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🚨Obviously, MASSIVE spoilers ahead!🚨



First, on WandaVision, Vision stepped outside of Westview, and Wanda used her powers to expand the Hex in order to save him.

Wanda using her powers and Vision's dead body healing after going through the Hex

Disney+ / Marvel

You can check out all of the details/Easter eggs from Episode 6 here.


Also on WandaVision, while moving/expanding the Hex, Darcy got sucked inside of Westview, and while I’m excited that Darcy got a starring role on her favorite TV show, I’m also nervous.

Darcy looking stunned and saying, "Oh, fud—" after the Hex catches up to her

Disney+ / Marvel


And on WandaVision, Billy and Tommy finally showcased their powers, and I am just so proud of my sons.

Pietro saying, "Right on, little dude! Chip off the old Maximoff block. You've got super speed" and Billy telling Wanda that Vision is in trouble and he can hear him in his head

Disney+ / Marvel

In the comics, Tommy has super speed, while Billy’s powers are similar to Wanda’s.


On This Is Us, Kevin made it to the hospital before Madison gave birth, and the duo welcomed two adorable twins named Nicholas and Franny.

Rebecca saying hi to Nick and Franny over FaceTime



Also on This Is Us, Kate and Toby welcomed their daughter, Hailey, and now I’m emotional because we have a new Big Three.

Ellie telling Hailey that giving her to Toby and Kate is the best thing she's ever done, and Kate telling Hailey that she has waiting her whole life to meet her



On 9-1-1, Buck learned that he was only conceived because his parents hoped he would be a bone marrow match for his brother Daniel, and he found out Maddie kept it a secret all of these years.

Maddie telling Buck that he was a match for Daniel, but Daniel eventually relapsed. Then, Maddie says she wanted to tell Buck "so many times"



On Nancy Drew, George heartbreakingly died while the Drew Crew was stopping the Aglaeca, and Nancy unleashed a ton of spirits while trying to get an artifact that ultimately brought George back to life.

Nick pleading with George to wake up and Nancy weeping over George's body before she wakes up

The CW

Listen, the acting in this episode was astounding and I just want everyone to watch this show and appreciate how incredible this cast is. Kennedy McMann absolutely broke my heart and it was easily one of the best performances of the week.


On Batwoman, while helping to find a kidnapped teen, we learned that Ryan was taken by the same woman when she was younger.

Ryan saying, "You don't remember me, huh, bitch? I'm the girl you couldn't break"

The CW


On Dickinson, Emily’s first poem was published and she spent the night being invisible, and even caught up with Death and his latest passenger Edgar Allan Poe, who was played by Nick Kroll.

Edgar telling Emily that "Fame is an addiction" and now she's hooked on it like everyone else


This show continues to be an absolute gift to television.


Also on Dickinson, while still invisible, Emily saw Sue and Sam having an affair, and like Emily, I was heartbroken and stunned.

Emily saying that she wants to be seen by everyone including Sue, but Sue not hearing her and instead kissing Sam



Queen Sugar returned with Season 5, and Ralph Angel adorably asked Darla to marry him in a truly perfect moment.

Ralph telling Darla that "love is like my superpower" and he wants to "create more love" with her



On Shameless, with only a few episodes left until the series finale, we learned that Frank has dementia caused by his excessive drinking over the years.

Frank reading a note that says, "My name is Frank Gallagher. I live at 2119 N. Wallace St, Chicago. I have Early Stage Alcoholic Dementia"



Good Trouble returned with Season 3, and at Malika’s first hearing, the judge raised her bail and remanded her into custody — honestly, a gut punch to end this first episode.

Malika sitting in court


Also, Dennis decided to end things with Davia before they even really got started and my little shipper heart can’t take this news.


Also on Good Trouble, Constance Zimmer made her first appearance as Kathleen Gale, a powerful attorney who offers Callie a job.

Kathleen telling Callie, "Okay, I'll do it. On one condition. You quit Legal Aid and come work for me"



On Prodigal Son, Malcolm revealed to Ainsley that she actually killed Nicholas, only for Ainsley to reveal her bloody shirt and the fact that she “blacked out” again.

Malcolm saying that he wanted to protect Ainsley that's why he lied about Nicholas. Then, Ainsley opening her coat and revealing blood all over her white shirt



On Riverdale, Archie, Betty, Jughead, and Veronica decided to become teachers at Riverdale High in order to help Toni save the school from closing.

Toni speaking at a town assembly and saying that Riverdale High is going private and will be tuition free

The CW

Yes, I know what you are thinking, these four have no experience teaching or even teaching degrees, so I’m sure this will go great. Also, it’s important to note that this episode ended with Polly being chased by, I’m assuming, a serial killer, so Riverdale still out here being Riverdale.


Also on Riverdale, Betty and Archie hooked up during a ~steamy~ shower scene, and TBH, I am #TeamBarchie because their chemistry is amazing.

Betty and Archie having sex and kissing in the shower

The CW

I’m sorry, Betty and Jughead’s relationship got boring, especially during the last few seasons, so I am ready for some spice.


Men in Kilts premiered this week, and truly it’s perfect for any Outlander fan trying to get through “Droughtlander.” The show follows Sam Heughan and Graham McTavish as they travel through Scotland, and it’s just super pure.

Robert Wilson / Starz


On Legacies, Hope came to terms with the fact that Landon was gone after he literally dissolved last week. However, at the end of the episode we saw Landon trapped in a dark world, so he’s apparently not totally gone.

Hope saying, "It would have still be worth it if...if Landon was still...He's gone"

The CW


Also on Legacies, Josie toured Mystic Falls High because she was looking to transfer schools, and she met Finch. Now, I’m absolutely certain Josie has chemistry with everyone because these two are already super cute.

Josie and Finch looking at each other and smiling

The CW


Kenan premiered this week. Starring Kenan Thompson, this new comedy series follows a recently widowed host of a morning show, who is now struggling to balance his job and raising his daughters.

Casey Durkin / NBC


On Grown-ish, Jazz told Doug that she slept with someone while they were on a break, and Doug revealed that he didn’t get together with anyone because he was waiting for her.

Doug saying he appreciates Jazz's honesty, but he had nothing to tell because, "I was waiting for you"



On Big Sky, Jenny and Cassie saved the little boy that Ronald had taken hostage, but the most shocking moment of the episode came when Merilee killed Legarski.

Merilee with blood on her face and Legarski lying in his hospital bed with his head bleeding


This was the last episode until April too.


On Walker, Cordell and Micki went undercover to finish the job Cordell was working before he returned to town. Honestly, a lot happened, but this conversation between Cordell and Micki was my favorite.

Micki telling Cordell he just can't stop talking while they're lying face down on the ground, and Cordell saying he didn't think before Micki interrupts saying, "You'd get robbed? By the robbers?!"

The CW


And finally, Young Rock started this week. The new show follows Dwayne Johnson through childhood and young adulthood as we learn how he became the lovable celebrity we all know today.

Mark Taylor / NBC

The series uses three different eras of Dwayne’s life to tell its story, and Dwayne himself serves as the show’s narrator.

What were your favorite TV moments this week? Tell us in the comments below!

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