Before you know it, Valentine’s Day will be upon us, and if you’re thinking about getting a little sumthin’ sumthin’ for yourself, your partner(s), or your friends, now’s a great time to check out Bellesa’s Valentine’s Day sale.

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I *know* you’ve been eyeing some of their toys already (hello, Satisfyer Pro!), so why not get them now at a discounted price?

Note: if you *are* shopping for a Valentine’s Day gift, be sure to check shipping times to ensure your sex toy arrives in time for 2/14; the sale itself runs through 2/15.

I’m talking 15% off ALL toys from the website, 20% off on orders over $79 ,and 25% off on orders over $149. Just use the code VDAY.

So…let’s get to it!


A dual clit and G-spot vibrator because — oh my god — the top-rated Diosa model is *finally* on sale, so you can start off 2021 right by pulling this out on V Day.

The vibe held up against the opening of a flower


Promising review: “This toy is amazing! I have only tested out two of the settings so far, but they have both been incredible, so I have high hopes for the rest! Both in and out of the shower, this toy has given me exactly what I wanted and needed. Can’t wait to see what else it can do! The double vibration is mind-blowing. If you are new to toys like me, this is a fabulous toy to start with! You will wonder why you waited so long.” —Kim

Price: $92.65 (originally $109; available in black)


A rainbow dildo that’s not only a delight to use but also a delight to see. It’s so cute and deceptively innocent, your roommates will probably have to do a double take before realizing that’s not a colorful “candle” on your beside table.

A close-up of the dildo lying on a gray surface


Promising review: “This product isn’t just another pretty face! The suction cup has a good hold and the life-likeness of it only adds to it’s appeal. Its non-porous silicone makes it super easy to clean and yet not stiff and rigid. Just the right amount of flexibility for lovely penetration without being overwhelming.” —Sookie

Price: $39.10 (originally $46)


A stimulating air vibe – it’s a discreet, cute-as-heck Valentine’s gift for a friend or partner. It may be small, but it’s *super* powerful. I mean, turning your orgasms from “mmm” to “AAAHHH” powerful.

The air vibe placed inside its pink compact case


Promising review: “Omg. I came so many times, and I’m still throbbing this afternoon. It felt so good. Once it finds that special spot, it will wake up anything that you thought died. I have lupus, so with the pain, my sex drive is a lot quieter than it use to be. But lord again right now I’m ready to pounce on something. I’ve came countless times with the air, but I can come countless more. It’s great, does the job plus more.” —Kesha Brown

Price: $41.65 (originally $49)


A pulsating Satisfyer Pro built to pleasure you noiselessly. Just because you’re loud in bed doesn’t mean your toys have to be.

The Satisfyer lying next to raspberry popsicles


Promising review: “I’ve been using this vibrator for almost three years, and it consistently gives me mind-blowing orgasms. The various vibration levels are perfect for different levels of orgasms, or multiple orgasms, and the fact that it can go up and down easily means I can keep going… and going… and going.” —Ana

Price: $50.15 (originally $59)


A vibrating penis ring that’ll make the good good even better for both parties. You and your partner won’t be going anywhere for V Day, so you might as well spend it wrestling under the covers with this. *Wink wink*

The ring held up against a pink background


Promising review: “I surprised my boyfriend with this after we talked about incorporating sex toys. He said it was easy to put on and a good fit: Snug but not too tight. I liked that the vibrations were strong but not too intense. We didn’t get the angle perfect on first try, but let’s just say we didn’t mind the practice to figure it out. We thought Halo would make it feel better for only me. I swear he loves it just as much or more.” —Bellesa Reviewer

Price: $58.65 (originally $69; available in black)


A Jack Rabbit toy with — hold on to something steady — a THRUSTING TIP. Ditch your Tinder date because you really don’t need anyone to get sweet satisfaction on Valentine’s Day.


Promising review: “I found that I was never fully satisfied after ‘me-time.’ I bought this toy because the combination of thrusting and clit stimulation intrigued me and oh. my. god!! This toy got the job done in less than ten minutes!!! I love that there are so many settings so you can find what makes your body HAPPY.” —Amazed

Price: $111.75 (originally $149)


A seven-inch dildo that’ll make a fun addition to your toy collection. It comes with a suction base, so you can do it on any surface in your home: on the coffee table, against the wall, on the floor — the possibilities are endless!

The dildo in a variety of colors lined up among jars of candy


Promising review: “Love the twisty ridges and super slick texture of the silicone. The length is soft but not squishy, so it’s a little bendy but still has a lot of integrity for the action. I’m very happy with this toy and so is my partner!” —Jenny

Price: $33.15 (originally $39)


A vibrating anal plug you *know* you’ve been itching to buy for a while now. It’s on sale, so you have a good excuse for getting a new toy and exploring other ~erogenous zones~.

A close-up of the vibe and remote control


Promising review: “This was my first experience with using something anally, and I was honestly a little scared to use it at first but now it has become one of my favorites to use. The remote is so convenient and the different vibration settings allow you to find exactly what you want. Highly recommend it if it’s your first time wanting to try something anally.” —Bellesa reviewer

Price: $50.15 (originally $59; available in blue)


An app-controlled, wearable G-spot stimulator that you can gift to a partner who likes surprises. Heck, they could be washing the dishes when you decide to give them a surprise orgasm. (That would definitely make doing the dishes less of a chore.)

The vibe and remote control, laid on top of black gift paper


Promising review: “I adore how flexible/adjustable this toy is. You can literally shape it to how you want it to sit in you. It is POWERFUL (rumbly, not buzzy). The controller uses squeeze technology!!! I’ve used We-Vibe toys before, but this silky smooth silicone blows everything else out of the water. 10/10!” —Erica

Price: $149.25 (originally $199; available in three colors)


A clit stimulator to have you saying, “Where have you been all my life?!” Unlike most vibes, this flower-like toy has a vibrating “tongue” and outer layer, so it can tickle the clitoris and surrounding area. Talk about full coverage!

The stimulator lying on a glittery surface


Promising review: “This product is amazing. Very quiet, but still super powerful. Can feel the power even on the lowest setting. I recommend for everyone.” —Mariah

Price: $41.65 (originally $49)


A hands-free air vibe that’ll make you delete your dating app and get hitched with this. It’s wearable, so you can simultaneously pleasure your clitoris and G-spot, hands-free.

The air vibe lying on silk sheets


Promising review: “This thing is life changing. It vibrates and sucks, and it’s better than any orgasm a man has been able to give me. If you’re questioning it, buy it. It does not disappoint. It is 100% absolutely worth the investment. I audibly moaned. The pleasure could not be contained. I was shocked. Once again, do not sleep on this.” —Martha

Price: $95.20 (originally $119)


A five-inch bullet vibe with ten vibration settings, if you want to give yourself a little self love as a Valentine’s present. It can also stimulate your G-spot, so you can get that good good in BOTH ways.

The vibe in three colors lined up together against a black background


Promising review: “THIS. CHANGED. MY. LIFEEEEEEE. This is the best vibrator I have ever used. Very fast charging, and the charge lasts long enough to ✨get the job done✨ several times over. The multiple speeds and vibration patterns allow for a variety of scintillating sensations and numerous back-to-back climaxes. 10/10 would not only recommend, but would definitely purchase again.” —Mo Culligan

Price: $41.65 (originally $49; available in two colors)


A strapless strap on that you can gift to your significant other, because no one wants to delay sexy time just to spend five minutes struggling to put on an uncomfortable harness. It vibrates too, so both you and your boo can climax ~together~.

The strap on held up close to the camera


Promising review: “I love this strapless strap-on! It’s so much easier to use and less of a hassle than traditional strap ons, and because there’s no harness involved, you can share with partners without worrying about size differences. Highly recommend this for everyone!” —Ace

Price: $61.20 (originally $72)


A three-piece set of hypoallergenic butt plugs that’ll ~accessorize~ your booty with their super cute jeweled bases. Each piece varies in size from beginner to intermediate to experienced, which is great if you’re new to anal play.

The three plugs placed on a wood table


Promising review: “First time trying butt plugs and these sweet things made it feel so good. So flexible and soft squishy-ness. Easy to insert alone and even better with your man! Sex just gets better and better” —October

Price: $38.25 (originally $45; available in black)


A elegant masturbator because the only thing that should suck on Valentine’s Day is your sex toy. Fitted with a stimulating skin-like sleeve, this’ll take you *there*. It’s a best-selling product for a reason.

A close-up of the Satisfyer Men against a white background


Promising review: “I have had suction toys before and they WILL NOT be able to top this experience. I cleaned and tried it moments after it came in the mail. Honeyyyyyy! I came shortly after. THANK Y’ALL FOR THIS!” —Boo

Price: $33.15 (originally $39; available in black)


An OG massaging wand that’ll take your kitty to spa day for Valentine’s. It’s such a popular model (it’s been giving people orgasms for more than 30 years), you won’t believe they put it on sale!

A close-up of the wand against a blue background


Promising review: “Wow, I’ve heard a lot about this wand and have had many recommendations for it, and I see why! The wide head hits just right and you can really just go to town with it. The different speed settings are fun to experiment with, and there’s really no wrong way to go with this baby. I’m hopping in the recommendation bandwagon for this toy, it’s worth it.” —Undefined

Price: $63.20 (originally $79)


A 15-setting mini bullet vibrator, because although you’ve been putting it off, it’s time to replace your old battery-powered, three-setting vibe that (argh!) keeps dying *just* when you’re close to those sweet Os. They’re on sale now, so there’s no excuse for not getting a new one.

A close-up of the vibrator set against a white background


Promising review: “Love that it’s cute, waterproof, and teeny enough to take it with me wherever I go. I think the biggest pro for me though is that it’s rechargeable. I’m so over cheap little battery-powered bullet vibes that die before I even have time to warm up. On a couple hours of a charge, this little guy lasts almost an hour.” —Mimi

Price: $33.15 (originally $39; available in four colors)

If you’ve been waiting for an excuse to get a new toy, you got two: Items on the Bellesa site are discounted, and V Day’s coming up. So, check out the Bellesa Valentine’s Day sale and save money on the toys you’ve been itching to buy.

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The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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