A wrinkle-resistant microfiber sheet that will offer you the best sleep of your life. It’s super soft and it has anti-wrinkle technology so it’ll look as good as it feels.

The wrinkle-resistant microfiber sheet in arctic white


Promising review: “Just the perfect fit, style, and super comfy sheet set ever. The price point I know at first makes you think how well this sheet set really is, but it will fool you. This sheet set is beyond the highest quality ever. This is just what my new home bedroom beds needed. The colors are super vibrant and just makes your bedroom and bed look amazing. Definitely a great purchase indeed!!” β€”Joseph

Price: $9.44+ (originally $12.99; available in six sizes and 25 colors)


A modern shag area rug for the person who can’t resist spiffing up their home. Now that we’re spending lots more time in our living rooms, this may be a perfect way to bring a little comfort and excitement to your space.

The modern shag area rug in beige


Promising review: “The rug is beautiful in person and incredibly soft. My husband said it’s his favorite rug we’ve ever purchased! Well worth the money spent.” β€”Kelsey

Price: $61.20 (originally $85; available in two sizes)


A black tuxedo scented candle because there’s never been a better time to make your house smell incredible than this very moment. The reviews for this versatile favorite speaks for themselves.

The black tuxedo scented candle


Promising review: “I wanted a ‘manly’ smelling candle to balance out all the other scents my wife uses in our house. This is the perfect fit, smells great without overpowering the room. My wife actually loves it too LOL.” β€”WalmartCustomer

Price: $17.99 (originally $20; available in nine colors)


A plush oversized blanket you can get snuggle with β€” it’s super soft and comes in five different patterns, so you can be sure it’ll fit your style.

The plush oversized blanket in red


Promising review: “I absolutely LOVE these blankets. I purchased three for Christmas Eve for my kids and myself and they are incredibly soft, warm, and cozy for being just throw blankets. I’m actually tempted to grab three more before they sell out like everything else this year.” β€”Jen
Price: $11.80 (available in five colors)


An essential oil diffuser that is a perfect for a household that appreciates some serious aromatherapy. It’s reviewed highly β€” and that reason might be its remote inclusion, multiple settings, or variety of scent offerings.

The essential oil diffuser


Promising review: “I recently received the Sharper Image Diffuser Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Wood Lid and Ceramic LED with sound and absolutely love it! The style of this diffuser is very nice with great quality. The simplistic design fits in well with my decor and looks as if it could be a candle or decor piece sitting in my nightstand. The assembly is quite simple and the instructions to set up and use are very clear and easy. I love that this diffuser comes with a remote with each feature clearly designed on the remote. The diffuser itself works great! I really like that the diffuser came with three different essential oils to try, the scents are wonderful!” β€”ChristieR

Price: $39.99


A 6-quart Instant Pot so you can make rice, stews, and even porridge with just the click of a button. This really is a product that does all the work for you so that you can kick back and relax until dinner time.

The six-quart instant pot


Promising review: “I became curious about Instant Pot after watching a lot of video on how easy it is to cook. I decided to buy it and it’s the best decision I made.” β€”pops

Price: $99.99


A rolling armless office chair for the person who’s all business. If you’ve been working from home and are looking for a quality item for an unbeatable price, look no further than this chair.

The rolling office chair in white


Promising review: “I bought this chair for my daughter’s desk set. It fits perfectly under the desktop and is very stylish, strong, and it was very easy to assemble. It was the best chair for our needs and the price was perfect!” β€”Brown8

Price: $59.99 (originally $79; available in four colors)


A 10-inch ceramic planter because if you’ve been looking to work on your green thumb, this is a great place to start. For a planter of this size and quality, the price is unbeatable so you’ll know you’re getting a great deal too.

The ten-inch ceramic planter in white


Promising review: “The planter arrived in perfect condition! It looks so nice and perfectly matches our white furniture. I would love to purchase another one for my other plant!” β€”Demi

Price: $55 (available in seven sizes and four colors)


A four-square storage organizer so you can keep your books, knickknacks, and other items organized and displayed in a way that doesn’t feel cluttered. It’s an innovative storage solution and for the price it’s truly a steal.

The four-square storage organizer in rustic gray


Promising review: “Absolutely love this organizer! Looks awesome in my office. Loved so much I ordered another one. Good price too :)” β€”staci

Price: $54.96 (available in four colors)


A Keurig coffee pot for the family who likes to move quickly in the mornings. Don’t have time to grind coffee beans? No problem. This pod-based machine will cut coffee-making time in half.

The Keurig coffee pod maker in black


Promising review: “Arrived on Mother’s Day which was early. I’ve always wanted one of these. Kids love hot chocolate. We tried it and it was easy to get ready and use. Can’t wait for my kids to make a cup. The packaging was in good condition and nothing wrong with the item.” β€”Julie

Price: $79 (originally $99; available in five colors)


A mesh metal caddy you can use for all the office supplies that are scattered between multiple drawers currently. It’s great for keeping pens handy and will definitely inspire productivity.

The black metal mesh caddy


Promising review: “Great organizer. I had bought this one a few years back for school stuff and now I got one for my makeup. Eyeliner and mascara organizer. Works perfect and the product lasts. The black doesn’t wear away with heavy use. It’s easy to clean β€” just empty and spray with the sink hose and done. It has weight to it so you can tell it’s heavy-duty. If I need another organizer I will buy this product again.” β€”Button

Price: $11.69


A six-shelf metal bookshelf for the person who has a lot of books. If your current bookshelf looks like it belongs in an understaffed library, this is a great solution that uses vertical space to bring dimension to any room.

The six-shelf metal bookshelf


Promising review: “I looked everywhere for a shelf small enough for my dining room. Finally found this and it’s super tall and held all my items for display and my pies and cakes for holidays. Very sturdy and looks good. The price was perfect and so happy to have room to put the deserts out and off the counter for the holidays.” β€”MARK

Price: $57.76


A lamp with a USB port because, face it, the first thing we look at in the morning is our phones. Why not lean into the obvious and find a solution to the never-ending iPhone on 10% battery problem?

The lamp with a USB port in silver


Price: $16.84 (originally $19.99; available in three colors)


A seven-quart Crock-Pot that’ll be a time-saver whether you’re meal prepping for the work week or making large meals for the whole family.

The seven-quart crockpot


Promising review: “I had this Crock-Pot for several years and loved it. I found a large chip in the crock one day and was so upset that my Crock-Pot was finished. My husband replaced it for my birthday and I am thrilled. I had such great success with my first one and felt no need to change from what I know works perfectly. Love it!” β€”DanaP

Price: $26.94


A set of six fabric storage cubes so you can discretely store and organize clothing, toys, and more. It’ll make any room of the house feel instantly tidier and it comes in multiple colors so you can match it to your decor.

The set of six fabric storage cubes in aqua


Promising review: “These are very sturdy and fashionable. I was very impressed with the quality as well. I generally order from Amazon and really glad that I choose these the color is rich and really fits my room great. The cube shelf that I am using with these I got as a gift also from Walmart looks fantastic really a great accent piece in my living/ yoga space.” β€”Barbara

Price: $19.99 (originally $27.58; available in four colors)


A backrest pillow, great for those working from home AKA in bed. It’ll prop you up and give the support you didn’t know you were craving.

The backrest pillow in chocolate


Promising review: ” I love everything about this bed rest and is so glad I purchased it.” β€”Marica

Price: $17.88 (available in two colors)


A hairpin writing desk for those who value simplicity. It’s constructed in a way that doesn’t demand attention and will definitely be the silent start of every house tour you give.

The hairpin writing desk in black with metal legs


Promising review: “It was packaged in a way where when I went to open it up, each piece was very secure! All the mini parts vacuum-sealed in individual bags. Came with extra pieces! Love that. Very clear instructions! All holes lined up perfectly. The only thing you need is a screwdriver. I love the design of the desk. Bigger than expected but that is a good thing. Plenty of storage in the cubby holes! Highly recommend! Lots of leg space under the desk. Adds style to any decor theme!!” β€”widowmother

Price: $89 (available in two colors)


A transparent chair because adding an accent chair to your home set up is usually worth the cost and at this price point its a no-brainer.

The transparent chair


Promising review: “I bought it a while ago and it’s very sturdy as well as extremely beautiful. I have an acrylic theme going for my vanity area and it’s perfect!” β€”nini

Price: $91.11


A hanging planter to help you utilize vertical space to bring a little color and life to your house through plants. The reviewers have spoken and it’s definitely a fan favorite.

The hanging planter in white


Promising review: “Wonderful quality and made such a design impact in my home. I’m enjoying these planters so much and have received many compliments. I purchased two of the black and they’re absolutely beautiful! The installation was super easy.” β€”Carson

Price: $36.65 (available in two colors)


A Ninja air fryer that will open up new avenues of cooking, such as making pizzas, french fries, buffalo cauliflower and fried chicken.

The Ninja air fryer


Promising review: “This air fryer is perfect for my husband and I. It cooks fast after a superfast preheat. It cooks beautifully, especially foods such as frozen chicken or fish. The fries and tater tots are crispy and great!” β€”Judy

Price: $199


A Hamilton Beach stand mixer for the person ready to put their baking skills to the test. With a brand this renowned, it will certainly stand the test of time, plus it’s heavily reviewed so you can be sure it meets customer standards.

The stand mixer in silver


Promising review: “This is my first standing mixer. I took it on its first run today on a double batch of Naan. What a power house! Six cups of flour and that hook beat it together in about two minutes. Dough was perfect. It did not shake or stall. I am so excited. I am very pleased I chose this Hamilton Beach mixer. Others are way too expensive! I give it 5 stars and a big thumbs up! You can’t go wrong with this mixer.” β€”Vicki

Price: $99.99 (available in six colors)


A six-cup rice cooker that makes perfectly cooked rice with each use. It’s very intuitive and will definitely be the only one needed in your repertoire.

The six-cup rice cooker in white


Promising review: “I purchase this rice cooker for my nephew as a high school graduation gift. He loves rice and he loves to cook but always said his rice was less than perfect, Voila! Perfect rice every time. He uses it at college almost daily and loves it! Plus one can steam chicken, vegetables or even make oatmeal. Very versatile.” β€”Nita

Price: $16.95


An accent chair because we can all use a comfy seating option that isn’t the sofa. If your couch has become your new bed, dining chair, and everything else in between, adding a little variety into the home may offer some much needed excitement.

The accent chair in dove gray


Promising review: “I love my new blue chair it is the perfect accent to my living room and it is soft, sturdy, great value and easy assembly. Just add legs, it is awesome.” β€”Janelle

Price: $109 (originally $200; available in seven colors)


A six-drawer dresser so you can continue your shopping hobby without worrying your new favorite items won’t fit in your closet. It’s great for encouraging organization and will definitely make laundry day less tedious.

The six-drawer dresser in rustic gray


Promising review: “I cannot believe the excellent quality of this furniture. It is so very heavy and well constructed. The packaging of the furniture pieces was superior. The instructions for putting together this dresser were nicely detailed and a little bit humorous (many cute comments throughout the manual). All the wood pieces were cut and drilled with care. All the holes lined up perfectly. The hardware was individually separated and marked with part numbers. I would recommend this brand. It is a bargain for the price and quality.” β€”Sandie

Price: $360.53 (available in two colors)


A gray panel bed that is super inexpensive compared to other similar items. That’s probably why reviewers can’t get enough of it. That and it’s super stylish.

The gray panel bed


Promising review: “These beds are awesome. It’s a headboard and frame all in one. I ordered two and was able to assemble both by myself in under an hour. The material is better than I thought. Truly appreciate the back pocket of the headboard. It can hold all pieces within the headboard for an easy move. I really love them. A single mom’s go-to!” β€”Kativa

Price: $149 (available in five sizes)


A TV stand for the person who appreciates the media in their life more than most. This product has a shocking about of positive reviews highlighting its added storage capacity and versatility. What more could you ask for from a TV stand?

The TV stand


Promising review: “Love this stand! It was worth the buy. It realistically took up to three hours to put up the TV stand with the tools that they provided with the instructions. I loved that they provide a tool for the screws instead of you needing to buy a drill. I also loved that there was an app that visually showed you how to put up the stand.” β€”Annamariee

Price: $149 (available in two colors)


A set of vintage floral soap and lotion holder because sometimes spiffing up small household items can make a big difference.

The set of vintage floral soap and lotion holder


Promising review: “The perfect touch to any pioneer woman kitchen! Product quality is outstanding as well! Highly recommended if you are looking for a set of soap pumps to spice up your kitchen or bathroom! Plan on buying another set once I transform my bathroom, I can’t wait!” β€”Emily

Price: $22.75


A rectangle wastebasket so you won’t have to worry if your trash can fits in your bathroom, office, or any other room of the house. It’s slim enough to be used next to the bathroom sink and cost-effective enough that you’ll want to buy one for every other room of the house.

The rectangle wastebasket in white


Promising review: “I love my two new wastebaskets! the white one and the red-orange one have streamlined contours and the colors are exciting, yes, exciting. Using my plastic grocery bags as liners. After all these years, it’s a pleasure to have new wastebaskets!” β€”Sandra

Price: $15.99 (available in six colors)


A three-piece washable rug that will make any bathroom experience feel luxurious. Plus, it’ll catch those pesky water leaks that happen when you take a long shower or wash your face a little too thoroughly.

The three piece washable rug set in red


Promising review: “I’m really pleased with the quality and the color for the price. I had ordered other bathroom rugs for more money and they looked cheap and the color was off. So yes I’m VERY pleased !!!!” β€”Norma

Price: $52.20 (available in 14 colors)


A tissue holder for the person who likes to beautify every aspect of their life. It’s a simple way to jazz up your most used items that will definitely make you and your home feel more sophisticated.

The tissue holder in white


Promising review: “Okay, folks. I received my two tissue box covers this morning via FedEx. I ordered the white because their neutral color will match any decor. They are thick, sturdy covers. I put one in my kitchen, and one on the dresser in my bedroom. They are so attractive. You gotta’ love ’em.” β€”Rudy

Price: $13.63 (originally $15.50; available in three colors)


A full-length mirror because we all need a good outfit check every now and again. It’s made of quality materials and can act as a piece of decor as well as a functional item that you’ll use every day.

The full length mirror


Promising review: “Perfect and easy to mount! It’s exactly what I wanted and for an extremely good price! Thank you.” β€”Rachel

Price: $17.44

Some reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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