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Morty Smith’s bedroom (Rick and Morty).

Morty Smith's messy bedroom

Adult Swim /

It may be his only safe haven from the tyranny of being Rick’s grandson, but Morty’s room is a little generic. 

With the lights on, we can better see Morty’s unsettlingly vague decor, including his magnet poster and “SCIENCE” banner. And I can only imagine what horrible acts of violence that attack robot above his bed is capable of, unless Rick didn’t make it, in which case it’s just fun.

Morty's bedroom with the lights on and Rick drunk on his floor

adult swim /

What I’d Steal: the space rug and elephant lamp are both intriguing to me. 

What I Wouldn’t: everything on the walls and the sickly green carpet. And on second thought, Rick spilled a bunch of booze all over the space rug, so I’ll leave that, too. 


Gabriella Montez’s bedroom (High School Musical).

Gabriella sits in her room reading a book

Disney / Disney+

In a word: boring. In another: dull. I know Gabriella and her mom only just moved in but c’mon, give us something. 

If you’re wondering why Gabriella’s room is missing the fairy lights all TV and movie teenagers are legally obligated to own, don’t worry, they’re out the front.

Fairy lights on Gabriella's front door

Disney / Disney +

What I’d Steal: In another shot, we see that Gabriella owns a telescope, so probably that. 

What I Wouldn’t: that lace doily on the bedside table. Who is this room even for? 


Betty Cooper’s teenager-but-make-it-grandma bedroom (Riverdale).

Betty's pink floral room

CW / Netflix

I don’t love it, but you can’t deny that this is one of the most normal parts of this show. 

Betty’s room shines when it comes to lighting fixtures, from this chandelier-on-a-stick to the tulip lamp in the first image. I don’t like either, but they’re trying something, and I respect that.

Betty's room has a standing chandelier

CW / Netflix

What I’d Steal: I have to be honest, nothing here is working for me. Sorry, Betty. 

What I Wouldn’t: the wallpaper, the floral ruffled bedspread, the curtains that are the exact same color as the surrounding wall, the list goes on. This looks like a room with a menacing collection of antique dolls hidden just outside of the frame. 


Bella Swan’s Forks bedroom (Twilight).

Bella Swan's Forks bedroom

Summit Entertainment /

Points for realism! This really does look like a room Bella hasn’t lived in since she became a teenager. That being said, it’s a little grim. Plus, the window is clearly not vampire-proof. 

Here’s a closer look at the details. We’ve got Twister, a hand turkey, and a couple of records and paper snowflakes. There’s also a full handwritten letter pinned to the bulletin board, to which I say: classic. I’m going to assume Jacob wrote it.

Bella's bulletin board

Summit Entertainment /

Speaking of Jacob, does this random framed picture of a wolf on Bella’s wall count as foreshadowing?

Bella walks into the room, which has a framed picture of a wolf

Summit Entertainment /

What I’d Steal: not a whole lot, to be honest. And in fairness to Bella, at this point in the movie, she’d only lived here for two minutes, so she has lots of time to redecorate. 

What I Wouldn’t: the hand turkey and the wolf picture. Animal motifs in general are not my thing. 


Peter Parker’s room (Spider-Man: Homecoming).

Peter's small, crowded room

Marvel /

It’s more humble than Stark Tower, but it’s also been blown up way fewer times.

The action figures on that shelf are definitely the Avengers, right?

Little action figures behind Peter

Marvel /

What I’d Steal: Maybe the chess set? Peter’s bedroom is surprisingly barren, so there aren’t a lot of options. 

What I Wouldn’t: If I never see another bunk bed in my life, I’ll be happy. 


Tina Belcher’s bedroom (Bob’s Burgers).

Tina's horse-themed room

Fox /

I was never a horse girl, so I don’t really relate to the choices Tina’s made here.

Also, are those two horses…making out? And is that guy in the green sweatshirt supposed to look like Shaggy from Scooby-Doo? No further questions.

the same bedroom with those elements pointed out

Fox /

What I’d Steal: that boom box on her bedside table looks kind of fun. 

What I Wouldn’t: everything that has to do with a horse, which means I’m leaving a lot of this room behind. 


Regina George’s queen bee HQ (Mean Girls).

Regina George's luxurious bedroom

Paramount Pictures /

Nothing about this excites me except for the balcony with the ocean view, but let me be clear: the balcony with the ocean view excites me a lot. 

Look, this is clearly the bedroom of a rich person, what with its aforementioned balcony, laptop, and ample room to pace around and plot their rich person schemes, but it’s just not that interesting. And what teenager wants beige wall-to-wall carpeting?

Paramount /

What I’d Steal: the balcony and the implied trust fund. Also, that mysterious chest by the fireplace. What’s Regina keeping in there? 

What I Wouldn’t: the carpeting and the vast majority of the decor, especially that “princess” sign hanging over the bed, which gets worse the more I look at it. 


Olive Penderghast’s solid B+ of a room (Easy A).

Olive in her okay-but-not-great room

Sony /

There’s nothing wrong with it, but it’s not what dreams are made of. 

The fact that Olive’s adorable dog seems cool with never leaving definitely earns her room extra points. So…it’s cute. It’s suburban. It’s a way worse room than Easy A is a movie, though.

Olive dances in her bedroom

Sony /

What I’d Steal: the desk set-up and those chic sheer curtains.

What I Wouldn’t: the fairy lights. I get it, but I’m over it. 


Simon’s chalkboard-forward bedroom (Love, Simon).

Simon in his bed surrounded by chalkboard walls

20th Century Fox /

This room falls into that “clearly upper middle class but we’re not going to mention it because talking about money is gauche” category that a lot of onscreen teen movie bedrooms do. In other words, it looks like it was ordered wholesale out of a catalogue. 

It’s nice, but I wish it had more personality, especially since the whole point of this room is that Simon can literally write on its walls. The countdown to graduation is a nice touch, though.

Simon paces by his desk

20th Century Fox /

What I’d Steal: the chalkboard walls, which are the most unique thing going on here. 

What I Wouldn’t: the beige-meets-gray wall color is unsettling to me. 


Cher Horowitz’s bedroom (Clueless).

Cher doing her hair in the mirror

Paramount /

I’m sure Cher’s room is lovely, but it’s meaningless compared to her walk-in closet with built-in A.I. stylist. 

This is truly the height of ’90s technology. Why hasn’t someone made this for real? We carry tiny supercomputers in our pockets, yet there’s not an app out there that can tell me to match my yellow plaid miniskirt with my yellow plaid blazer.

Cher's outfit matching computer

Paramount /

What I’d Steal: the closet and this desktop, if only to study the outfit software, recreate it, and make my billions. 

What I Wouldn’t: the pink candy-striped wallpaper. 


Zoey’s dorm room (Zoey 101).

Zoey in her colorful dorm room

Nickelodeon /

I’m sure this isn’t what actual dorm rooms look like, but I didn’t go to boarding school, so my main reference point for what it’s like is Pacific Coast Academy. And PCA makes boarding school look really, really good. 

I mean, it’s a frankly overwhelming amount of purple, and those bottles totally look like wine bottles with the labels peeled off, but this is a pretty luxe way to experience your high school years.

The purple room, with mysterious bottles and a magazine and CD holder

Nickelodeon /

What I’d Steal: the rainbow beaded curtains and, at long last, the knowledge of what really goes on at boarding schools. 

What I Wouldn’t: the color scheme and the CD tower, which society has sadly left behind. 


Erin Quinn’s room (Derry Girls).

The derry girls studying in Erin's room

Channel 4 / Netflix

It’s big enough to host an overnight study party and just the right amount of extremely ’90s, so I’m into it. But that picture of a clown/scarecrow in the upper lefthand corner is frightening.

As far as I can tell, Erin’s got a pretty good set-up, and her room is the perfect venue for all that scheming the Derry Girls like to get up to.

Erin looks at a picture with her wall visible in the background

Channel 4 / Netflix

What I’d Steal: the retro desk lamps and radio. 

What I Wouldn’t: the clown picture. Why she hasn’t burned such an obviously cursed object is a mystery to me. 


Zenon’s room (Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century).

the light peeking through to Zenon's room

Disney / Disney+

It’s surprisingly roomy, and the decor (especially the bedspread) feels like it’s a reference to the 1960s, which is a fun throwback to the beginnings of the space age. 

This one has the obvious appeal of being in space, though if this wasn’t a Disney movie, that would certainly be a source of existential terror.

Zenon looks out her bedroom window to earth

Disney / Disney+

What I’d Steal: You can’t beat the view, right? 

What I Wouldn’t: That being said, space is terrifying and I’d probably be happier on Earth, which if memory serves is still inhabitable in the Zenon universe. 


Andy’s high school bedroom (Toy Story 3).

Pixar / Disney+

The sheer melancholy of seeing Andy’s grown-up bedroom physically pains me, but that doesn’t mean it’s not perfectly pleasant. 

Here’s a close-up of what Andy has on his bulletin board (side note: every onscreen teenager LOVES bulletin boards). There’s some Buzz Lightyear merch, prizes for both soccer and art (show off), and a letter from the prestigious State University.

Andy's crowded bulletin board

Pixar / Disney+

What I’d Steal: Andy’s poster situation is pretty spectacular, and who doesn’t want a guitar and an amp just a few feet from their bed? 

What I Wouldn’t: the covered wagon chest filled to the brim with sentient, neglected toys.


Lady Bird’s pastel pink angst lair (Lady Bird).

Lady Bird in her pink, very decorated bedroom

A24 / Netflix

First of all, let’s acknowledge the obvious: that SHIRT! The best. No notes. 

This room actually looks like a teenager decorated it. From the writing on the wall to the stolen bathroom sign, it perfectly captures what it’s like to be young and collecting reminders that you’re an independent person with your own identity and interests, Mom!

Lady Bird's messy room

A24 / Netflix

What I’d Steal: the pink walls and the posters-sans-frames aesthetic. What’s the point of framing a poster? Are you trying to keep it from escaping?

What I Wouldn’t: the mess. I’m sorry! I don’t know when I got old! But I work from home now and I can’t log into a video call with four teddy bears looming in the background. I mean, I could, but should I?  


Lizzie McGuire’s room (The Lizzie McGuire Movie).

Lizzy's messy but colorful room

Disney / Disney +

This is what would happen if a Delia’s catalogue became a bedroom, and it’s wonderful. 

Special shoutout to Lizzie for owning her own lavender landline.

Lizzy's bedside table, with the aforementioned items

Disney / Disney+

What I’d Steal: all of the early 2000s nostalgia. And that little window seat, where I could write in my password-activated journal (if you know, you know). 

What I Wouldn’t: the bunched-up fabric above the mirror, and also the landline, because I don’t need to sleep within three feet of two phones. 


Hannah Montana’s closet, which I assume has a bedroom attached (Hannah Montana).

Hannah and her friend in a massive walk-in closet

Disney / Disney+

This massive walk-in is hidden behind Miley’s normal bedroom, which is an extremely literal take on the whole “double life” thing. 

This is ridiculous but that’s kind of the point of being a secret teenage pop star, you know?

All of Miley's clothing on a giant rack

Disney / Disney+

What I’d Steal: the color coordination and the secrecy. 

What I Wouldn’t: the clothes themselves. 


Carly Shay’s rainbow renovation (iCarly).

Carly's very colorful new bedroom

Nickelodeon /

After Carly’s room caught on fire, it got a massive makeover (though we never saw what it looked like before the fire). When they used to advertise that Nickelodeon hotel on TV, this is what I imagined the rooms looked like. 

That giant menacing ball hanging from the ceiling is a chandelier made from gummy bears, and the little purple circle in the floor is a trampoline that Carly can use to literally jump into bed. Those two features really sum up this space: fun, absurd, and at risk of being outgrown within six months.

Carly's extravagant redecorated bedroom

Nickelodeon /

What I’d Steal: the sheer size of the room, which includes a sitting area, a huge closet, and a workspace. Also, maybe the boat-themed coffee table, because it’s so weird and impractical that I think I love it. 

What I Wouldn’t: the trampoline, because it’s so weird and impractical that I think I hate it. 


Kat Stratford’s perfect brooding spot (10 Things I Hate About You).

Kat's many, many posters pasted onto the wall

Buena Vista Pictures / Disney+

This bedroom screams “cool older sister,” even if Bianca and young Joseph Gordon-Levitt can’t see that. 

This room is even better for being located in a house that has a hot tub built into the porch, which I didn’t know was possible.

Mr. Stratford exercising on the porch, next to the hot tub

Buena Vista Pictures / Disney+

What I’d Steal: the bedspread, the easel, and the ability to keep a houseplant alive. 

What I Wouldn’t: the posters covering every inch of the wall. It’s cool, but claustrophobic. 


Lara Jean’s room (To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before).

Lara's room with tree mural on the wall and messy floor


This is boho chic, with just a little splash of vintage. The result is unique, stylish, and romantic. 

I personally love the old-fashioned lampshades, especially that blue velvet one. And the mural on the wall looks great, but not so great that an artistically minded teenager couldn’t have pulled it off.

A closeup of the mural and lampshades in Lara's room


What I’d Steal: the lampshades and the mural. It’s definitely a commitment but it’s not overly cutesy. 

What I Wouldn’t: the pink-and-white bureau and the fluffy rug. 


Raven’s renovated room/design studio (That’s So Raven).

Raven sitting on her swinging bed in her new room


Let’s not kid ourselves: A bed that swings from the ceiling is nothing short of genius. 

The most enviable aspect of Raven’s room is definitely this lil’ creative space. If Etsy were a person and not an online retailer, this is where they’d live.

the little sewing studio in Raven's room


What I’d Steal: the satisfyingly organized studio, the sparkly pink cowboy hat hanging on the wall, and the suspended bed. And while I’m here, I’ll throw in that magnificent sequined wall hanging. 

What I Wouldn’t: the color scheme and the pressure to monetize my hobby from the comfort of my own bedroom. 


Juno’s hamburger phone, plus the rest of the room, I guess (Juno).

June sitting in her messy bedroom

Fox Searchlight

Just like Juno, this room has a lot of personality, and perfectly captures a mid-2000s indie vibe. And that phone should probably be displayed in the Smithsonian. 

This one is all about the details. For instance, these vaguely menacing dolls. They, like everything else in this room, could be haunted but definitely aren’t, which is a hard balance to strike.

A bunch of kewpie dolls on Juno's shelf

Fox Searchlight /

I’m going to go ahead and assume that red tube on the right is a cherry Lip Smackers. 

Michael Cera playing guitar in a photo on Juno's wall

Fox Searchlight /

What I’d Steal: the burger phone, natch, plus the dolls and that little fluffy thing in the corner that looks like a flame with lips and googly eyes. 

What I Wouldn’t: the photo of Michael Cera. Not that I’m not a fan, I’m just not enough of one to justify it. 


Arnold’s mini penthouse (Hey Arnold!)

Arnold in his room with the glass ceiling

Nickelodeon /

This is a small but mighty space. Its coziness balanced with the expansiveness of an entire ceiling of windows is a powerful combination. Also, I don’t know why Arnold is holding a saw here. Hopefully his intentions are good. 

This would probably be a logistical nightmare, both when it comes to cleaning and the fact that your child and his saw can access the roof at any time via that built-in ladder, but that’s part of what makes it such a good TV bedroom. It doesn’t exist, so it can be perfect and an architectural mess simultaneously.

Arnold's completely glass ceiling

Nickelodeon /

What I’d Steal: the ceiling and the access to the roof.

What I Wouldn’t: the bookcase looming directly over my head while I sleep. 


And finally: Mia Thermopolis’s firehouse loft (The Princess Diaries).

Mia going down the spiral staircase in her loft


I know this is where she lives before she finds out that she’s a princess, but it is ludicrous that this movie tries to tell us that living in a repurposed fire station with two (!) floors to yourself wouldn’t make you high school royalty. 

However…I won’t lie and say this isn’t amazing, only that if it was my only way of getting downstairs at 6:30 a.m., I wouldn’t have survived past my freshman year.

Mia takes a firemen's pole downstairs


Note the generic film poster that tells us that Mia is a fan of cult classic Catastrophe 2.

Mia holds her cat in her bedroom


What I’d Steal: lava lamp, hand-painted spiral staircase, living in a firehouse loft in general.

What I Wouldn’t: the Fireman’s Pole of Doom.

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