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A wireless charger to make you feel like you’re living in the year 3000. Just set your phone down and let it do the work!

a phone on the wireless charger

Promising review: “I purchased the iPhone XS Max and wanted a 7.5w wireless charger that wasn’t too expensive for my nightstand. The Yootech fit the bill. It was easy to setup and use — just plug it into the wall adaptor (not included) and place the iPhone on the charging pad. Works through my iPhone silicone case and I like the green light which shows it’s charging. I’ve been using this for over two months without an issue. Charges fast and easy without the hassle of plugging in each time.”—Chris Pepin

Price: $9.98+ (available in three colors)


A pair of AirPods Pro for the most convenient, seamless listening experience possible. If you already have Apple products in your life, the splurge is totally worth it.

a model wearing the headphones in a car


Promising review: “Wow! I never liked the original AirPods. They always fell off. I’m so glad Apple came out with these and that I waited to splurge on headphones. The sound is beautiful, the fit is perfect. I literally just got these out the box and I fell in love! I have always been an Apple product lover. Well worth the wait!”—Kaner88

Price: $197 (originally $249)


Or a pair of Bluetooth headphones at a fraction of the price, for anyone who’s on a budget or doesn’t have an iPhone. These babies have a long battery life and premium bass so your music won’t feel degraded. Plus, they’re waterproof!

the earbuds in a case on a table

Promising review: “I used these at work all day with several calls — excellent sound quality — and then went for a 2.5 mile jog. They pair immediately and work well with one or both in. They are so comfortable and I didn’t have to readjust them even once on my run. Wish I could say the same about my shoelaces! I will never go back to corded ear buds again.”—Sara

Price: $25.99+ (originally $59.99, available in six colors)


A device charging station that’ll revolutionize your bedside table. No more fussing with tangled cords or waking up in the morning to dead devices half of the time.

the charging dock filled with phones and tablets

Promising review: “I was expecting something a little bigger, a little bulkier. What I got was a pleasant little package that packs a cool punch. You have to assemble the plastic separators but once that’s done and you’ve plugged it in, there are some really cool features. The first was unexpected: There are six USB-to-iPhone cables included in the box! The second cool feature is the plastic separating shelves light up. it’s really attractive. The best part about the lights however, is that they TURN OFF when your device is fully charged. How cool is that? I bought this to use in my bedroom at night for my kids to plug in their devices before bed. It’s not too bright to disturb my sleep (but it is across the room). I am very pleased with this product and would definitely recommend!”—Morgan Hanzlik

Price: $39.99


A UV phone sterilizer because even if you put hand sanitizer on constantly, you probably still aren’t cleaning your phone — which means all those germs are just recirculating as soon as you pick it up again.

a phone in the sanitizer box


Promising review: “I did a lot of research on this type of sterilization of phones before I bought this. Everything I found by scientists or electronics reviewers said that it does in fact kill all those gross germs that are ALL OVER our phones. You can’t see it — the phone doesn’t look any different when you take it out, but I’ll trust the experts who say this light is working. It makes me feel better after I clean it so I guess that’s a win.”—SCole

Price: $49.95


A ring light so everyone on your next Zoom will be like, “Wow your skin looks SO good!”

the ring light tripod set up

Promising review: “Bought this for my family’s home office/remote socializing video call setup in 2020. We’ve had it a couple of weeks, so can’t speak to longevity, but so far it has been amazing. It doesn’t have to be positioned right in your face; we can set this up across the room (a smaller room, but still) and it works great. The adjustable stand and adjustable light settings are excellent for using in different settings. If you want people to be able to see your face on video calls, this will do the trick! Really glad we bought it.” —L

Price: $35.99+ (available in three colors)


A waterproof pouch perfect for hiking, swimming, camping, or just existing outside when it rains. You can be free from the constant paranoia about getting your phone wet!

the pouch with a phone inside underwater at a pool

Promising review: “Purchased this product to take on a recent family cruise. I initially purchased it to just make sure my phone was protected from moisture. However while snorkeling in the Cayman Islands, I took the risk to take my phone underwater and take some pics and video. I was impressed the clarity not only underwater but also above the water. I bought the double pack for me and my husband; the price can’t be beat.” —S. Wright

Price: $10.99+ (for a pack of two, available in six color combinations)


A car phone mount so you won’t have to dangerously prop your phone up to follow directions, and you can change songs without getting distracted from the road.

the phone holder attached to a dashboard

Promising review: “Seriously, the BEST phone mount!! I had been so frustrated with car phone mounts. This was the fifth one I had tried in just a matter of months, and the search is over. The design is perfect. It’s sturdy, and you can position it anywhere that works for you. Other phone mounts didn’t stick to my dash, so I had to go with the horrible air vent mounts… You know because it’s wonderful having your vent blocked. Not anymore!”—Jack

Price: $14.99


A Lightning to headphone jack adapter for all those standard headphones you still have laying around — you can still get use out of them even with a different phone.

the adapter on a purple background

Promising review: “These were a lot less expensive than I thought they would be! I got one for my car, which has an aux chord in it, and one to use with some of my favorite headphones that aren’t compatible with my newer iPhone. The sound quality is great — there is no difference between using this with my old headphone compared to when I was able to use the headphones by themselves. In the car, it also has the same effect.”—Whitney

Price: $7.99


A clear case so you can actually show off your cool, colorful phone, without worrying about it getting damaged at every possible moment.

a hand holding the clear case

Promising review: “I had to leave a review after my experience tonight. Set my new phone on top of my vehicle, drove off, a couple miles down the road, going about 45 mph, I hear a thump like something hit my vehicle. Didn’t think much of it, until I remembered my iPhone was on top of the vehicle. I thought for sure my phone would be destroyed once I found it and I never get the insurance. But NOTHING. My screen didn’t break, no scratches on my phone, and it is working perfectly!” —Kristina

Price: $8.19 (fits iPhone 12, available in 23 colors)


A portable power bank because you should probably just always have one of these on hand. Even if you’re very diligent about keeping a good charge on your phone, if an emergency ever pops up you’ll be very grateful to have this.

a hand holding the portable charger

Promising review: “I like the solid and sleek construction. Fits easily in my pocket. Most importantly it works! Fast charging, enough capacity to charge my phone multiple times over multiple days, and withstands plenty of me dropping it and yanking the cord out awkwardly and accidentally. This is the fourth Anker charger I’ve owned. I share them with my family and use all four.” —Joe Hull

Price: $18.99


A PopSocket perfect for people (like me) with tiny hands who can’t quite handle the size of phones these days. Or if you have adequate-sized hands but just want a convenient grip that you can also use to prop your phone up while you’re watching something on it.

a leopard print case with the black pop socket

Promising review: “Talk about the best design/function combo. If you get this PopSocket you might as well cancel your phone insurance if you got it because your phone won’t be going anywhere. This PopSocket will give you the confidence you need to take that risky selfie at Niagara Falls without the slightest bit of doubt of dropping your phone. If you want to improve your life tenfold, I recommend this product.”—alyssa

Price: $9.97 (available in three colors)


A selfie stick-tripod combo that’ll make for the most perfect photo shoots ever. And the included Bluetooth remote makes group photos a ~snap.~

the tripod set up on a counter

Promising review: “I just purchased this product to use the tripod for work and was very impressed when I took it out of the package. Not only is this very compact, which is great for travel, it also extends to a pretty impressive length while using it as a tripod or a selfie stick! It has a remote and even a Bluetooth feature!!! You get two products in one for a fantastic price and it is so much more durable than those cheaply made selfie sticks. Definitely worth the price and I would highly recommend.” —Maven

Price: $23.99


An extra long phone cord if the one that came with your phone just isn’t cutting it. You should be able to turn over in bed with your phone plugged in, and this baby makes that dream a reality.

two coils of the long cords


Promising review: “The cables are braided and seem very well constructed. I gave one to a friend to try. She seemed very impressed with the quality of the cable. They charge just like an Apple cable and they are 6 feet long, which is quite a nice length if you have to use your device while it is charging. I would purchase again, but hope that I won’t have to.” —revbo

Price: $11.99+ (also available in 10 ft)


A car USB charger perfect for long trips, charging emergencies, or just to top up on your way to the grocery store.

the charger plugged in in a car

Promising review: “I know nothing about electronics and computers or chargers for electronics and computers. Fortunately I have sons who look out for me. My son said, “Mom, get this.” I did. Now I am recharging my cellphone lightning quick and there is a second one if someone else is in the car and needs to recharge their phone. Why it works, I don’t know. But, it works and I’m very happy with it.” —Sharon M. Allen

Price: $10.69+ (available in two colors)


A desktop phone stand so you can have your phone in view to glance at while you work without it being in the way or providing a distraction.

the silver phone holder

Promising review: “I LOVE this cellphone stand! It was a game changer for my home office. Before, I’d prop my cell on the laptop edge, or book, or anything to access the mute button easier (and other functions). Living in the country, in a valley, I’d lose reception if I swiveled even a little in my chair, so I always had to ground the cell on my desktop. Now, my work cellphone is always at the perfect angle to access its functions in and out of a call; plus, the speaker is more vibrant, I guess because the sound is projected off of the desktop. The cellphone itself is always accessible in its new, grounded home next to my monitor. Also, it’s so much better to see incoming calls and texts, even when I am a few feet away from the desk. It’s extremely sturdy, and has the right amount of tension in its flip feature. The wide feet for the phone allows me to use it with my cell case on. It’s sturdy enough for my iPad, as well. I have been highly recommending it to my colleagues and friends. You can’t beat the function of this item for such an incredibly low price.” —EagleOne

Price: $11.99+ (available in seven colors)


A Baby Yoda Bluetooth speaker that’ll take your tunes wherever you want to go and look stinkin’ cute doing it.

a hand holding up the small speaker

Promising review: “Aside from the fact that it’s the cutest thing ever, the sound quality it the real reason for my review. As with many others, I’ve caught the Grogu bug and thought it’d be a nice addition to my collection. The sound quality is beyond what I expected. I guess the best way to describe it is that it’s clean, as in no harsh sounds or static. Just a super cute and powerful little thing. Considering the price, I’ll be buying more! This is absolutely the way!!!”—Malisa Elizehi

Price: $19.99+ (available in six Star Wars characters)


A solar power bank that’s great for blackouts, camping, or just keeping in your emergency bag for the ultimate peace of mind.

the charger with solar panels unfolded


Promising review: “Did you know you can use this while inside? You can; I’m using it right now and as I started writing this my phone already charged up 2 more percent. Oh just went up one more. So that being said, it charges quickly. Now when my phone’s dying and I need it for work, as I sit on my couch, I no longer have to put everything on hold to charge my phone. I just plug it into this solar pack and it charges while I sit on the couch and it continues to charge. Wish I thought of this long ago. Too cool. Oh and a few days ago we had a bad storm, electric went out, and of course I had a low battery, but not for long. Plugged into this battery pack and not long after, I was at 100% charged battery.”—Keris

Price: $58.98


A pack of tempered glass screen protectors because we’ve all felt the agony of a broken screen despite it being so easy to avoid.

a hand holding a cracked screen protector

Promising review: “This saved my phone! I was taking a walk and tripped and dropped my phone right on the pavement, screen side down! Since I had the screen protector, it took the hit. My phone had no damage at all. So glad I have bought this and two additional ones! Great product and highly recommended!”—Shorty458

Price: $5.89 (for a set of three, fits iPhone XR and 11)


An OtterBox Defender case with the ultimate protection for a phone. I’m pretty sure you could throw your phone at the ground and this would protect it. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend trying it on purpose, but if it happens, you can rest assured that your phone will be safe.

the pink phone case


Promising review: “I’ve always used the Defender series on my OtterBox cases, they’ve never let me down. I just got the Galaxy S20 so I knew there wouldn’t be a ton of designs to choose from, but I did find a hot pink that will work until more designs are available. The case fit my phone perfectly and I’m certain it’ll hold up for a long as I have the phone.”—Amazon Customer

Price: $30.53+ (available in three colors)

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Reviews here have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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