The new Saved By The Bell season is the next in a long line of ’90s reboots. If you’ve been meaning to revisit the original or maybe even check it out for the first time, here are 15 episodes you should watch.


The original series is currently streaming on Peacock.


The one where Slater transfers to Bayside, finally settling the show into the iconic Saved By The Bell format.

Zack already didn't like Slater after meeting him once

NBC / Via Peacock

The show originally aired as Good Morning, Miss Bliss, but “King of the Hill” was the first official episode of Saved By The Bell. Since Slater was already part of the original lineup, this episode was presented as a flashback.


The one where Jessie struggles with an addiction to caffeine pills and delivers her iconic line “I’m so excited!”

Jessie has a breakdown in Zack's arms

NBC / Via Peacock

“Jessie’s Song” is probably one of the most recognizable episodes. Trying to balance mid-terms and her new band, Jessie uses caffeine pills to help her focus. When Zack finds out, he steps in to show her that she’s not alone.


The one where Zack hires an actor to pose as his dad at a conference with the principal.

The waiter says he'd let Zack go skiiing if he was his son

NBC / Via Peacock

Zack cooks up a lot of wild schemes, but this one might be the perfect introduction to the way his mind works. Despite how much time Zack spends in his office, Principal Belding has never met his dad. So, when Belding asks Zack to bring Mr. Morris in for a conference, he pays the new waiter from The Max to show up instead.


The one where they become the biggest band in the world.

Music producer Brian Fate interrupts their garage band practice

NBC / Via Peacock

“Rockumentary” is basically an alternate universe episode where their garage band Zack Attack becomes the biggest band in the world. Narrated by Casey Kasem, this mockumentary chronicles their rise to and fall from fame. It also blessed us with the absolute bop “Friends Forever,” which has been stuck in my head for the last 10 years.


The one where they go full Sherlock Holmes to solve a real murder during their murder mystery weekend.

Zack asks if he can have some of the prize money for almost guessing the fake killer

NBC / Via Peacock

Lisa wins a weekend away at a fancy mansion that’s basically an incredibly elaborate escape room. However, when the murder attempts stop being fake, they have to find the real culprit before it’s too late.


The one where Zack and Lisa get together but then they LITERALLY NEVER TALK ABOUT IT AGAIN.

Zack kisses Lisa right in front of Screech

NBC / Via Peacock

In “The Bayside Triangle,” Zack helps Lisa organize a fashion show so she can showcase her designs in front of an FIT recruiter. While Zack is helping one friend, however, he hurts another, kissing Lisa where Screech can see them. Zack knew how badly it would break Screech’s heart. He nearly destroys his relationship with his best friend, and then it’s never mentioned again. It still makes me mad, if you couldn’t tell.


The one where Screech throws a house party, specifically because of the scene of the boys dancing that will boost your serotonin levels.

Slater, Screech, and Zack dance with funky sunglasses and use a broom as a guitar

NBC / Via Peacock

Trust me, watching Mario Lopez boogie to the Beach Boys will absolutely brighten your day. TBH, I hope the “House Party” routine becomes the next viral TikTok dance.


The one where Screech makes a fortune by manufacturing spaghetti sauce.

The friends bottle sauce on an assembly line

NBC / Via Peacock

Zack convinces the rest of their friends to help them bottle the secret family recipe using equipment stolen from the science lab. This spaghetti sauce assembly line lives in my head rent-free.


The one where they go to the mall for U2 tickets and end up running from mobsters.

Zack is appalled that Screech found time to stop for yogurt

NBC / Via Peacock

While the rest of their friends are camping out, Zack and Slater find $5,000. When they discover who the money actually belongs to, they immediately regret their decision to go on a shopping spree.


The one where Zack and Tori deliver Mr. Belding’s baby during an earthquake.

Zack does pregnancy breathing

NBC / Via Peacock

Mrs. Belding comes to visit her husband at work right before an earthquake strikes, and she gets stuck in an elevator with the students. When she goes into labor, her only hope lies in the hands of two teenagers.


The one where they learn about the dangers of drugs from a movie star.

Johnny Dakota offers Kelly a hit of a blunt at a party

NBC / Via Peacock

In “No Hope with Dope,” Johnny Dakota chooses Bayside as the filming location for his anti-drug commercial. However, at a party he invites the gang to, Kelly discovers that the actor has been pretty hypocritical.


The one where Kelly brings her baby brother to school.

Zack's French teacher mistakes the baby's cry for a perfect French r sound

NBC / Via Peacock

After her parents get stuck on vacation, Kelly enlists her friends to help her watch her little brother in “The Babysitters.” However, after she injures her arm, the others have to manage without the one person who has experience with kids.


The one where Zack helps a displaced family get back on their feet.

Laura's dad says the Morris family is the first to invite them into their home since they became homeless

NBC / Via Peacock

In the two-part Christmas special “Home For Christmas,” Zack meets a cute girl named Laura at the mall. However, after learning that she and her father are homeless, Zack does everything he can to help turn things around for them in time for the holidays.


The one where new students open a time capsule.

The original cast appears on a video screen

NBC / Via Peacock

In “The Time Capsule,” the year is 2003. The original gang hasn’t been at Bayside for 10 years, but they return onscreen when a new crop of students find a video they made.


And finally, the one where Zack and Kelly get married in Las Vegas.

Alex says she was their suitemate at college, and Belding says he was their principal

NBC / Via Peacock

The four-episode special “Wedding in Las Vegas” was the grand finale of the OG Saved By The Bell. Basically, after spending his first semester of college scheming to get Kelly, his ex-girlfriend/new roommate back, Zack decides that the only way he can get her to stay with him is to propose. She says yes, and they run off to Vegas with all their friends from both the original series and The College Years in tow.


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