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An Instant Pot that will make you actually enjoy cooking every day, because you can stew, steam, slow cook, sauté, and more by just throwing ingredients inside and pushing a button.

instant pot on table next to pasta, vegetables, and cheesecake


Promising review: “Yes, worth every penny! Makes meals in minutes and so easy to clean. Most parts you can put in the dishwasher and the quality has held up after a year and many uses.” —JJ

Price: $79


An aluminum baker’s half sheet, which will come in handy next time you want to make cookies, roasted vegetables, homemade granola, pan dinners, and more.

aluminum baker's half sheet with homemade granola on top


Promising review: “I have and have had many, many sheet pans over my life and this is one of the best, if not the best that I’ve cooked with. I’ve learned that the rolled edges are what make the pan sturdy. Unlike other, more expensive pans, this one did NOT warp the first time or subsequent times I’ve used it. For the price, it’s an incredible deal. I’m going to purchase a second one and get rid of my old sheet pans. I highly recommend.” —MJF

Price: $10.99


A Google Nest Learning Thermostat that is smart for you and your wallet. It actually learns when you like to turn your temperature up and down and will automatically do it for you, and you can also control it remotely or set it to eco-mode to save you money on your electricity bill.

Google Nest thermostat on the wall, set to "Away"


Promising review: “This device is simple, easy to use, works with humidifiers, and can be controlled remotely from a smartphone. It has an Eco setting to save energy and is really great value for the money. Highly recommended.” —Living Room

Price: $249


A modern welcome mat to say hello to your future guests — and provide a place for them to wipe off their dirty shoes — before you even open the door.

black welcome mat with the word "hello" on it, in front of a door


Promising review: “Love this welcome mat for our home! Thick rug, bright hello to welcome all who stop by! High quality.” —Coco B

Price: $12.99


A round storage ottoman so you can not only have an extra seat or footrest, but also store random junk you want out of sight in your living room.

the gray ottoman


Promising review: “Awesome quality and the perfect size to store random items but also comfortably sit on! Also absolutely NO assembly required, which was great.” —savannahmm

Price: $90


A striped shower curtain to add a modern touch of privacy to your shower or bath tub.

White shower curtain with dark grey stripes on the top and bottom and fringe along the bottom


Promising review: “Simple yet very cute. I get compliments on this all the time! The gray is very dark and was easy to pair with matching towels.” —Hailey

Price: $20


A set of black cutting boards you’ll use daily for chopping and prepping food instead of ruining your countertops.

three different sized black with white speckles cutting boards with handles stacked on top of each other


Promising review: “I just love these cutting boards! They’re tough and yet so pretty. They go in the dishwasher perfectly and are perfect for the price! I have like six of them.” —APolk

Price: $15


A stylish air purifier to keep your room free of weird odors, pollen, dust, and other sneeze-inducing pollutants.

blue and white air purifier sitting in a room next to a couch with a dog on it


Promising review: “This is actually the second air purifier I have ordered. It is QUIET and very efficient. Removes cooking odors quickly. The size makes it easy to place in almost any room.” —Judy M

Price: $249.99 (originally $299.99)


A wicker bin so the place you throw all your junk and odds and ends will look way more attractive than it should.

wicker bin with bathroom supplies


Promising review: “Bought this to put alllllllll my candles in and place on top of my kitchen cabinet. Love how it hides my collection but looks great doing so!” —pnwbecks

Price: $14


A turntable with bins to help organize your snacks and, more importantly, make them easily accessible with a flick of the wrist.

clear plastic turntable with different bins holding snacks


Promising review: “This is an amazing concept and I’m so glad I found it. It turns smoothly and each portion is removable for easy cleaning. It saves so much space on the counter and gives my family quick access to different snacks.” —xKCx

Price: $26.99


A spice rack for displaying what you have on hand, so you’re not playing a game of “guess the spice” every time you reach inside your cabinet and grab a random bottle.

three-tier acacia wood spice rack


Promising review: “I love this spice rack! I can see all my spices and keep them organized. It’s a pretty acacia wood that warms the room!” —Moonmama

Price: $20


A down alternative comforter that will help you sleep comfortably all year, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

white down alternative comforter on a bed with white pillows and sheets


Promising review: “Very comfy and you can use it either during summer or winter. It keeps you cool during summer by itself. I also like to use it during winter. Very easy to wash and doesn’t take a long time to dry, only one drying cycle.” —preschoolermama

Price: $25+ (available in sizes Twin-King)


A round wall mirror to make any room look bigger and solve your wall decor problem.

round wall mirror with silver frame hung above white sofa with throw pillows


Promising review: “Absolutely in love with this mirror. I wish I had a few more. It’s so big, pretty lightweight, very modern, and it was very easy to hang. The price is very reasonable.” —Modern Mirrorr

Price: $60 (available two colors)


A wood writing desk that provides a dedicated place to do work that’s better than having a laptop on your lap all day.

vintage oak colored writing desk with 2 drawers against a wall next to a chair


Promising review: “Great desk for smaller spaces. I am able to have my laptop, extra monitor, and files on the desk with room for a notebook. I love the electrical feature for charging my phone or computer while working.” —Lilibet

Price: $120 (available in three colors)


A Dyson cordless stick vacuum to suck up all your messes and spills faster than you made them. It can also convert into a handheld vacuum to take care of couches or the pesky pet hair that seems to be everywhere.

purple and red cordless Dyson stick vacuum cleaning a hardwood floor


Promising review: ˚Wonderful!!! I’ve never had a cordless vacuum, and after this one, I will never buy a corded one again. It makes cleaning up so easy! I love that it mounts on the wall. It’s simple, sleek, and super easy to use. I’d definitely buy again!” —Anne

Price: $379.99


An eight-piece Calphalon nonstick cookware set, because it’s time you had a real set of pots and pans you didn’t cobble together from what past roommates or family members donated to you.

a pan over with cover, sauce pan, and fry pan cooking on a stove


The set comes with an 8-inch and 10-inch fry pan, 1.5-quart and 2.5 sauce pans with covers, and a 5-quart Dutch oven with cover.

Promising review: “Completely in love with how well these cook and cleanup is a breeze! They feel fancy and durable. This is by far the best set I’ve ever owned! Great quality and great price too!” —SprinkledLoveX6

Price: $149.99


A wood armchair that will be your new favorite place to read, relax, lounge, or binge some reality TV.

gray armchair with wood frame in a living room next to a gray couch


Promising review: “Nice quality and sturdy chair. Ordered the white fabric version. Arrived flat-packed, but easy to assemble and comes with all tools required. It’s also a little lower so makes for a great lounging or reading chair. Highly recommend.” —JD

Price: $200 (available in three colors)


A mid-century media console to organize your TV, components, and electronics in a sleek way.

walnut colored media console with two size cabinets and shelves in the middle, with a TV on top


Promising review: “Love this so much! It looks more expensive than it is. Lots of storage space as well!” —Handsey

Price: $207.99+ (originally $259.99, available in four colors)


An expandable cookware rack so that you can easily grab a neatly organized pan, lid, or board and not have the entire cabinet’s contents come crashing out.

expandable cookware rack filled with various cookware and bakeware lying sideways


Promising review: “I have two of these racks. They’re easy to configure and a game-changer in keeping my kitchen organized and tidy. I use them to store cookware, bakeware, and cutting boards.” —Sophie in Chicago

Price: $39.99


A bath rug to give you something soft to step on when you get in and out of the shower. The tufted material will help absorb water, and the latex backing will make sure it stays in place and you don’t go slipping and sliding all over the floor.

grey bath mat draped over the side of a white bath tub


Promising review: “These mats are perfect for the bathroom. They dry quickly, are really soft, and don’t shed. They’re also easy to clean. I throw them in the washer (and hang to dry).” —SuperTargetShopper876

Price: $8+ (available in two sizes and six colors)


A step stool that gives you an extra lift when you need to reach all the items you forgot you put on the top shelf. Despite its compact size, it can hold up to an impressive 300 pounds, and when you’re not using it, you can fold it up nice and flat and store it out of the way.

model holding black and white foldable step stool


Promising review: “Sturdy and folds up easily. I also like that it is really slim, so it stores nicely.” —McMary1313

Price: $15.49


A round metal utility cart to hold bar, office, art, or kitchen supplies nearby. It also has wheels so you can move it out of the way when you don’t need it.

black round metal utility cart with wheels, with bottles and cups on the shelves


Promising review: “Easy to assemble. Looks great and gives me some extra storage in my tiny kitchen. I love that I can roll it out of the way to get to the space behind it. Great purchase!” —tidepoolz

Price: $35


A throw blanket so you’ll have something to cozy up with, or hide under, when sitting on your couch or bed. It’s like wearing a giant knit sweater for your whole body.

grey chenille throw blanket


Promising review: “I love this throw so much that I’ve gifted it several times! It’s super soft and cozy, but light enough to use year-round. And great price!” —Target customer

Price: $19.99


A SodaStream so you’ll always have sparkling water at the ready and don’t have to deal with a pile of aluminum cans in the corner of your kitchen.

light blue sodastream making sparkling water on a counter, next to a glass


Promising review: “The setup and use is very easy. Makes great sparkling water and doesn’t take up too much counter space.” —Kristina L

Price: $84.99+ (available in four colors)


An arc floor lamp with a dimmer to provide different brightness levels depending on what mood you’re going for.

silver arc lamp with an off white lamp shade next to a grey armchair


Promising review: “This lamp is worth the price and is great quality. I didn’t have much room to spare where I needed some light, and this lamp fit perfectly. I love that it dims for the perfect ambiance. It was so easy to assemble and everything, including the shade, came well packaged and in perfect condition out of the box. Would recommend.” —NatalieM

Price: $80


A decorative wood bowl to hold fruit, decor, or remotes in one stylish place.

decorative wood bowl on a marble coffee table


Promising review: “Lovely on its own or filled with your favorite decorative items. Large size for a statement piece on a TV stand or table. Love the color and texture of the bowl.” —mrscd2008

Price: $25


A cold brew maker for anyone who drinks iced coffee no matter what the outside temperature is, so you can have your own supply always ready for you in the fridge.

white french press style cold brew maker filled with coffee and next to a glass of iced coffee


It’s dishwasher safe!

Promising review: “Looove this to make cold brew in. It’s so easy and I love that it comes with a flat lid so I don’t have to put the press on overnight. It’s huge and makes enough cold brew for a week for me.” —coffeegirl

Price: $12.99


A recycled glass soap dispenser that will add sophistication to your bathroom counter and hold 15 ounces of your favorite soap or lotion.

clear rounded rectangular glass soap dispenser with silver pump


Promising review: “I like that this soap dispenser is made from recycled glass. The color goes well in our bathroom, and the pump works well. All for a reasonable price.” —photojenic24

Price: $9.99


A set of reusable Stasher bags to keep produce, leftovers, or snacks fresh *and* help eliminate the need for single-use plastic bags. They’re also super durable — you can freeze or microwave them and throw them in the oven or dishwasher.

clear stasher bag filled with sliced mushrooms on a table next to bowls of noodles


Promising review: “I never thought I could be so excited about a silicone bag. My goal was to stop using disposable plastic bags and find a great alternative. These are it! LOVE! I use them to store cheese, fruit, and frozen smoothie makings. They are super easy to clean (dry fast too), have a fantastic closure seal (very satisfying to close I might add!), and keep food super fresh. I went from buying two to try to now having 10.” —Rebecca R.

Price: $35.99 for a set of three


A cube organizer shelf so you have somewhere to display your favorite books, plants, and other knickknacks.

white six cube organizer shelf with books and grey cubes inside


Promising review: “Using in front foyer to catch shoes and hide all the goodies we used to keep on a table. Love the size and material. Well made and super easy to put together!” —Dcgreekmama

Price: $70 (available in four colors, bins not included)


An Ember smart mug that won’t judge you for how long it takes you to drink a hot beverage; it will keep it at just the right temperature for a full hour and a half.

black ember smart mug next to a french press coffee pot


Promising review: “I love using my Ember mug! I use it every day! I love tea and never liked having to reheat my tea in the microwave when it got cold, but with this product, I don’t have to. I can keep that same taste. What’s also nice is that it tells me when it’s reaches the ideal temperature, so I don’t have to worry about burning my mouth either!” —TeaLover8

Price: $99.99 (available in two colors)

Some reviews have been edited for length or clarity.

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