Now that it’s December, kick off the holiday season with these fun DIY projects that with fill your space with spirit!

Take a trip to the dollar store and grab a few simple items to make your own Christmas creations!


This fun present arch is so unique and way easier than you’d expect:

A doorway surrounded by colorful presents

@annemcsherry / Via tiktok.com


I’m obsessed with this ornament wreath:

A wreath made of sparkling red and gold ornaments

@briannacantlon / Via tiktok.com


This winter wonderland bowl looks way more expensive than it is:

A glass bowl filled with snow and mini trees

@lizfenwickdiy / Via tiktok.com


This boho yarn tassel tree looks so chic in a frame and can even be customized:

A green and white tree made from yarn in a frame

@juniperpointdesignco / Via tiktok.com


Who knew you could make this outdoor decoration out of a pool noodle?

A giant red and silver lollipop outside

@juniperpointdesignco / Via tiktok.com


All you need for this ornament is a red solo cup:

A red ornament with a spiral design

@juniperpointdesignco / Via tiktok.com


These festive light balls look like disco balls, but are made from plastic cups:

A blue ball of light made of plastic cups

@juniperpointdesignco / Via tiktok.com


This simple felt garland will add some holiday spirit to wherever you hang it:

Green felt garland hanging with lights on a wall

@juniperpointdesignco / Via tiktok.com


If you’re looking for ways to decorate in the kitchen, these hanging wreaths are a great idea:

Kitchen cabinets with wreaths hanging

@jenbryantdesign / Via tiktok.com


These mini sled ornaments only require some popsicles and paint:

A red sled made from popsicle sticks

@juniperpointdesignco / Via tiktok.com


This ornament tree is so sophisticated:

A woman crafting a small tree made of a pile of ornaments

@juniperpointdesignco / Via tiktok.com


The crafter behind these yarn trees was inspired by way more expensive decor he found in stores:

Triangular trees made from yarn with a star on top

@gowithgarrett / Via tiktok.com


This lighted garland is the perfect finishing touch to your holiday decor:

A basket filled with lights and bows

@faith_hope_home / Via tiktok.com


And finally, give your basic acrylic ornaments a new twist:

A star ornament covered in purple and blue confetti

@averagebutinspired / Via tiktok.com


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