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Look here, restaurant inspectors — we know you’ve seen some sh*t. Like, some REEEEAL SH*T.


Well, we wanna hear about it. The good, the bad, and the UGLIEST of the ugly!!!

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Maybe you were inspecting one local restaurant and when you went to the back, you found one man stirring a pot of soup with his arm — not with a spoon or a ladle of anything, but, like, he was shoulder-deep in the pot stirring with his literal hairy arm.


Or perhaps you moved some kitchen appliance during one inspection and a giant tarantula scattered away, and when you told the manager, they said, “Oh, so you’ve met Helen, our mascot!”

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Or maaaaybe you were investigating a drip in one kitchen, and when you opened the roof tile to see what was the matter, you saw a bunch of CHICKENS(!!!!!!) staring back at you and it was their, uh…fecal matter that was leaking from the ceiling. So…..yeah.


Or maybe you even have some little interesting/mildly disturbing factoids, like maybe what a B health rating actually means.


(IDK though, just making up a suggestion here!!!)

Anywho, restaurant inspectors, whatever your horror stories may be, we wanna hear them! Please tell us your stories (and no need to name the restaurant, just the story pls!) and you just might be included in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!!!

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