We recently asked our BuzzFeed Community to tell us all about their unique family traditions. Here are some of most unique, silly, and adorable submissions:


“Every time we get a new pet we name it after a song or artist. We welcome it into our home by gathering in the living room and playing the music.”

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“Most recent addition is our kitten Benny (short for Cat Benatar) who got renditions of both ‘Love is a Battlefield’ and ‘Bennie & the Jets’.”



“We make our own Christmas crackers but instead of party hats we put a pair of pants in.”

“New of course! Everyone wears pants on their head around the dinner table. It was our grannie’s idea and we all do with our families now.”



“I’m going back about 20 years with this one, but we had a ‘hide Justin’ game. It was literally just a postcard of Justin Timberlake and we had to hide it around the house – the weirder the hiding place the better. “

“Then whoever found it had to re-hide it and so on. We’d find it inside the microwave, on the roof, in coat pockets, in shoes, and in boxes of cereal. At one point I think my brother actually froze it in a block of ice. The game went on for years until the postcard eventually fell apart!”



“On Easter, my family hard boils eggs and we play a game trying to crack each other’s eggs.”

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“The last person to have a not broken egg wins.”



“At some point in the 1960s my dad bought a Playboy magazine that came with a free monopoly-style game. Except the purpose of this game is to get around the board buying as much weed as you can, and stash it at home before you lose it. So dad tore it out of the centre fold, drew joints on paper cards to represent the weed to buy, and kept it. Now my family play this game every Christmas with monopoly money and counters.”

“It’s called Heds and Feds. This is one of the many core experiences of growing up with hippy parents! That and ‘don’t talk about your mother’s ‘herbal medicine’ at school’.”



“We hide the pickle ornament on the tree but the prize for finding it is a Christmas cookie shaped like a dick, called ‘the Christmas Dick’.”

“I was making cookies one year and the candy cane shape looked so phallic my husband and I thought it would be funny to give it out as the prize – I am a professional comic and our kids, well, they love a good joke. Chowing down on the Christmas dick is an honour in our home! I realise how bad this all sounds but the truth ain’t pretty!”



“When I was little when my parents would kiss me goodnight and we had a whole routine. It was a kiss, a hug, and then a ‘secret’ (they’d whisper ‘I love you’ in my ear) and they were called ‘goodnighties’.”



“In my family, when cutting the birthday cake, you have to scream as loud as you can when the knife hits the plate.”

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“Like everyone screams. It’s nuts. All because a family friend did it when I turned seven.”



“One year my Mum bought ‘Congratulations’ banners on my step-dad’s birthday as they had no birthday banners in the shop. It then became a running theme every time someone in the house had a birthday for the decorations to say something random such as ‘Welcome Home’ and ‘It’s a Girl!’.”



“My family takes a shot of Southern Comfort every Easter morning.”

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“On every birthday you get your hair pulled the amount of years old you are, then add one for luck and one for next year.”



“We do a beer contest every Christmas Eve. Everyone of age brings a unique beer. We all do a blind taste test and rank them.”

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“The winner gets a very coveted travelling trophy. It’s intense and people plan for months. It’s the best.”



“In my family, every time someone buys a new car we all go to my grandma’s house and celebrate by giving the car a name and drinking champagne and everything. Literally every car has a name.”



“On my dad’s birthday we hit him (gently) over the head with a pot. No idea how it started but we have been doing it since I was a small child.”



“Our family has a battle cry. Whenever we’re about to do or have just done something hard, one of us will shout ‘CORPSE!’ The rest of the family will echo it, and then we’ll all raise our fists in the air and yell ‘NEVER!’ in a high-pitched voice.”

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“For the curious: several years ago, pre-COVID, the whole family went on a trip to celebrate the winter holidays in Costa Rica. One night, when all the kids were in bed, the adults were hanging out in the living room and a bat flew in the window and crashed into the ceiling fan. My aunt screamed something — nobody remembers what it actually was, but it sounded like ‘corpse!’ After everyone finished panicking, it became our battle cry. The bat was fine, by the way. The second part of the battle cry was created when my little cousin — then about five years old — was throwing a fit for some trivial reason. His mom told him to put his shoes on and he raised his tiny fist in the air and screamed ‘NEVER!'”



“If you have the ‘good seat’ while watching TV together and you get up, saying ‘Put Put’ means no one could take the seat for that session.”



“My family always plays bingo on Thanksgiving. It’s a big deal. My uncle even bought a huge antique bingo ball shuffling machine.”

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“It’s become a thing that my dad does a strip tease to ‘Leave Your Hat On’ at all major family functions. My grad party, his 50th…”



“Every Thanksgiving, the kids go up against the adults in a dance competition judged by the seniors.”

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“Us kids always win, even though the adults literally have a professional dancer on their team.”



“Eating hotdogs on Halloween. My mum called them hallo-weenies!”



“We have four family members with birthdays around Easter time. Whoever has the closest birthday to Easter each year gets a chocolate bunny on their cake.”

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“And no one else is allowed to have the Easter-themed birthday cake for the year.”



“Every Guy Fawkes night my family eats almost a full pack of Percy Pigs and then burn four on the fire pit.”

“It started a few years ago when I asked what would happen if you burned a Percy Pig.”



“Whenever we go to a hotel, I am the one who gets to unwrap the tiny soap. And it’s the first thing we do when we go inside.”

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“If my sister tries to be sneaky and does it, then we have to get new soap from one of the housekeepers. My brother also gets to push the button inside the elevator and my sister gets to push the one to summon the elevator.”



“We have a kitchen chicken. It’s a rubber chicken that we hide in the kitchen.”

“Whoever finds it has to yell ‘I found the chicken!’ And hide it somewhere else. When i moved out I was gifted my own rubber chicken for my kitchen.”



“Every birthday, we sing three variations of the birthday song: the regular birthday song, then a beat box version with the words ‘may the lord bless you’, and finally, we spell out B-I-R-T-H-D-A-Y several times.”

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“It goes on for a couple minutes and it is really embarrassing if anyone comes over. Gotta love em tho.”


Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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