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A bag of doggy dental chews from Milk-Bone designed to help your pup’s pearly whites stay strong, protect them from tartar buildup, and keep their breath fresh as a proverbial daisy. One a day can help enormously on the oral hygiene front – especially if your doggo isn’t big on actual toothbrushing.

The dental chews


Promising review: “I’ve been giving my two large dogs various dental treats for nearly two years now, and exclusively these Milk-Bone Fresh Breath treats for the past seven months or so because I’ve had such good results. My dogs were older rescues that had some significant plaque built up, and I’ve noticed since switching to/sticking with Milk-Bone, it’s essentially gone from both of their mouths. Cannot recommend them enough and will continue to purchase!” –Kayla Talcott

Price: $11.99


A set of pet steps to give your furry friends a literal leg up. Small pup? Older pet whose joints aren’t quite what they used to be? Cat who simply desires the use of a personal red carpet at all times? They’ll all be able to climb up to the couch for cuddles with ease. These foldable, storable steps can support pets of up to 150 to 200 pounds, depending on the stair size you spring for.

Reviewer's photo of their two cats on the pet stairs


Promising review: “I can’t say enough WONDERFUL things about these stairs. One of our little girls is 15 years old, so getting up on our bed or any tall surface is really challenging for her. I love that the stairs aren’t too tall, so she gets up and down really easily. They’re super lightweight but very sturdy and easy to clean. I’d definitely buy them again and plan to order more soon.” –Eldey

Price: $39.95+ (available in two sizes and two colors)


A three-pack of Greenies Pill Pockets, because who has the time or inclination to fight with their pet over making sure they actually take their medication? Speaking from experience, these pill pockets are legit life-savers; they taste just like treats (in this case, chicken-flavored ones), so all you have to do is tuck your pet’s meds into them and they’ll gobble them right up.

The pill pockets


Promising review: “These are fantastic. I have an elderly dog who was no longer taking her pills with peanut butter or spray cheese – her long-time favorites. I gave these pill pockets a try and she loves them. They are super soft – like cookie dough. Easily molded around any shaped pill.” –JD

Price: $22.99


A three-pack of Resolve pet stain and odor carpet cleaner, because pets are messy, and if you have them, your rugs are GOING to need a lot of TLC – no ifs, ands, or buts. I have cats. They barf. A lot. But after a few spritzes of this stuff – which, by the way, is absolutely safe for both pets and kids alike – and a blot with a damp cloth, and it’s like nothing ever happened. Magic!

The cleaning spray


Promising review: “Does what it says it does – pulls up pet mess. We have a pet cat, and unfortunately hairballs and other rug surprises are a part of life for our fancy wool rugs. No one is afraid, however – Resolve gets kitty presents right up, no problemo! Feels and looks great after drying.” –Chirkenduce

Price: $18


A pair of stainless-steel bird feeder dishes perfect for little birdy mealtimes. They’re not fancy, but they easily screw onto the sides of your feathery pal’s cage with a wingnut and washers; they’re easy to remove and clean; and honestly, so much can go wrong with high tech bird feeders that sometimes, simpler is better.

amazon.com, Amazon

Promising review: “This was exactly what I was looking for! The depth is perfect for my little conure. It also fits in the cage’s original dish holder. Just ordered another set.” –Nikki A

Price: $10.99

amazon.com, Amazon

Promising review: “This was exactly what I was looking for! The depth is perfect for my little conure. It also fits in the cage’s original dish holder. Just ordered another set.” –Nikki A

Price: $10.99


A silent small pet exercise wheel so you can give your teeniest friends the exercise they need without constantly gritting your teeth against the continuous drone of an annoying *squeaksqueaksqueak!* noise. Made of acrylic, it’s safe for your favorite hamster or gerbil – and also easy to clean. (Small pets are messy. I don’t make the rules.)

The small pet exercise wheel


Promising review: “Best hamster wheel! This wheel is super sturdy. When my Syrian hamster outgrew her baby wheel, I didn’t want to have a giant wheel that cluttered up the pen, so I opted for this transparent one. It is amazingly quiet – all I hear is the putter patter of the hammy’s feet. She LOOOVES this wheel and gets way more exercise than she did on her other wheel. She’ll run and run and run then get tuckered out and lay down in the crook of my elbow to rest. The wheel is beautiful, best aesthetic around. I’m seriously so happy I bought this wheel. But not as happy as the hamster!” –Rachael Robinson

Price: $26.99+ (available in two sizes)


A polo-style ThunderShirt anxiety vest that’ll help your pupper feel safe in stressful situations. This wraparound vest applies gentle pressure around your furry friend, which in turn can aid in alleviating fear or anxiety during thunderstorms, fireworks, travel, or even episodes of separation anxiety. It’s sort of like a wearable, weighted blanket for dogs.

Reviewer's photo of their dog wearing the ThunderShirt in the color Red


Promising review: “Works miracles on anxiety-ridden dogs. I rarely write reviews, but felt compelled to do so after seeing how effective this shirt has been on our dog. We have a 30 lb. rescue who’s about 6 years old. She’s the sweetest girl, and very “dog like” with my husband and I. However, whenever there’s company, she freezes up, gets tense, and hides out in a comfortable area. We’ve been told by others that have rescues that ‘it’ll pass’…but five years later, and she’s still the same way. Long story short, we thought we’d give the ThunderShirt a try. I really didn’t have any expectations considering her level of anxiety. We brought her to my aunt’s house for Christmas where there were 17 people (five of which were kids under nine). She was a new dog. She was walking up to people, letting them pet her, and tail up the entire time. Everyone was commenting on how social she was, and how tolerant she was of the five kids who were completely smothering her with love! I will be using this for all future social gatherings. I don’t want my dog feeling anxiety, and this shirt clearly brought her significant comfort.” –laurenmickelsen

Price: $44.95+ (available in sizes XXS to XXL and three colors)


Some lavender-scented poop bags, because cleaning up after your doggo doesn’t have to stink (literally). These little baggies come 15 bags to a roll and in packages of eight or 18 rolls; they’re compatible with most bag dispenser leash attachments; and, crucially, they’re leak-proof. They’re also available in an unscented version, if you prefer to keep your fragrance usage to a minimum.

The poop bags


Promising review: “I never imagined I’d grow up to write reviews of dog poop bags on the internet, yet here I am. I guess when you spend as much time as I do, standing outside waiting for your dog to poop while he smells the same spot for 20 minutes, you start to think about things. First of all, I have a dog who has what I politely like to call ‘anxious tummy.’ Sometimes people scare him in my apartment hallway, and he accidentally goes right there on the steps. In this moment, it is SUPER CLUTCH to have an easy-to-open poop bag like this one at the ready. My dog also prefers the feeling of mulch underfoot as he relieves himself. It’s really hard to pick up poop from mulch without also retrieving a bunch of mulch. Wood chips and plastic bags typically don’t mix, but these bad boys (or should I say good boys?) are able to handle the mulch without ripping and tearing, which is awesome in my book. Lastly, I don’t typically like the smell of fake lavender, but these actually have a really nice scent that does a fairly good job of blocking scent. VERY IMPORTANT.” –mcr

Price: $6.99+ (available in two sizes and two scents)


And a poop bag dispenser that attaches directly to your leash, so you can keep those cleanup essentials close at hand. This option pops right open, making for easy loading and re-loading, and the strap is adjustable so it’ll fit any leash. Bonus: It also comes with one roll of 15 poop bags!

Reviewer's photo of the poop bag dispenser


Promising review: “Over the years I’ve tried about a dozen different bag holders. I got fed up with the ones we have, and figured I’d take another look and see if someone came up with a better bag holder. This one was very highly rated, and not very expensive. I see why it’s rated so high – it just works. It’s a two-piece, screw together design, so no end caps to fall off, or get pulled off when pulling a bag through. The side opening is generous enough to allow the bags to come out, but not so big they fall out. There’s a good-sized spindle inside to help hold the rolls and keep them turning while dispensing. I’ve tried a few different rolls of bags in it from different brands, and they’ve all worked just fine.” –Mark Montminy

Price: $3.99


A two-pack of Poop-Off bird dropping remover spray that’ll help make keeping your bird’s cage clean THAT MUCH easier. All you need to do is spray it and wait a few minutes for it to start working; after that, scrubbing up will be a breeze. It works on droppings resulting from a wide variety of avian diets – and it’s not just for cages, either: Tons of reviewers say it works great on things like carpets, too.

The bird dropping remover


Promising review: “I have been using this for years! I have a bottle with the brush and fill it from the spray bottle when needed or use a nylon sponge. There’s no perfume scent that I can smell. It works very well and quickly – let it sit for a few seconds, [and the poop] literally rolls off their floor grates. It dissolves the poo so that you can clean it off much faster. I highly recommend it.” –Judith Johnson

Price: $19.93


Some timothy grass chew balls to give your rabbit, hamster, or other small pet something to nibble on that isn’t, y’know, something they’re not supposed to be eating. They’re toys! They’re good for dental hygiene! They’re environmentally friendly and biodegradable! Everybody wins!

The chew balls


Promising review: “I ordered these for my son’s guinea pigs. I am not great at sizing things up, so when I got them and saw how large they were, I was surprised and very happy! The guinea pigs loved them, which was another surprise as our large guinea pig is very particular in what she will eat or try. She has no issues trying to gobble it up. I am definitely going to recommend and I will definitely buy it again.” –BW

Price: $15.97+ (available in packs of three to six balls)


A pair of nail clippers with a safety guard so you can keep your clawsome pal’s sharpest bits in check without fear of accidentally hurting them. These ones are for larger dogs, but I have a similar set of clippers I use to keep my cats’ sharp little claws trimmed. The safety guard is a godsend – it prevents you giving your pet too close a shave, which is all the more important when you have a squirmy little furball in your arms.

The nail clippers


Promising review: I love these clippers! The grips on the handles are amazing, as it allows me to accurately clip my smaller dog’s nails (not her favorite thing, so it’s usually a challenge) as well as making it WAY easier to clip my big guy’s. He’s large and his nails are THICK. The grip helped a lot with this and the blade part worked really well on his thick nails. Overall very happy with these nail clippers!” –Jessica Martel

Price: $9.99


A Neater Feeder pet food bowl that’ll keep mealtime mess to a minimum. This dual-ended bowl is elevated so your dog or cat doesn’t have to bend down in order to get their nom on; what’s more, it’s got a shield around the back to help prevent food or water from splattering out.

Reviewer's photo of their dog eating out of the food bowl in the color Aquamarine


Promising review: “Pros: Easy to put together, easy to clean! The water bowl is deeper than the food bowl, which is nice. Stainless steel bowls clean up nice, dishwasher safe. Keeps the food contained and off our wall behind the tray. The lower tray also collects the condensation from the water bowl. Our new adoptee took to eating from it right away. We are very pleased with it!” –J. Muench

Price: $32.98+ (available in four sizes and six colors)


A Chom Chom roller pet hair remover, because everything you own doesn’t have to be covered in hair just because your pet is prone to shedding. This handy little device gathers up every last bit of hair on its brush-like roller and deposits it in a little compartment you can empty at your leisure – no batteries or sticky papers required.

Reviewer's photo of the pet hair roller with a ball of hair


Promising review: “OMG, LIFE-CHANGING. Where has this been all my crazy cat-loving life? Sticky rollers work fine for clothes, but this is the only product that has ever COMPLETELY removed all the cat hair from my bed. I have a long-haired 20-lb. tabby and if you run your hands up his back a few times and fling the hair everywhere, it looks like it’s snowing – he never stops shedding no matter what I do. After using the ChomChom, I can put on a black dress and roll around on my bed and not get a single hair on me. It’s absolutely amazing. Everyone is getting one for Christmas, even if they don’t have a pet. I don’t care, it’s THAT good.” –Stephanie

Price: $24.95


Furniture shields to protect your upholstery from your pet’s fearsome claws. The clear plastic sheets are adhesive; additionally, they utilize twist pins to keep them in place. Once they’re installed, your cat or pup will no longer be able to shred the sides of your couch with an errant swipe – all without ruining the actual look of said couch.

The furniture shield


Promising review: “I had to replace two chairs, as my cats literally clawed them to death. I was determined to not let this happen again, as this gets expensive and I’m not going to declaw my cats. I’ve had the new chairs and this product on them for over two months. So far, they have worked great with no sign of deteriorating. Easy to install, just takes time to do it right. It adheres to the fabric but you really do need the fabric pins as, depending on the chair, you challenge the adhesion every time you sit in the chair (in my case, at least). A good amount of product is provided. I’m committed to winning the war with these chairs!” –Amazon Freak

Price: $26.99


A Chuckit dog toy launcher, so you can make sure your long-legged companions get all the fun and exercise they need. It might look like it’s just a plastic stick with a cup on the end, but somehow, it enables you to throw your pup’s favorite tennis ball astonishingly long distances without wearing out your own arm. Also: No more dog slobber on your hands!

Reviewer's photo of the dog toy launcher


Promising review: “I love playing fetch with my dog, but hate the feel of slimy hands after a few throws. I bought this and instantly wondered why I hadn’t bought it sooner. My hands don’t touch the ball, I can throw it further, and it’s small enough to store away easily. Love it!” –AZ614

Price: $7.95


A Paw Plunger that’ll make cleaning your pupper’s muddy paws a breeze. Just fill it with water, then gently insert one of your pet’s paws and move it up and down. The super-soft bristles in the jar will scrub all the dirt away without hurting your pal – and when you’re done, all the muck remains in the jar and can simply be tossed out for easy disposal.

Reviewer's photo of the Paw Plunger showing before and after results


Promising review: “We have a goldendoodle with curly hair and large paws, and a brand-new yard on the coast that is 95% sand. Our new veterinarian, upon hearing me whine about the situation, recommended I buy this product because she uses it with her own dogs. From the first time I used it I was sold! I filled it halfway up with warm water and set it on our 50-degree F porch to use when I let him out, putting the included cover on top. 30 minutes later, the water inside was still warm, so it held the temperature nicely. I did need to use a towel to help wring the excess water off his feet as not all of it had come off, but I’d much rather have a little water on the floor than mud or sand, all of which was left behind in the plunger. All in all, I wish I’d found this years ago!” –Heather

Price: $17.98+ (available in three sizes and three colors)


A squeeze pump-operated fish tank siphon and gravel cleaner that can do everything from spot clean to help you do a full water change. Quick and easy to use, the polyethylene squeeze pump can help suck out whatever you don’t want floating around in your tank in seconds – or clear 30L of water in just a few minutes.

Amazon, amazon.com

Promising review: “This is just the tool I was looking for. I have a 2.5-gallon tank with some cherry shrimp and it’s a great little siphon for that. I also love that it has a strainer on the end so I don’t accidentally suck up the shrimp. I also use it for spot cleaning my 20-gallon aquarium in between water changes. You can change the flow rate depending in how high or low the bottom is. It was a great purchase and very reasonably priced.” –Surreptrixus

Price: $10.49

Amazon, amazon.com

Promising review: “This is just the tool I was looking for. I have a 2.5-gallon tank with some cherry shrimp and it’s a great little siphon for that. I also love that it has a strainer on the end so I don’t accidentally suck up the shrimp. I also use it for spot cleaning my 20-gallon aquarium in between water changes. You can change the flow rate depending in how high or low the bottom is. It was a great purchase and very reasonably priced.” –Surreptrixus

Price: $10.49


A lizard leash (with DRAGON WINGS!) perfect for taking your bearded dragon out to see the world. Made of soft leather, it’s super comfortable for lizards to wear; additionally, the nylon rope, stainless-steel swivel link, and aluminum buckle are all non-toxic and safe for your scaly friend. Oh, and the harness is adjustable, meaning that as your lizard grows, the leash will grow along with it.

Reviewer's photo of their lizard wearing the leash


Promising review: “No more escaping! Super cute and supportive, easy to put on and adjust. It fits my lizard Thorn like a glove. There are arm holes and it ropes across the front of his chest rather than around him making it easy to control his movements running errands. No more escape artist! He doesn’t seem to mind the feel – no nips or flicks – so I assume it’s comfortable.” –MissErica

Price: $7.99


A pet water fountain topped with a cute li’l removeable flower decoration that’ll keep your cats and dogs hydrated with filtered, running water at all times of the day and night. Despite its compact design, this fountain packs an impressive capacity of 2.5 liters. Also, when the water level is low, the pump shuts off and the light turns red, letting you know that it’s time to refill. Talk about smart!

Reviewer's photo of their cat drinking from the pet fountain


Promising review: “My Siamese kitten loves it. It’s not very loud, and she drinks most of her water from her fountain now, not her bowl. The only thing I don’t like is you have to unplug the whole to clean it. The cleaning tools are very nice, though.” – Dawn H.

Price: $26.99+ (available in three colors)


A cat litter collecting mat, because who has time to vacuum the floor around the litter box every single time your cat does their business? The honeycomb shapes embedded in the top layer of this two-layered mat helps trap all the litter particles that make their way outside the box; then you can just open up the mat and dump out everything stuck in there with ease.

Reviewer's photo of the cat litter mat on the floor outside a litter box


Promising review: “Definitely recommend! I didn’t expect to like this mat as much as I did. I wanted to try something new that caught more litter than my last mat, which I thought was good. Turns out this design truly holds the litter much better in the honeycomb shapes. I used to sweep or vacuum my floors multiple times per day. My cat leaves some litter behind when she jumps out of her box and this mat traps 90% of it. Sure, there is a little bit at the very end of the mat, but that’s it. It has really made a difference!” – Megan

Price: $10.99+ (available in two sizes and three colors)


A fur rake that’s so effective, it combs a whole ‘nother pet off your actual pet every time you use it. This simple tool has dual heads – one for stubborn tangles and one for thinning and de-shedding voluminous fur – but remains gentle on your dog’s or cat’s skin, making sure your long- or medium-haired furry friend’s coat looks healthy and as close to shampoo-commercial-hair-perfect as possible.

Reviewer's photo of their dog and a pile of discarded fur


Promising review: “Miracle worker! I have two Newfoundlands. They shed faster than my daily vacuuming can keep up with, but the summer shed made it infinitely worse. I wish this brush were wider with more teeth to the comb, but it is still a great product. In about an hour, I had pulled off a pile of hair as big as my 150-pound puppy. He is happier and cooler, and I am happy that all that fur is not on my floors, clothes, furniture, and walls!” –Meg

Price: $20.95


A bottle of Nature’s Miracle deodorizing small animal cage cleaner that’ll help you keep your little companion’s abode squeaky clean (pun intended – sorry, not sorry). The formula doesn’t just mask smells; it works to eliminate them entirely for a much more thorough deodorizing effect. It’s also super effective on caked-on mess, because, uh, pets are messy. That is a fact. But less so with this stuff on hand!

The cleaner


Promising review: “Worth it. I was skeptical of the claims of this product and the reviews I had read since it seems like a pretty mild cleaner, but I used this on my two male mice’s cages, tunnels, and hideouts and I’m blown away. I previously didn’t think anything short of running the blazing waters of the underworld with mild soap over their stuff for several minutes would get the stank out of their stuff, but this stuff works… It doesn’t take a huge amount, nor does it take several attempts to get things nice and neutralized, either. My only regret is honestly not purchasing this sooner.” –Mu

Price: $5.39


And some aspen wood small animal bedding with odor control abilities, because once you’ve de-stank-ified your pet’s home, you want to keep it that way, right? This natural hardwood bedding gives your hamster, guinea pig, rabbit, or snake a cozy place to burrow while keeping smells at bay.

The bedding


Promising review: We have two gerbils and they love this! I like it because it doesn’t smell up my house! I was worried when we got then that my house would smell like rodent but it doesn’t. It’s super absorbent, and when I clean the cage, it’s dry and mixes well with the shreds of cardboard and toilet paper rolls they like.” –Joshua kerr

Price: $14.35+ (available in three sizes)


A bottle of pet eye rinse so your doggo’s eyes can be free of tear-staining and other goop. The boric acid in this rinse fights both bacteria and irritation, and it’s gentle and safe for even the most sensitive of puppy eyes.

Reviewer's photo of their dog showing before and after results


Promising review: “When we adopted our Maltese a couple of months ago, he had watery and crusty eyes. It was so bad that he couldn’t open his eyes completely. I tried different products until I came across this one. At first, I didn’t see much progress, but I kept on applying the Nutri-Vet Eye Rinse every day. Slowly, but surely, his eyes were improving. Four months into the treatment I compared before and after photos and realized he had improved dramatically. I strongly recommend this eye rinse; I still use it just to keep his eyes free of debris.” –Jamie Castano

Price: $5.59


A pet booster seat that will keep anxious or excitable pups calm on your next big car journey. This plush, padded booster seat is as comfortable as a pet bed – but it fastens securely to the car’s own seat using the seat belt, and includes a hook to clip to your pet’s harness to keep them secure, as well. Who wouldn’t want to drive around town in a seat as cushy as this one?

A dog sitting in the booster seat


Promising review: “I will just start off saying that our Shichon puppy loves his new car seat. Before purchasing it, he either rode in his crate or on a passenger’s lap. He would get anxious both ways. The first time he rode in his new seat he was calm and acted so big and smart looking at all of the new sights. And he relaxes and lays down when he wants to nap. It has a built-up platform that is buckled onto the car seat the same way a baby car seat is installed. It is held very tightly in place and no sliding or slipping occurs. This is one of my favorite Amazon purchases.” –Betty A. Reed

Price: $69.99+ (available in two sizes and three colors)


A tangle-free retractable leash so you and your doggo can enjoy the great outdoors together, safely and securely. This option has a “brake ‘n lock” system that uses a push-button control to switch between “free mode,” locked mode, and reel-it-in mode, giving your pup some freedom while you maintain control. With a 16-foot lead, it’s good for dogs of up to 110 pounds – and as an extra plus, it also comes with a few bonuses, like a poop bag dispenser, a a small, travel-friendly water bowl, and an LED light to brighten up your way.

Reviewer's photo of three dogs on two of the leashes in the colors Green and Aqua


Promising review: “Great product! My sister recommended this retractable leash and it’s amazing! It has a comfortable handle; locking is easy; and it comes with a doggy bag holder, a collapsible bowl, and a small light that clips on my dog’s collar. I’m going to buy another one! Definitely recommend!” –Jacob Horvatin

Price: $19.97 (available in three colors)


A pair of collapsible pet bowls that will make sure your pet stays fed and watered, no matter where your adventures take you both. They pop open when you need them and fold back up again when you’re done – and since they’re made of silicon, they’re super easy to clean. Plus, they come equipped with carabiners so you can latch ‘em on to your belt, your backpack, or even just your leash handle.

Reviewer's photo of their dog drinking water from the bowl in the color Green


Promising review:Perfect for a sip of water while sitting in the grass. I bought these in the summer to keep my dog hydrated on our walks through the Texas heat. It took him a couple trips to the park before he got used to drinking out of the bowls, but now he understands these bowls are okay to drink out of. The bowl is small enough that it fits into my front pocket and is easy to dry off just by shaking out any leftover droplets.” –ray

Price: $6.99+ (available in two sizes and four colors)


A feathered cat toy, because honestly, the classics are classic for a reason. My cats have so many toys, some of which are very high tech – but the one toy they always come back to is the feather on a string tied to a stick. Simple. Effective. Cat-approved. And hey, if your cats tear feathers to shreds as quickly as mine do, this particular version of this toy comes with four replacement feather heads.

Reviewer's photo of their cat playing with the toy


Promising review: “I have a little long haired Siamese cat. She is 8, but still very playful. This is her FAVORITE toy! I like it too because I can play with her from the couch and do not have to worry about digging under furniture to retrieve toys/balls that roll under. The feathers are durable (she plays hard and bites them etc.) and it comes with several different attachments. We love it!” –Amazon Customer

Price: $11.95


And some extra large pee pads, because, I mean, no, they’re not exciting, but YES, they are ABSOLUTELY INDISPENSIBLE if you’ve just brought home a new friend. These highly reviewed ones have five super absorbent layers and can hold up to 9 cups of liquid – exactly what you need to keep any accidents off your floors.

the dog on a pad


Promising review: “No leaks and easy cleanup. We started using these pads for our new puppy, and they work. She is almost trained to go outside but I still leave one out because when she is playing, she is so intense and then it becomes an emergency. The pads were a lifesaver as she went right to them and never messed anywhere in the house except on the pads.” –$22.99

Price: $22.99 (for a pack of 40)

The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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