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A faux Monstera plant to add some warmth to your home without having to worry about keeping a real plant alive (trust us, we get it).

the fake plant in a white pot on the floor of a room


Promising review: “Absolutely perfect. Fits nicely in its spot. It adds quite a pretty touch. Great decoration in my house. Would recommend. The leaves and plant itself makes me think I’m in a warmer place. Nice height that I was looking for.” —Nikki2

Price: $25


A set of balloon animal sculptures because they’re just the cutest. These metallic puppers will look incredible on your favorite coffee table.

A set of gold balloon dogs on a black table


Price: $48 (available in two finishes)


A fuzzy throw pillow that’ll add a luxe vibe to any room with its unique ruched accents. You’ll love to lounge on this at the end of a long day just as much as you’ll love to look at it.

A white pillow with a pink and neutral pillow


Promising review: “The pillow is firm and doesn’t lose its shape. The faux fur is good quality.” —Kcbloch

Price: $25


A window-pane table lamp with a simple modern base that’ll be an eye-catching accent piece in your living room. The black and white colorway will easily match all your other new modern home additions.

A black window pane lamp


Promising review: “Perfect size and very modern.” —Sarah

Price: $45+ (available in three colors and with or without a lightbulb)


An acacia wine rack so you can proudly display your $10 wine collection in a beautiful, modern way. This gorgeous piece will spice up your counter while adding precious storage space.

A wooden wine rack


Promising review: “I like the modern feel and that it looks expensive!” —Momof8

Price: $36


A classy white throw blanket to keep you cozy at all times. This gorgeous throw adds a touch of chic decor to your sitting areas while still maintaining that modern feel you’re trying to achieve.

A white throw blanket on a couch


Promising review: “A perfect throw! It’s big enough to cuddle, it’s not too thin or too heavy, and the fringe on the ends gives it a playful touch!” —brandi t

Price: $29.99


A four-cube bookshelf so you can keep your home super organized *and* chic. This unit is perfect for displaying decor or you can throw some bins in each cubby to hide some clutter.

A white wood storage space for your home


Promising review: “I needed a small bookcase for my room to house overflow from my ever-growing book collection. This fits the bill perfectly! It was easy for me to assemble alone and it fits perfectly in the corner of my room. If you’re looking for a small piece of furniture that gets the job done, this is for you!” —hesnyd97765

Price: $27


A stone resin tabletop fire pit if you don’t have the room for a full-fledged fire pit. This super cute outdoor accessory fits perfectly on patio tables and will add a cozy ambiance to any get-together.

the small fire pit on an outside table


Promising review: “Just what I was looking for! Easy to install through the umbrella hole of the patio table. Add a 1-pound propane tank, the provided lava rocks, and light it for perfect ambiance! I also ordered some tempered power glass rocks to replace the lava rocks. They are really reflective and put off extra heat. Thank you Target for a wonderful product at a great price!” —KATDIRD

Price: $79


A set of wooden salt and pepper mills for a modern take on a classic, overlooked kitchen item. These monochromatic mills will be a gorgeous addition to your table or countertop while adding freshly ground flavor to all your meals.

the gray wood mills


Promising review: “Great price, great grinders, no spillage on the counter. They are sturdy and modern which is what I was looking for.” —Salt and pepper grinders

Price: $49.99


A modern dining chair so you can sit in comfort and style. The curved back and metal legs make this chair a sleek addition and probably one of the coolest things you’ll own.

a brown table with the modern chairs in black surrounding it


Promising review: “We purchased the grey for one son’s apartment and the black for another son’s apartment. They look great and assembled easily and quickly. They also have nice padding built-in. The chair has a look that could fit many styles from traditional to modern.” —Lulu

Price: $115 (available in 12 colors)


A futuristic temperature-controlled smart mug because nothing screams modern like a mug that keeps itself hot while you drink it. No more sips of lukewarm coffee after 20 minutes — this keeps your drink warm for up to an hour and a half.

the black mug next to a coffee pot


Promising review: “I got this for my mom for Christmas and she uses it EVERY DAY. It keeps her coffee hot for a long time, so she doesn’t have to worry about it getting cold if she’s not drinking it fast enough.” —missred

Price: $99.99 (available in two colors)


A cheeky “Wash Your Hands” sign for the bathroom because there’s no better way to state the obvious than in the form of a cute ceramic sign.

the black sign with white lettering hanging on a white wall with black dots over a counter with two towels hanging on a rack, a soap dispenser, soap dish, comb, toothbrush holder, and sponge holder all below it.


Promising review: “I love this so much. It can be hung up or placed against something. It’s heavy enough to lean against the wall and it won’t fall. Adds a rustic, farmhouse charm to the room.” —Less

Price: $14.99


A 15-piece KitchenAid gadget set that your kitchen simply needs. This starter kit has all the essentials any baker or chef needs and will make you feel more settled in your home.

the utensil set on a gray counter with various plates of food and spices surrounding it.


Set includes a slotted turner, basting spoon, scraper spatula, euro peeler, utility whisk, can opener, set of 4 measuring cups, and set 5 measuring spoons.

Promising review: “This set has just about most of the kitchen gadgets you would need especially when moving into your own place and you need to furnish a whole house” —Kacee

Price: $41.99


A utensil holder with a minimalist modern look for your counter. This adds just a bit more style than a classic stainless steel utensil holder but doesn’t go over the top in its design.

the white holder with "utensils" written in black cursive on a wooden counter with a slotted turner, spatula, and scraper inside


Promising review: “Great quality product. Holds all my utensils without feeling cramped. Also, looks amazing in my kitchen!” —Beautiful

Price: $13


A lazy Susan serving tray you can use for decorative purposes when you aren’t entertaining and then pull out for an easy access charcuterie board on movie night.

the wooden tray with black wiring around the edges


Promising review: “I love how cute and functional this lazy susan is! Right now mine is used for decor but it would also be great for dinners and holidays!” —Haley B.

Price: $17.99+ (available in two sizes)


A standing spoon rest that will instantly modernize your home. Say goodbye to the flat spoon rests of the past, your spoons sit upright when they aren’t in use.


Promising review: “This is beautiful and holds heavy or large spoons. I appreciate that it only takes up as much space as a standard cup whereas most spoon rests are flat and therefore take up more space since the spoon is laid down. This held my favorite spoon which is the stainless steel spoons that target sells and it was perfect and the price is unbeatable!” —Jruiz

Price: $17.97 (available in three colors)


Promising review: “This is beautiful and holds heavy or large spoons. I appreciate that it only takes up as much space as a standard cup whereas most spoon rests are flat and therefore take up more space since the spoon is laid down. This held my favorite spoon which is the stainless steel spoons that target sells and it was perfect and the price is unbeatable!” —Jruiz

Price: $17.97 (available in three colors)


A vanity organizer with a metal strip so all those clips and bobby pins you keep losing stay in one place. This is the future, people.

the wooden organizer with different bathroom essentials in it like brush, toothpaste, comb, and clips attached to the magnetic strip on the side


Promising review: “Loved this to organize products in the bathroom. Was perfect to hold my daily use items like deodorant, dry shampoo, toothpaste, brush, etc. Gives the counter a more calm vibe too!” —Kim

Price: $25


A gold napkin holder for an elegant yet understated look. This gives you a simple way to display your napkins while maintaining a beautiful, modern style on your counter or table.

the gold napkin holder with white napkins in it on a counter next to a white mug with a tea bag beside it and a white canister.


Promising review: “Super cute! Goes perfect with my decor. Love the style!” —Mina

Price: $10


A wire storage basket to keep all your essentials tucked away in a super cute fashion. The gold nameplates give these sleek wire baskets that little something extra so they don’t feel like cheap finds.

two of the wire baskets one large version with a towel and scrubber and a smaller version with sponges in it


Promising review: “I have two of these baskets. One to hold coffee for the Keurig and one for my guest room. They are adorable!” —Deb

Price: $8.99+ (available in three sizes)


A kitchen conversion plaque so you can add contemporary style and *essential* information to your home in the form of a simple wall decoration. This will be so handy when you don’t have to Google these conversions and can simply glance up at your plaque!

the conversion chart hanging on the wall above and open recipe book


Promising review: “This arrived today and I could not be more pleased with the size and workmanship of it. I have some other Magnolia kitchen pieces — the ceramic measuring cups, both tall and smaller ones which already accent my kitchen — and this plaque stands out against the gold-painted wall it hangs on. Plus, it’s going to be a useful measurement for me. I love it for its small size so make sure if you order it that you won’t be disappointed in the size.” —sher

Price: $7.99


Some marble coasters for a refined look that saves your counter from water stains and adds a beautiful decor addition, as well.

the white marble coasters on a white marble counter with glasses full of water on three of them and a lemon wedge next to a coaster with a glass on a wooden tray


Promising review: “These were good quality and well made. So beautiful as well. They also had little rubber feet on the bottom to protect your table.” —Lyza

Price: $13


A light-filtering curtain panel to keep the sunlight (and any prying eyes) out of your home. The understated wave and simple color options make this an easy home addition that pairs with any decor.

the white curtains hanging over a window against a blue wall


Promising review: “Great curtains! I got the white — they have texture to them that makes them look & feel really nice & the light filters through very well while still giving privacy. In the evening you can’t see in. I’m very happy with them!!!” —Elizabeth

Price: $22+ (available in two sizes and three colors)


A single-serve cheese board that will be the perfect mini serving tray on a night when you feel like having your own personal charcuterie party. And it’s a gorgeous decor item when not in use — throw some candles and small plants on this for a beautiful table topper.

the brown tray with salami, cheese, crackers, and grapes on it next to a glass of red wine


Promising review: “Keep in mind that this is very small, but it is very cute to display or use as a small board for fruits/cheeses. I have mine standing up with my cutting boards when not in use, but you could use it to display soaps, candles, or just use for a small food platter. It would make a cute addition with a gift. ” —Unknown

Price: $5


A set of glass Tupper ware containers so you can get rid of those old plastic ones that surely aren’t good for you or the environment. These sleek containers will look great in your fridge and keep your food as fresh as the first day you made it.

the five containers stacked on top of each other with salmon in the big bottom one, salad and rice in the two medium ones on top of the bottom one, and lemon and dates in the two small ones on top of the medium ones


Promising review: “These [containers] seal airtight. I’ve had cauliflower left in there for a few weeks on accident and it never molded! I use all different sizes for all of my refrigerator and pantry needs! Love these!!” —Kim

Price: $19.99


A decorative placemat you can use on your table for a sunny addition to your eating area. These are also great for houseplants and vases to catch stray water droplets from staining your wood floors.


Promising review: “Love these so much! I use them under my indoor plant pots so I can turn them and move them easily without scratching my wood floors!!” —Target Customer

Price: $6


Promising review: “Love these so much! I use them under my indoor plant pots so I can turn them and move them easily without scratching my wood floors!!” —Target Customer

Price: $6


A wooden cake stand that will add a modern touch to your counter space whether you’re displaying candles or treats. This simple addition adds a refined look to your decor for under $15.

the wooden cake stand with three chocolate chip muffins on it and a white napkin next to it


Promising review: “Perfect for the price! Needed something small and elevated and this was exactly what I needed. Great quality, would definitely recommend” —Sara W

Price: $12


A faux plant wreath to add a sunny touch to your wall hangings. This bright addition will bring a smile to your face during the colder months when the doom and gloom outside is getting you down.

the faux plant wreath hanging around a circle mirror on a wall with candles, books, and other decorations on the wooden hearth beneath it


Promising review: “This wreath is absolutely beautiful. My favorite part is that it’s made for outside!!! The size is great and no fluffing was necessary. A timeless piece that will last you for years to come.” —Noxygirl

Price: $34.99


A cashmere duvet set that comes in an array of colors to add a minimalist, colorful touch to your bedroom. The clean lines of this duvet are the perfect modern decor design.

the sage green comforter and sham set on a bed with white stone walls behind it and a green planter next to it


Promising review: “This Casaluna duvet cover came out of the package baby soft and is even softer now that I have washed it. The quality is great and the color is rich and beautiful (looks just like the color on the website). Highly recommend!” —momto5

Price: $99+ (available in sizes full/queen and king, and eight colors)


A tile accent mat so you can elevate your floors without having to do a whole renovation. The tile design of this accent mat ties the whole contemporary charm of your home together.

the gray and white tile mat on a wooden floor with a bench next to it with magazines on the bottom shelf and throw pillow on the bench top


Promising review: “I love this rug. I added an inexpensive pad underneath so it would have some cushion and not slide around. It just brightened up my kitchen. I highly recommend!” —Faith

Price: $30+ (available in two sizes)


A set of cotton napkins that’ll look so much nicer on your table than paper towels. And they’re machine-washable so you can cut down on your waste while also upgrading your home.

the white cloth napkins on blue and white plates on top of blue placemats with silverware and water glasses on a wooden table


Promising review: “Everything I wanted in an everyday napkin. Good price, soft and durable fabric, great color. I look forward to using these all the time.” —DeeDee

Price: $10 (available in nine colors)


And a vacuum sealer for your food to keep it fresh for days. This allows you to buy in bulk without worrying about wasting food (or money). Just stuff and seal with this futuristic device and let the amazing meals last all week long.

the vacuum sealer with steak and an herb in a bag being sealed


Promising review: “I love it! I use it when I buy items in bulk. So easy and compact. Would definitely recommend!” —Great product

Price: $42.99

Your subconscious telling you it’s a good idea to buy every item on this list:


The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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