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 Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women’s.


An Adidas classic razorback dress that can easily be dressed up or down, making it your go-to for any occasion. Plus, it’s made from sustainable cotton sooo… no buyer’s remorse here.

Model wearing black dress with white 3 stripe design on sides


Promising review: “This dress was delivered extremely fast. I’m a curvy girl and it fits perfectly and hugs all of my curves nicely. The length is perfect as well as I’m 5’2 so it comes to my knees. Very comfortable and good stretchy material.” —Krys412

Price: $45 (available in two colors, sizes XS-L)


A pair of signature slides because they’re truly a staple. Wear them around your house, when you’re taking the garbage out, when you’re going for a leisurely walk, when you’re racing to the post office because it closes in 10 minutes …seriously, you can wear them for anything.

Black slides with three white stripes


Promising review: “I have these in pink, light blue, and grey as well! They are comfortable when you just need to hit the road and a great price!” —Jan4981

Price: $20 (available in four colors, sizes M4-M13, W5-W14)


A leopard print crewneck that we’re adding to the list of comfy clothes we can get away with wearing in a formal setting. I mean it does look like a blouse after all. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Model wearing leopard crewneck


Promising review: “Lovely combination with the leggings. Looks so good and lots of comments every time . One of my best purchase ever” —Lamourz

Price: $65 (available in four colors, sizes 2XS-L)


A pair of simple biker shorts you can pair with a sports bra to work out, with your favorite t-shirt for lounging, or with a cute top and denim jacket for a casual outing. Another wardrobe staple. ✔️✔️✔️

Model wearing black biker shorts


Price: $35 (available in sizes 1X-4X)


A track jacket inspired from the 1970’s Adidas original tracksuit but with a little modern flair. What’s the “modern flair,” you ask? It’s made from up-cycled plastic waste! So you can be stylish, comfortable, and environmentally conscious.

Model wearing black adidas tracksuit


Promising review: “Absolutely love this tracksuit top fits perfect and the material is so comfy pick your usual size.” —Ronnie250277

Price: $75 (available in three colors, sizes 2XS-L)


And matching track pants to complete the timeless look. All that comfort and style with virtually no effort? Yes plzzzz.

Model wearing black track pants with white stripes down the side


Promising review: “Good quality for a tracksuit that is fashionable and subtle at the same time.” —Bellabaha7

Price: $65 (available in three colors, sizes 2XS-L)


A color wash bucket hat that will instantly elevate any simple outfit into something a little more trendy. A style cheat code, if you will.

Green and pink bucket hat with adidas logo


Price: $32


A pair of comfy maternity leggings for all the mommies-to-be. They’re supportive yet lightweight, so we wouldn’t blame you if you wore these every day for 9 months, in fact — we encourage it.

Model in gray maternity leggings


Promising review: “I’ve tried other maternity workout leggings and they just didn’t seem to fit in all areas. I’m currently 31 weeks pregnant and still running and I wish I knew about these earlier. They fit perfectly, I used my pre-pregnancy sizing. The only thing with these are that they feel a bit warm, but they definitely wick the sweat away.” —Jess0521

Price: $32 (originally $45, available in two colors, sizes XS-2XL)


A pair of running sneakers that are so comfortable you’ll probably forget to take them off after you’ve already been home for hours.

Black running sneaker


Promising review: “I’m a nurse, and stand 12-14 hours a day, and walk several miles during a shift, and my feet and back never hurt while I’m wearing these shoes! I’d recommend them to anyone!” —Alvihlen

Price: $77 (originally $85, available in three colors, sizes 6.5-14)


A pair of shorts that one reviewer swears are “the best cotton shorts on the market.” That’s a pretty bold statement but we’re not surprised. If you’re looking for a pair of 100% French terry cotton shorts with the perfect in-between fit, look no further.

Model wearing gray shorts with white stripes down the side


Promising review: “These were honestly the best shorts ever they feel better and more comfortable than any other shorts. These are the best cotton shorts to get on the market if your looking for something with quality.” —Deemax99

Price: $45 (available in three colors, sizes S-2XL)


A pair of funky leggings that’ll make your workouts a little more fun or just add a little color to your errand-running #ootd.

Yellow and blue patterned leggings


Promising review: “My wife has really bad knees but gets motivated to walk and exercise when she puts on this Saldana gear. Fits her perfectly since she has a 38 inch waist, hips(48), thighs and rear end to match. She is 5’7 and 215. I applaud Adidas and Saldana for the larger sizes.” —Druh

Price: $55 (available in three colors, sizes 1X-4X)


A pair of light weight hiking boots so you can walk any rugged terrain with ease. They’re also waterproof making them the perfect rain (and snow) boot for those of us that don’t face rugged terrain that often.

Model wearing the hiking boots


Promising review: “Stylish and comfortable, a really well made shoe that gives stability and warmth” —Kinder35

Price: $150 (available in sizes 7-12)


A pair of knit sneakers that are the perfect statement piece for any casual outfit. Remaining comfortable while staying stylish is possible and much easier than you think.

Camouflage knit sneaker


Promising review: “Comfortable/functional for running and walking for extended periods. Loud color and design also make it a perfect accent piece with a neutral casual outfit” —RG37

Price: $180 (available in men’s sizes 4-14, women’s 5-15)


A simple tennis skirt for the days when you wanna dress up but don’t actually feel like dressing up. Pair with a t-shirt and your favorite sneakers for the cutest, most *effortless* outfit.

Model wearing the tennis skirt


Promising review: “It’s very comfortable and flounces when I move. It’s cute and goes with everything. Love it” —Tennis47

Price: $55 (available in three colors, sizes XS-L)


A stylish crop top that will be the main event of any outfit. You can wear it with jeans for a night on the town or with your favorite leggings for a trendier workout.

Model wearing purple crop top


Promising review: “Absolutely love it! The style is very flattering and the colors are gorgeous” —AD7713

Price: $35 (available in two colors, sizes 2XS-L)


A pair of matching biker shorts to go with your top so you can nail that retro rollerblader look.

Model wearing purple biker shorts


Promising review: “I love it, the right size, good material, perfect model, I recommend with confidence, and very fast delivery” —Markena30

Price: $35 (available in two colors, 2XS-XL)


A polyester rain jacket for all the April showers ahead of us. It also seals out wind so it’ll be just as useful for the breezy days of spring.

Model wearing black rain jacket


Price: $90


A t-shirt dress that’s basically the socially acceptable equivalent of wearing your favorite oversized t-shirt with no pants. Life hack alert 🚨🚨🚨

Model wearing black t shirt dress


Promising review: “Great quality, the fabric is light and moves good. This will be my go to for summer, and I’m going to purchase one in a different color” —Jace12

Price: $45 (available in sizes 2XS-L)


An adjustable fanny pack to hold the essentials when you’re on the run and can’t be bothered with a back pack or purse. It can be worn cross body or around your waist so you can switch it up accordingly.

Black fanny pack with Adidas logo


Promising review: “Snug fit, hugs the body well, and has two great pockets! Been using it for work and does not disappoint.” —Alphadelta

Price: $28


A pair of colorful floral track pants that are a fun alternative to your everyday, monotone sweats.

Model wearing floral track pants


Promising review: “All the amazing quality Adidas is known for AND a total fashion statement. More compliments on this design than any other I own.” —Julesd13

Price: $70 (available in sizes 2XS-XL)


A pair of Sam Smith Originals because every wardrobe needs a pair of understated, white sneakers that go with any look.

White Sam Smith sneaker with green detailing


Promising review: “I got the navy blue and they look great with pretty much any casual outfit with jeans. I want to get more colors! Nice and comfortable too.” —DGA0208

Price: $85 (available in three colors, women sizes 5-11)


A simple Adidas logo baseball cap for when you just can’t figure out what to do with your hair…or haven’t washed it in a few days..😳

Black baseball cap with white Adidas logo


Promising review: “I recommend to others! The logo is very simple but pretty. Good for a casual everyday wear!” —Love274

Price: $20 (available in five colors)


A sports bra with materials that absorb moisture and wick sweat so you’ll stay dry and comfortable during your workout.

Model wearing pink sports bra


Promising review: “the fabric is breathable and super comfy. perfect for when i’m doing yoga, walking the dogs, and even laying in bed working from home!” —ECCONN

Price: $35 (available in two colors, sizes 1X-3X)


A simple zip up hoodie with a batwing fit so it’s non constricting, which makes it the perfect lounging sweatshirt.

Model wearing black zip up hoodie


Promising review: “My wife loved it, she wears it almost daily, it fits perfectly and is very comfortable.” —PJNB

Price: $70 (originally $100, sizes 1X-4X)


A pair of patterned track pants that’ll do all the talking for you. Seriously, you’ll probably get a lot of compliments on how effortlessly cool you look.

Model wearing the pants


Promising review: “So happy with these pants. Perfect to skate in, and looking excellent. Compliments are constant.” —Nolllieflip

Price: $90 (available in two colors, sizes S-XL)


And the matching track jacket to complete the look because nothing says cool better than a matching tracksuit.

Model wearing plaid tracksuit


Promising review: “I’m a huge fan of this recycled material, and looking forward to breaking it in. I’m not as much a fan of the cinched cuffs, but they’re loose enough to still be comfortable. Absolutely perfect for spring and warmer weather. If I had any complaint, it’s that the material is not yet ‘worn’ enough, but that will change with time.” —Atsmville

Price: $100 (available in two colors, sizes XS-2XL)


A simple one-piece swimsuit so you don’t have to look any further for this summer’s go-to. It has a zipper that you can adjust to your liking and is made from recycled material. Hellooooo care-free summer 👋👋👋

Model wearing purple one piece with white stripes down the side


Promising review: “Very stylish and great quality. I can’t wait to purchase another swimsuit.” —Mono124

Price: $45 (available in two colors, sizes 1X-4X)


A pack of multicolored face masks so you don’t have to jeopardize style and match with your outfit. They’re also made from flexible and recycled materials for ultimate comfort.

Red, white, black face masks with Adidas logo


Promising review: “Fits perfectly and the red one looks sooo nice! I got the small ones and there is no openings on any side of my mask. Thank you Adidas.” —Influencedthat

Price: $20 (available in six colors)


A pair of rose gold sunglasses that are trendy, lightweight and go with anything.

Rosegold sunglasses with blue lens


Price: $170


A mini backpack for a handsfree alternative to a purse. It’s perfect for every day but also good for hiking, biking, or any other activity where you just can’t be weighed down.

Yellow mesh mini backpack


Promising review: “love this mini backpack, it’s the perfect size and it can literally go with anything. Also bought it in black :)” —Deathb4decaf

Price: $35 (available in four colors)

The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.


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