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You know Drake.

Drake at the UK premiere of Top Boy in 2019

Karwai Tang / WireImage

And you know that Drake has a three-year-old son, Adonis.

Drake recently posted an absolutely adorable video on Instagram that featured Adonis watching highlight clips of Lebron James hooping it up on a laptop.

Just look at that kid. He’s practically glued to the screen.

Drake's son Adonis watching highlight clips of Lebron James playing basketball

@champagnepapi / Via Instagram

At one point, Adonis is so amazed that he says “Oh my God” and looks towards the camera with astonishment.

Adonis saying "Oh my God" as he watches the Lebron video

@champagnepapi / Via Instagram

Very relatable.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Drake’s posted cute pics of Adonis on social media. He shared some sweet snaps of helping Adonis get ready at the end of last year.

Last November, he also posted a few Adonis photos, including one of his third birthday party.

Keep the adorable pics and vids coming, Drake.

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