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You ever notice there are things that seem to happen in *every* TV show and movie?

character walking saying, "Ah shit, here we go again," in "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas"

Rockstar Games

These are called tropes and there are about a million of them. But there are some that if I see one more time, I swear I am going to shut off the TV. Here are some that I truly cannot bear to see again:


First up…a protagonist reading a heartbreaking letter from a character who’s died, usually in the last few minutes of the show/film (and usually with the actor of the dead character reading the words as a voiceover):

Thomas reading the note from Newt in "Maze Runner: The Death Cure"

20th Century Fox

Bonus points if it’s a letter the character didn’t write *knowing* they’d die, but just a random thing they wrote that weirdly applies to the CODA of the movie. Find a new way to end a movie, people! 


A falling-in-love montage:


Lookin’ at you, every rom-com ever.


Or worse, a trying-on-thrift-store-fashion montage:

New Line Cinema

All montages, really.


Just everything about dance-offs:

Sony Pictures Releasing

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a dance-off that’s been done well.


When one character is mortally wounded and dies in their love interest’s arms as they declare their love:


I love the sentiment of having a death scene where one character holds the other and hears their last words but…I’m just not sure mortal wounds are usually kind enough to offer people this opportunity in real life.


Whenever someone says, “They’re alive, but barely,” about a wounded character:

Stefan seeing Bonnie injured on "The Vampire Diaries" and saying, "She's alive but barely."

The CW

How in God’s name does someone feel a pulse for 0.5 seconds and declare this? How do you know precisely how close they are to death?


A character dramatically dyeing their hair to signal a character shift:

Joker dying his hair green

Warner Bros. Pictures

Bonus points if this scene was written with little-to-no knowledge of what it actually takes to dye your hair. (Pro tip: If you’re going from black to green, you can’t just slather green dye on. You’ll need a LOT of bleach.)


One character chasing after their love interest last minute to declare their love:

Ben chasing after Andie on a motorcycle as she's in a taxi

Paramount Pictures

Also, why are characters always moving across the country or marrying someone else at the end of a rom-com? And why does the other person decide they want to be with them after all RIGHT as that’s happening and not, oh I don’t know, like an hour earlier?


…Especially if it’s at an airport:

Universal Pictures

Just wildly unrealistic.


People ripping IVs out of their arms in the hospital:


Bonus points if they wake up in an unfamiliar place and the first thing they do is rip the IV out. IT’S THERE FOR A REASON, PEOPLE! The stress this gives me!!


Characters sliding down the wall and crying:

The CW

I have cried plenty of times in my life, and not one of those times did I slide down a wall while doing it. If you do, good for you, but…this just does not feel realistic to me.


Female characters getting into bed or waking up with makeup and hair done:

The CW

Can someone say, “Unrealistic expectations”???? You don’t even want to know what I look like when I wake up.


Distressed characters cutting their long hair themselves to signify an emotional change:

Buffy cuts off her hair in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"


Bonus points if the actor is wearing a very bad, noticeable wig in the scene and their hair somehow looks good after.


Characters breaking a piggy bank to get the money out:

Homer smashing a piggy bank with a hammer on "The Simpsons"


There is a hole in the bottom for a reason!! Why would you break something so cute and sentimental?!


The characters stacking their heads over each other in a doorway:

The Friends with their heads over each other in a doorway on "Friends"

Warner Bros. / Courtesy Everett Collection

I feel like this happened all the time on Disney Channel. It’s just so cheesy, I cannot. I also have this odd fear that someone will slam the door and all their heads will fall off.


People splashing water on their faces because of emotional distress:

a crying character splashing water on their face on "NCIS"


I don’t know if this is as common as TV shows make it seem but honestly, I’ve seen it so much, I’m starting to think I should try it.


Or, in a related trope, leaning down to use the sink or opening the medicine cabinet, only for a ghost to show up in the mirror:

In "Angel," Cordelia looks down and a ghost appears in the mirror

The WB

It happens on non-supernatural shows too!! Like, maybe a character killed someone and they start hallucinating them in the mirror, but then look back and they’re gone. It’s terrifying every time and I hate it.


Someone saying “knock knock” instead of actually knocking when entering a room:


This is so annoying to me. They usually do it once they’re already in the room too!


Pregnancy tests being discarded faceup in the trash:

a positive pregnancy test faceup in the trash

The CW

If you were trying to hide the fact that you were pregnant, WOULDN’T YOU WRAP THAT SHIT (not literally) IN TOILET PAPER AND HIDE IT?! SMH.


Teen characters grabbing one thing or refusing to even eat breakfast when there’s an entire display out:

Eric leaving as Lily and Serena sit at the packed breakfast table in "Gossip Girl"

The CW

Bonus points if there is far more food than would be reasonable for the number of people. Are you feeding an army?? The waste!


Characters interrupting weddings while the priest is saying, “Speak now or forever hold your peace”:

Taylor Swift standing up with her hands on her heart during Cece and Shivrang's wedding on "New Girl"


I don’t think most weddings actually have this phrase and honestly, it would be messed up if they did. Why INVITE people to interrupt the wedding? That practically encourages people to show up just to do this!


Or the bride running off or standing up the groom at the altar:

April runs away with Jackson at her wedding to Matthew in "Grey's Anatomy"


This is…pretty awful to do? Like, at least sit your fiancé down — don’t just run out the door in your wedding dress.


People not saying bye when they hang up the phone:

Jerry says, "Alright, alright. I'll wake him up," then hangs up


This is so frustrating to me. If I did this in real life, the person would immediately call me back and be like, “Did you get disconnected?” “Bye” is one word!


Characters hanging out at coffee shops before school:

Rory and Lorelai at Luke's getting coffee on "Gilmore Girls"

The WB

Do these kids even sleep?! Are they waking up at 4 every morning? How is the coffee shop bustling and busy that early?


A character CLEARLY crying over the phone while the other person somehow doesn’t notice:

Brooke crying on the phone saying they shouldn't screw this up then saying bye to Lucas

The CW

They’re just always so obvious about the fact that they’re crying!! How does the other character not notice?


A character answering the phone at their former lover’s house, causing the current lover to suspect that they’re sleeping together:

Lily answering Rufus's phone on "Gossip Girl" with "Humphrey residence," then realizing it's Alison

The CW

Why does the person always call during the one and only time the person they’re worried about is hanging out with their beau? Seems like VERY unfortunate luck, except it seems to happen on every show.


And the final phone trope: a character leaving a message they didn’t mean to and then trying to delete it, especially if that message is confessing their love:

Ross listening to a message from Rachel as she jumps on his back and tries to stop him

Warner Bros. / Courtesy Everett Collection

Honestly, I don’t mind this that much if the character gets the message in the end. But otherwise, it’s just torture! I’m still mad that Zoey never got Chase’s message that he loved her on Zoey 101. So much unnecessary stress and excitement!


A character kissing another to wake them up:

Landon kissing Hope to wake her up on "Legacies"

The CW

I get it, it’s a fairy tale. But it’s outdated and creepy.


And finally, a shy character coming out of their shell and revealing a previously unknown singing ability:

Stevie singing "Maybe This Time" as Moira looks on, impressed, on "Schitt's Creek"


Bonus points if they earlier said something like, “I only sing in the shower!” or if this scene helps them win a man over. If only all of us shower singers were secretly so talented.

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