage bag to stash the disassembled carrier in for safe compact storage. The stainless steel food cup is quite handy and the exterior elastic bands are awesome for holding a small water bottle externally. The only amendment I made was to wrap the wooden perch rod with Coban self adhesive bandage to provide better grip and a more comfortable place to stand for my feathered friend. We use it to take our Green Cheek Conure on road trips to visit family and on shopping outings locally. My birdy Odin (aka The All Feather) gets excited at the sight of it, hops on in and is ready to go!” —Debra Ott

Price: $89.99


A luxurious aviary that’ll immediately become your little one’s outdoor haven. This cage is perfect and well-worth the price for any bird owner with a backyard. It’s built so you can easily install swings to keep your bird cheery and busy. Bonus: It has wheels so you can easily transport it outside.

A white bird cage with birds inside perched on the included two wooden perches and one bungee rope


This beauty includes four stainless-steel bowls, two feeder doors, two wooden perches, and one bungee rope. It includes two removable trays to ensure an easy clean-up!

Promising review: “I love how easy to clean it is, you don’t have to take it apart like my old one. And because it’s on wheels I can push it to the patio window so Gabby can bask in the sun. Love this cage.” —Mamaj

Price: $199.99


A hanging bird bath so your bird can take a dip to cool down after playing on their swing in the sun. Hook it onto your outdoor aviary and watch your bird blissfully swoosh around in the water.

A bird inside an acrylic bird bath filled with water and hooked onto a gold cage


Promising review: “My parakeets love their bath! I love that it is clear all around and my family can enjoy observing them.” —Tracy

Price: $20.97


An adorable snuggle tent for your bird to cuddle up in during their afternoon naps outside. Attach this warm tent to your aviary to provide a safe hideaway for your bird.

a reviewer's bird in a snuggle tent


*Washable mat included.*

Promising review: “My birds absolutely love sleeping in it. This product is so good! It looks so freaking cute as well!” —Magdi I.

Price: $14.99+ (available in two sizes)


A handy bottle of bird cage cleaner because you *shouldn’t* rely on rainy days to keep your outdoor cage clean. Your bird will thank you for keeping their backyard playground waste-free.

a spray of the bird cage cleaner


This cleaner is made with plant-based ingredients so your pet bird won’t be exposed to alcohol, bleach, ammonia, or chlorine. The only thing your little friend won’t be protected from is the fresh, yummy scent the spray leaves behind.

Promising review: “Wow, this works like magic and no toxic fumes! So easy, so fast! I can’t believe what I have went through all this time trying to clean up poop. Don’t think another minute, buy this now. I promise you won’t regret it. Best product I have bought in ages!! Love it!” —csuzanneb

Price: $12.95


A fun triangle rope toy that’ll hook onto any cage so your bird can have a *swingin’* good time.

A model holding a triangle rope swing outside with their pet cockatiel perched on it


Promising review: “Excellent! Good price and just as expected. My parrot loves it and it’s a good size for a large Cockatoo. Used in my bird’s cage, will be ordering a second for his aviary. Very happy.” —Hellkat Studios

Price: $14.99+ (available in two sizes)


A tasty treat, because we all know if your bird happens to fly away, the only thing bringing them back down is a tempting, yummy snack.

A bag of Kaytee bird treat sticks made with real blueberries


Treat your bird to a healthy, guilt-free snack enriched with B vitamins, omega 3, antioxidants, and fiber. These sticks are excellent and effective to give to your bird as positive reinforcement during training.

Promising review: “Petey and Pedro, my feather babies love these treats. Great quality. Thank you.” —Virgie Canales

Price: $5.20


A convenient travel cage so your bird buddy can also escape the city over long weekends. It’s also great for vet visits or just to bring outside when your bird starts getting cabin fever.

Two birds inside a black, stainless steel portable bird cage inside the trunk of a car


The wooden handle is durable and can also be used as a perch for your bird. The cage is designed with four stands ensuring it stays up securely. It includes a pull out tray that makes for an easy clean up. The door has a stainless-steel button lock to prevent your bird from escaping. The purchase also includes two stainless steel feeding bowls and a fun, attachable rope toy for your pet to play and stand on. Your spontaneous getaway awaits!

Promising review: “I recently bought this travel cage for my Nanday Conure. I figured this would be a really nice travel cage to go to the vet, outside when the whether is warm, and to get his grooming done. Putting this cage together was super easy. It came with everything you need to put the cage together. The only thing you will need is a small wrench to tighten the nuts. I do recommend this to anyone who has a small parrot. It came earlier than it was suppose to come.” —Brit

Price: $69.99


An automatic feeder that’ll catch fallen seeds and hulls so your patio isn’t brimming with bird food. Your bb is free to be a messy eater.

A bird inside a cage standing on the perch station of an automatic bird feeder


Promising review:This is a no mess solution for my parakeet. The feeder attached easily in the opening where the food dish sits. It is easy to fill with seed and catches all the hulls, etc. in the dish below which is easily removed to empty. The reservoir for seed lasts over a week for my one parakeet and is easy to see when it gets low. Once the feeder was installed, my parakeet used it immediately. Very happy with this product.” —juliana

Price: $19.90 (originally $20.90)


A spiral rope perch to challenge your pet to some fun, outdoor gymnastics. This toy promotes the development of balance and coordination. Time to sign your friend up for the bird olympics (if that’s not a thing, it really should be).

A reviewer's pet bird perched on the spiral rope outside


Promising review: “My Macaw LOVES this rope! She gets on it and bounces, she pecks at it and it’s made so well even her big beak can’t destroy the rope {yet}. She loves ringing the bell, so cute. She loves climbing up and down it too. Great buy, so glad I got it. Gives lots of entertainment for her.” —Juls20004u

Price: $9.99+ (available in three sizes)


A cute tuxedo because why should your feathery friend look anything less than dapper while bundling up for the outdoor breeze.

A green parrot wearing tuxedo-style bird flight suit outside


Promising review: “So stinkin’ cute! Easy on and off, fits great. I love this!!” —christie dobson

Price: $22.89+ (available in sizes S—XL and in five colors)


An anti-scratch shoulder shawl so you can enjoy a morning walk without worrying about your bird flying away. Simply fix the chain to your birds ankle on one belt loop and attach their fav toys on the other. Bonus: Your pet can’t leave any “presents” on your shirt.

A model wearing a denim blue anti-scratch bird shawl with their pet attached to the belt loop on one shoulder and toys attached to the belt loop on the other shoulder


Promising review: “My birds love riding around on my shoulder but I don’t like being pooped on!! The Scratch Protector not only keeps you for being scratched up by their talons but offers a shield against poop, as well. The two attached rings allows you to hook some toys to it so they can be entertained while they ride around on your shoulder too.” —Brian Redding

Price: $15.99+ (available in two colors and styles)


A pair of anti-bite gloves that’ll protect your fingers from beak bites during outdoor training days.

A model wearing a pair of black anti-bite gloves while holding their pet bird under a tree


Promising review: “The glove is exactly what I needed to help train my parakeet. My parakeet really wants to bite and with the glove on it helps. He doesn’t bite near his much and I think I am teaching him a lot easier with using the glove. It is a little big for me since I am a woman. But it definitely does the job.” —Amazon Customer

Price: $11.49


A pack of three stylish diaper flight suits so your little friend doesn’t poop all over your gorgeous, mid-century modern living room or your freshly mowed lawn. Yuck!

Reviewer's photo of their pet bird wearing the yellow diaper flight suit


This sweet suit is made of washable, premium cotton so your pet stays comfy all day long! Pro tip: If you want to make cleaning it way easier, place a cotton pad inside and replace it every three to four hours. Don’t worry if your little one fusses at first – reviewers are saying it took their bird a few tries to get used to it!

Promising review: “It’s a perfect fit and easy to get on. She wore it for about four hours her first time. I wiped and rinsed the diaper in the sink. Within two hours, it was already dry and ready to use again. Quality product. Highly recommend.” —Alex

Price: $15.99

You’re all set for your outdoor adventures!

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Some reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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