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A unique “Snuggery” pet bed from Furhaven that’ll give your furry friend a super cozy place to cuddle up in. The hood attached to the top of the orthopedic foam sleeping surface can either be propped open with a flexible tube to create a little tent, or left loose as a blanket so your favorite burrower can tuck themself right in.

Reviewer's dog snuggled and sleeping in the hooded bed


Promising review: “My puppy adores this bed! We rescued her from a shelter, so she had a rough start in life. When she first came home, she was so afraid of everything and everyone at first, so she would love to hide herself inside the cover of this bed; it would make her feel warm, safe and comfortable. Now that she’s a happy and trusting puppy, she still loves it. If she’s cold, she gets inside the cover; if she’s not, she lays on top of the cover. It’s also super easy to unzip and removed to put in the washer, and easy to put back on. Great buy.” –Crista Izaguirre

Get it from Amazon for $26.99+ (available in four sizes and four colors).


A polo-style ThunderShirt anxiety vest that’ll help your pupper feel safe in stressful situations. This wraparound vest applies gentle pressure around your furry friend, which in turn can aid in alleviating fear or anxiety during thunderstorms, fireworks, travel, or even episodes of separation anxiety. It’s sort of like a wearable, weighted blanket for dogs.

Reviewer's photo of their dog wearing the ThunderShirt in the color Red


Promising review: “Works miracles on anxiety-ridden dogs. I rarely write reviews, but felt compelled to do so after seeing how effective this shirt has been on our dog. We have a 30 lb. rescue who’s about 6 years old. She’s the sweetest girl, and very “dog-like” with my husband and me. However, whenever there’s company, she freezes up, gets tense, and hides out in a comfortable area. We’ve been told by others that have rescues that ‘it’ll pass’…but five years later, and she’s still the same way. Long story short, we thought we’d give the ThunderShirt a try. I really didn’t have any expectations considering her level of anxiety. We brought her to my aunt’s house for Christmas where there were 17 people (five of which were kids under nine). She was a new dog. She was walking up to people, letting them pet her, and tail up the entire time. Everyone was commenting on how social she was, and how tolerant she was of the five kids who were completely smothering her with love! I will be using this for all future social gatherings. I don’t want my dog feeling anxiety, and this shirt clearly brought her significant comfort.” –laurenmickelsen

Get it from Amazon for $44.95+ (available in sizes XXS to XXL and three colors)


A touch-activated Purr Pillow toy – it’ll literally start purring whenever your cat snuggles it. The purring will last for two minutes once activated, providing instant comfort to stressed-out kitties — and as a bonus, the toy can be machine-washed, as long as you remove the purring mechanism first.

Reviewer's photo of a cat snuggling the Purr Pillow


Promising review: “My kitten loves it! … He was 3–4 months old when we got it; we ordered it because he was just so wild at night! Running around everywhere, clawing at our feet, scratching the furniture etc. Nothing worked to make him relax a little bit (catnip, other toys, treats, etc.). He has a little bit of anxiety and is a clingy cat. I adopted him at 8 weeks old, and he had brothers and sisters at the foster, so I figured maybe a purring buddy would calm him down, ease the anxiety and make him feel more at home. He took to it right away, and started grooming it! He then brought it to where he likes to sleep and fell asleep next to it. Overall, I’m very happy with the purchase. Great product for the price!” –Stacy

Get it from Amazon for $14.99.


Or, a tower track toy that’ll keep the most energetic of cats occupied for ages. The cat shelter I volunteer at has a few of these bad boys scattered around the main room, and they’re a huge hit with the more active, boredom-prone cats in residence. The place is constantly echoing with the sounds of little plastic balls rattling around the three tiers of each tower. (And yes, it’s adorable.)

Reviewer's photo of a cat playing with the tower track


Promising review: “Everyone needs this toy. Our indoor cat gets lots of playtime with humans, but this is his go-to for entertaining himself. He regularly spends up to half an hour hunting these balls. When he’s annoyed because a human wouldn’t let him steal their food, I regularly hear him walk into the other room and start working out his frustration on this toy. Such a simple toy that brings so much entertainment to a cat, even after six months of having it in the house. I 100% recommend, especially for anyone who has to leave their pet at home alone regularly.” –Kindle Customer

Get it from Amazon for $10.98.


A Smart Pet Love Snuggle Puppy plush toy designed specifically to ease anxiety in stressed pets. The secret is the “real-feel” heartbeat mechanism hidden inside the toy; it mimics what a pupper would hear and feel when cozied up with a parent or litter, providing comfort and alleviating loneliness.

Puppy snuggling with the soothing toy


Promising review: “I’ve got a newly adopted pup with major separation anxiety. I researched every calming product they carried in store (and bought many of them). … My pup immediately was curious [about this one] and started chewing at its ears and paws. But with the beating heart, he climbed right on top of it in his crate. Sometimes he sleeps on it, sometimes not, but I know he likes it.” –JanAndBailey

Get it from PetSmart for $39.99.


A Lickimat feeder mat, so you can solve both boredom and anxiety issues for your lonesome pal, and give them a tasty treat, all in one go. Licking can be soothing for pets in addition to helping them stay busy, so spreading these mats with peanut butter, pumpkin, or another squooshy kind of treat, freezing them, and then letting Queen Elizabark have a go at them will keep them occupied and pacified in the most delicious way possible.

Reviewer's photo of a dog licking the Lickimat


Promising review: “Easy to use, easy to clean. I mixed together a mashed banana, some plain yogurt, a couple of tablespoons of unsweetened peanut butter, and some pumpkin purée. I spread it on the mat and then put it in the freezer for a bit and suggested. My dog loved it! It keeps her busy for about 20 to 30 minutes. It also helps to keep her focused on something so she’s not giving me that guilt inducing face that she has perfected when I leave the house. It was well worth the money for that alone.” –Alisia Ft Lauderdale

Get it from Amazon for $7.99+ (available in four styles and three colors).


A calming spray and balm set that uses ingredients like lavender and lemon balm to bring tranquility to frazzled doggos. If you know something stressful is about to pop up for your pup – from a fireworks display beginning to you, their faithful owner, leaving them alone for a bit (how dare you) – spritz the spray near where they like to hang out and rub a little of the balm over their fur with your hands; it might help Droolius Caesar keep their cool in the face tension or strain. (Pro tip: Patch test this stuff on your pet first, just to be on the safe side!)

The spray and balm


Green Dog Botanics is a woman-run, Minneapolis-based company that creates plant-based, eco-friendly canine wellness products.

Promising review: “I inquired about this product because our senior dog was obsessively chewing and licking at her legs and body. We had tried meds for allergies with no success. I began to think it might be an anxiety or dementia related compulsive behavior. We have been using the spray and balm products multiple times per day for the last several days. I am happy to say her destructive behavior has decreased at least 50%, probably more. I am so relieved to see her calmer. Thank you!” –Sarah

Get it from GreenDogBotanics on Etsy for $34.99.


An anti-anxiety pet bed, because your pet deserves to nap somewhere so comfortable, they never want to leave. It’s basically a fluffy bean bag chair for your equally fluffy companion – and if they like to nest or burrow, this pick is perfect for that.

Two dogs sitting on the pet bed


Promising review: “Wonderful bed for my dog (lab/pit mix). My dog has chewed up every other bed I have gotten her. However, she has not even attempted to do that with this one, and it is a very sturdy and comfortable bed. She falls asleep instantly on it, and it is truly wonderful. I am so pleased with this product, and I highly recommend it!” –Bri

Get it from Cozy World International on Etsy for $40.59+ (available in five sizes and 15 colors).


Some turkey-flavored calming bites that’ll quiet your hyperactive pup right down – no more coming home to mass destruction at the paws of your furriest friend. These chews are peppered with ingredients like hemp seed, chamomile, and a li’l bit of melatonin – and they taste just like treats!

The chews


Promising review: “Our dogs love these bites – they think they’re getting treats! This makes our lives so much easier as we don’t have to fight with them to take these before heading out the door or starting our workdays. The bites definitely help our dogs chill out during the day or when we’re out running errands – our pibble used to chew her paws raw due to anxiety and she’s shown a noticeable improvement since adding these supplements to her daily diet. These … have been a game changer!” –Laura

Get them from PetSmart for $29.99.


A self-warming pet blanket, so you can keep your pal both toasty and safe. True, there are tons of heated pet beds out there – but many of them are powered by electricity, and, well, leaving something electric and heated on while you’re not home is… not usually the safest idea. This blanket, however, has a thermal core that warms up with and retains your pet’s own body heat. How neat is that?

Reviewer's photo of a cat on the blanket in the color Quilted Faux Fur Snow Leopard


Promising review: “I rescued a shy, stray kitty who enjoys my closet while I’m not home or if it’s thundering. I wanted to make him a cozy safe space in there and this bed was perfect for that. He hates toys or plastic bags that make noise, but this bed is not loud enough to bother him. I can feel how warm he is when he comes out and starts rubbing on me. I’m totally going to order more.” –Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon for $9.99+ (available in two sizes and six colors).


A calming dog collar that reviewers say does wonders for dogs with separation anxiety. In addition to soothing essential oils like lavender and chamomile, this adjustable collar uses ~pheromones~ (yes, really) to mimic what a pup experiences hanging around their mom. It’s good for 60 days before it needs to be swapped out for a new one, too.

Reviewer's photo of a dog wearing the collar


Promising review: “Bought this collar for my pit mix since his separation anxiety has been causing him to scratch and chew at his legs. My vet had little guidance and I felt like there was nothing I could offer him. With the collar, he seems to rest more comfortably and even has calmed down when we return home from being away. The smell is amazing. 100% would recommend.” –Jackie

Get it from Amazon for $14.99.


An anxiety-reducing diffuser kit, so you can fill the air with calming vibes for your pet. It works kind of like a plug-in scent diffuser, except that instead of, like, the smell of fresh rainfall, it releases pheromones into the air that might help de-stress Ruth Bader Ginspurr. This kit comes with the diffuser and a 30-day supply of the pheromone formula; all you need to do is refill it once a month.


Promising review: “We are fostering a young male cat. He had been outside for a while when we rescued him. He was very vocal and spent two whole days and nights yowling like a peacock the minute we left him. … Within an hour you could see him visibly relax and he went the whole night without vocalizing. The next day he was relaxed, playing and sitting on the window ledge watching the birds. He really was a totally different cat. I like the fact it has an on-off switch, too. During the day we have it off and only turn it on at night. It’s been a week and we have not had a recurrence. He had also been scratching the chairs in his room, [but] he hasn’t done that since we put this in, either.

I can’t tell you whether it would work for cats who fight or have issues outside the box, but for separation anxiety and overall anxiety, this certainly worked for him.” –CraftingDiva

Get it from Amazon for $19.40.


Promising review: “We are fostering a young male cat. He had been outside for a while when we rescued him. He was very vocal and spent two whole days and nights yowling like a peacock the minute we left him. … Within an hour you could see him visibly relax and he went the whole night without vocalizing. The next day he was relaxed, playing and sitting on the window ledge watching the birds. He really was a totally different cat. I like the fact it has an on-off switch, too. During the day we have it off and only turn it on at night. It’s been a week and we have not had a recurrence. He had also been scratching the chairs in his room, [but] he hasn’t done that since we put this in, either.

I can’t tell you whether it would work for cats who fight or have issues outside the box, but for separation anxiety and overall anxiety, this certainly worked for him.” –CraftingDiva

Get it from Amazon for $19.40.


A snuffle mat that’ll keep your doggo active and engaged while you’re away. Hide a couple of treats in the many folds and flaps of the mat and watch Mary Puppins go to town hunting them down – all while helping to cut down on destructive behavior they might otherwise take out on your couch, your curtains, your rugs, your coffee table books…

Reviewer's photo of a dog using the snuffle mat


Promising review: “I have an older dog who is alone most of the week when we’re at work, so I wanted something to keep her entertained so she wouldn’t miss everyone during the day. She LOVES this. I just fill it with food and leave in the morning, come back in the afternoon and it’s empty because she sniffed all the treats out! I think this works best for her because she’s a sniffer to begin with – on walks, she has to smell every blade of grass and every bush/tree. I don’t know how interested dogs that aren’t sniffers would be, so I recommend this for dogs where this will pique their interest.

I’ve washed it twice and it has been fine and has stayed soft.” –Amber

Get it from Amazon for $45.98.


A suckling pillow for kitties who were weaned a little too soon – or who might just not have grown out of the habit. Kittens suckle for obvious reasons, but sometimes adult cats will do it, too – usually when they’re stressed. That’s where this pillow comes in: It’s equipped with four little rubber nubs Captain Purrcard can suck on if they need to self-soothe. You can even tuck some catnip inside the pillow, if that’s your cat’s jam.

The pillow in the color teal


Promising review:This is an item I had never even imagined existed until we adopted a kitten who had suckling behaviors – the first we’ve ever had. There is nothing else like this out there, and the quality is top notch. It shipped quickly, and all of our cats love it, including the adult cats! I highly recommend trying this option for a kitten or cat who suckles and may need some additional comfort.” –Janelle

Get it from JFundayCrafts on Etsy for $32.45 (available in four colors).


A bag of calming cat food specially formulated to help smooth out William Shakespurr’s rough edges. This vet-recommended pick includes amino acids, Alpha-casozepine, L-tryptophan, and vitamin B, all of which can help with anxiety and behavioral issues when regularly incorporated into your kitty’s diet.

The cat food


Promising review: “Miracle food. This food has changed one of our cats from a nervous wreck, who only stayed in the master closet, to a normal cat who roams the house. It was recommended by our vet when our cat was over grooming to the point of balding and causing sores. Her fur has grown back and she’s more social with the other cats and us. She is finally leaving the closet and enjoying the house. She loves the taste of the food as well, so no battles getting her to eat it. Overall, this food has worked miracles on a naturally over-nervous 4 year old cat. I wish I had found it sooner!” –Shaina

Get it from Chewy for $54.99.


A good ol’ fashioned rubber KONG toy that’ll keep your pup distracted for hours. There’s a reason the KONG is a classic; it just… works. Pack it full of peanut butter, spray cheese, or other treats and let Arf Vader loose on it before you head out the door – they’ll be so busy with it, they’ll hardly know you’re gone.

Reviewer's photo of a dog chewing on the Kong


Promising review: “Our dog Sophie is very clever at retrieving food from within these types of receptacles. The KONG is the only one that tests her problem solving to the max. If you pack it right, with small treats and a little peanut butter, it can keep them engaged for a long time. We only give it to her when we have to leave her at home alone for more than a couple of hours. When we come home, sometimes she hasn’t even been able to get it all out, and is still busy with it for an hour or so. If your dog is motivated by food (I don’t know any that aren’t), then this is the best one to get.” –Eva

Get it from Amazon for $7.99+ (available in six sizes).


A Furbo dog camera so you can keep an eye on your pet while you’re gone. This camera, which can be controlled from your phone, features night vision, motion detection, and a barking alert, so you’ll always know what Indiana Bones is up to – and since it also has audio capabilities, you can actually talk to your pal through it if they start getting a little rowdy. You can even use the smartphone app to make the camera toss a treat to your pet. Who’s a good boy?

Syd Robinson / BuzzFeed

Promising review: “I was always concerned leaving my puppy home alone because he will cry a lot… When I got the Furbo, things got much better! Furbo sent me notifications to my phone when he was crying, so I would log on and talk to him right away. This changed everything!! My puppy knows I’m always there, so his separation anxiety is getting better. He cries less, and I feel much more relieved.” —Susan

Get it from Amazon for $167.

To learn why one BuzzFeeder loves this, check out their full Furbo review.


Some cat chews aimed at helping your fickle feline regain their composure. These treat-like bites are aimed at managing everyday stress, so if you’re trying to get Cat Benatar used to you leaving the house, incorporating them into their routine might make it easier for them to bear.

The chews


Promising review: “Holy meow! This works wonders. I have four cats and just started giving this to them two days ago. One of my cats has dementia and is 2,410 years old – he gets really aggressive with the other cats, causing them to all fight all the time. He also meowed constantly. Even in such a short time, the order has been restored to my home! The cats are back to their usual aloof selves, mostly ignoring each other except to play. My cats eat it no problem. My youngest one actually won’t stop stealing the bag, so now they’re stored in the fridge. Thanks, Vetriscience, for the first good night’s sleep I’ve gotten in 50 years.” –Haley Pretzman

Get them from Amazon for $29.99.


A highly-rated crate, so your pet always has somewhere safe to curl up in when they’re feeling anxious. Trick it out with some comfy bedding (remember that self-heating blanket? It’d be perfect here!), add a cover if your animal companion is into sheltered spaces, and voila – you’ve created the perfect “me time” spot for Sherlock Bones, whether you’re home with them or not.

Reviewer's photo of a dog in the crate


Promising review: “We had her in a smaller crate, but once she was crate trained, I wanted to get something more spacious and comfortable – this was perfect! Metal is sturdy and as expected without being overly too bulky/heavy. It definitely won’t be one that we travel with, but will be staying in our home for her permanent space. Great price in comparison to many pet store options that weren’t as sturdy or thick wire and ~$140 – SO glad I gave this once a chance. Definitely worth the price.” –RB

Get it from Amazon for $32.99+ (available in six sizes and with two door options).


A bag of bedtime dog biscuits that are good for calming your pupper down at any time, not just when it’s time to turn in. Gluten-free and made primarily of brown rice flour, clover honey, rosemary, and ground lavender and chamomile flowers, these tasty treats aim to soothe your pet both inside and out.

The biscuits


League of Crafty Canines is a Pacific Grove, California-based business that purveys delish, gluten-free dog treats and adorable toys and accessories. The bedtime biscuits were originally created for the owners’ dog, Miss Valentine – an overly-energetic Jack Russell who had a hard time settling down at night.

Promising review: “Love these for our dog. She has a mat [and] brain stimulation toy, and I crush up a couple [of these biscuits] before we go out so she can keep herself entertained and relax a little. She is seven and has extreme separation anxiety.” –Kara Chassey

Get them from League of Crafty Canines on Etsy for $11.


A window seat for your cat, so they can satisfy their nosy natures from the safety of their own home. Unlike pet hammocks that attach to window panes with suction cups, this one sits directly on the window sill – and although that means that your sills have to be a little on the wide side to accommodate it, it definitely adds some extra stability.

Reviewer's cat lounging on the window seat


I have one of these contraption set up in one of my own windows, and my cats love it – and all of the squirrels, birds, and, occasionally, frogs they can spy on while perched atop it.

Promising review: “Kitty loves it! Had it installed with the wall supports in under 15 minutes by myself. The cat was super excited about it and nosy so that delayed me a bit. It’s perfect for her to be nosy about the outside but to stay safe inside. She uses it day and night and LOVES to watch the birds outside. Highly recommend!” –Kelle Braun

Get it from Amazon for $39.09.


A bottle of Nature’s Miracle’s calming spray for cats, so you can help Aaron Purr relax with just a few spritzes. The formula isn’t a sedative; instead, it uses flower and herbal extracts to help cool your kitty’s jets. Just mist their favorite places to rest and watch them melt.

Reviewer's photo of a cat relaxed on a bed treated with the spray


Promising review: “All three of my cats have drastically reduced anxiety. It won’t fix all your problems or change the entire temperament of a cat, but at least in my house, all three cats are much more relaxed, they sleep better, they are friendlier towards me, and the non-recognition aggression from one visiting the vet is going away much faster with the spray than without.” –Langley Renee

Get it from Amazon for $3.59.


A nylon BarkBone that’ll stand up to even the most enthusiastic of chewers. Oh, and hey, guess what? It is ~flavored~. Give Jane Pawsten the gift of a toy that tastes like cheddar cheese or bacon and they will love you forever. (Not that they didn’t already, but you know what I mean.)

Reviewer's photo of a dog with two of the bones


Promising review: “Another fabulous product! My bulldog Winston is a very tough chewer. He destroys some toys in minutes. This toy has lasted through it all! This is our second cheddar BarkBone and we just love it is much. It seems to appeal to both my bulldog and my beagle, and it doesn’t break into little bits like some of his other bones. This bone is so strong and cute looking. Love it!” –Meagangreenstone

Get it from Amazon for $5.99+ (available in four sizes and two flavors).


A Pet Acoustics Pet Tunes speaker to fill the room with relaxing tunes just for your pupper. Music has been found to calm dogs down when they’re stressed out or nervous – and the 90 minutes of music that comes pre-loaded onto this Bluetooth speaker has been designed specifically to help cut down on barking and pacing, and generally chill Bilbo Waggins out. It’ll play for eight hours at a stretch, too.

The speaker


Promising review:Right now we only leave home without our 7-month-old puppy a few times per week, but each time she rampaged through the kids’ room she was confined to and tore things apart. The first time we used this over a week ago we saw little improvement and were discouraged, but we have since used it three more times – including once for five hours – and nothing was out of place! The change has been huge. She likes to look out the window so I’m glad we don’t have to crate her when we’re gone. Our dog is anxious and this music apparently is relaxing for her. I wanted to give this product a few tries and experiment with volume (we’ve lowered it) before posting a review – especially due to the price and our initial lack of success. So far for us it has proved worth every penny.” –ChristineT

Get it from Chewy for $59.99.


A fuzzy, anxiety-fighting blanket, so your pet can burrow to their heart’s content. There is nothing cuter than a doggo who literally tucks themself in.

Reviewer's photo of a dog with the blanket in the color Rose Pink


Promising review: “I got this blanket for my little chihuahua who is always cold and loves to snuggle under blankets. She got this blanket for Christmas and loves it so much. It is so soft and comfy and really retains the heat. I have a hard time getting her out of it sometimes because she is so cozy! I also ordered two more for my cats who love them as well! You have to buy these for your babies! They wash and dry well with no issues!” –Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon for $17.99+ (available in two sizes and 10 colors).


A versatile bunny toy your doggo can cuddle or wrestle with, depending how their anxiety manifests. Multiple squeakers and some crinkle paper will keep active dogs busy, while the plush exterior is perfect for nervous dogs to snuggle.

The toy


Promising review: “Durable and fun! This toy is a winner! I buy so many toys just to throw them away two days after introducing them to my moderate chewer Boston Terrier. This one is still standing after more than six months, so I’m back to add the cow or pig version to our collection! I love that it has both the crinkly plastic sounds AND the squeaky sounds, and it’s strong enough to tug and survive. Super durable, and she loves it! We play tug and she does a little chewing on her own, but it survives. Definitely worth the investment. Highly recommend!” –FabuLeslieYours

Get it from Chewy for $14.05.


And an automatic pet food dispenser, so your pet will always be safe in the knowledge that they’ll be fed at the same time every day. This feeder’s hopper can hold up to seven liters – that’s 29 cups! – of dry kibble, and it can be programmed to drop food into tray up to four times a day. The best part? It can run on both electricity and batteries – so if there’s a power outage, the feeder will still function, thanks to its backup batteries.

Reviewer's photo of a cat with the feeder


Promising review: “This automatic cat feeder is heaven-sent. First off, my cat isn’t howling in my room for food at 4 a.m. any longer because he knows that the food doesn’t come from me anymore and he knows what time he can expect to be automatically fed. Secondly, the ability to portion size and set multiple times for feeding is so convenient.

This feeder is also a lifesaver for the busy days where I have to leave at 6 a.m. and won’t be back home until late that night. This allows me to be sure that he is getting fed even if I get swamped with work. Another aspect I love about the feeder is that it can be both battery-powered and plug-in, which is really important to me if the power were to go out or there were issues with the cord. Overall, I absolutely love this feeder and so does Oreo!” –Kaitlyn J.

Get it from Amazon for $50.99.

Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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