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A toaster oven broiler with a built-in air fryer to bake, broil, toast, and fry with less oil and all in one place — so less mess.

Toaster oven


Promising review: “Fantastic! I absolutely love the oven. I have used it for baked beans on baking cycle. I air-fried chicken and french fries. Both of these were delicious and crispy. I also use it for grilled cheese. This toaster oven is a sure winner.” —Granny

Price: $199.95


A powerful Ninja blender sturdy and stable enough for you to walk away from it without it spraying your kitchen with blueberry purée.



The Ninja Performance Blender has a large 72-ounce pitcher with an easy-pour spout to cleanly eject smoothies, shakes, and any number of ice-y drinks — with or without alcohol.

Promising review: “Love the Ninja! The Ninja powers through frozen bananas like a boss. I can walk away from it while it is turning my frozen items into a smoothie and it stays put. And it holds a lot in the large pitcher. I am very happy!” —Rebecca

Price: $69.00


A KitchenAid stand mixer to keep all your mixing and kneading to a single bowl.

Stand mixer


This KitchenAid tilt-head stand mixer has a range of speeds that go from a very fast whip to a very slow stir. It includes a flat beater, dough hook, and wire whip (two of which are dishwasher-safe) as well as a 5-quart stainless steel bowl.

Promising review: “So glad I got this! Works like a dream. So convenient to pour stuff into it and a lid to prevent splatters. It makes the frosting so nice and fluffy which was just not possible for me to do manually without having a pain in my arm and shoulder. It’s really easy to operate!” —Nkb

Price: $449.99 (available in 26 colors)


An Instant Pot to make just about anything — stew, pasta, rice, steamed veggies, yogurt, etc. — in one go.

Pressure cooker


Bonus: the inner cooking pot — the only pot you’ll need for an entire meal or three — is dishwasher-safe. And the whole thing is fingerprint-resistant!

Promising review: “The best cooker ever. The Instant Pot is so much more than a pressure cooker. I think of it as a rice cooker, but I browned chicken on sauté and then quickly cooked with the pressure cooker setting. I made homemade yogurt which was easy as well. There are so many things that you can do with this! It makes very little noise and it does not produce lots of steam the way my other rice cooker does. Just a wonderful cooker!” —SuperAmmi

Price: $79.00


A set of kitchen tools and gadgets that, you guessed it, are dishwasher-safe.

Kitchen tool and gadget set


This set includes spatulas, whisks, spoons, a cheese grater, a potato masher, a meat tenderizer — even a pizza cutter and an icing spreader.

Promising review: “I love how sturdy these utensils are. I ready some reviews that they are too heavy, and they’re not. People just forget what a good quality item feels like. They’re use to plastic throw-away utensils. I’m sure I will have these for years to come.” —Sandi11chance

Price: $59.95 (available in five colors)


A digital kitchen scale with a glass plate for easy wipe-down after use.

Digital kitchen scale


This digital scale can handle as much as 11 pounds and is accurate to 0.05 ounces.

Promising review: “Absolutely love it! It is extremely easy to use, can change between ounces and grams, and if you are using a container you can place it on scale and zero it so that it only weighs food after you put it in the bowl on the scale. It’s small but gets the job done and accurately! Highly recommend.” — AuntieAm

Price: $19.44


A nonskid box grater to avoid slips that result in cheese shreds all over the counter, on the floor, and, inexplicably, in our hair.

Box grater


Yep, it’s dishwasher-safe!

Promising review: “Sharp box grater with a comfortable handle. It does a good job on all the cheeses I’ve grated. It made quick work of 8-ounce blocks of Monterey Jack and Gruyère. I was especially impressed with the fast grating speed on the older, drier Parmesan as this takes forever on microplane graters. If you wash off the grater soon after using it, it’s easy to clean by hand. The bumper is useful if you’re grating into a glass dish or slippery hard plastic.” —Carrie

Price: $11.97


A set of stackable colanders to replace the motley crew of colanders cluttering your cupboards — so you have more space for your commemorative Mötley Crüe coffee mugs.

Colander set


And you know what? They’re dishwasher-safe!

Promising review: “Perfect set! After over 30 years, I had accumulated a collection of just about every shape and size of colander there is. None of them fit together, so when I went to pull out one, the rest usually came tumbling out of my cupboard with it. I am so happy with my new ones because they are not only perfectly stackable, but they are very attractive and well-made. I sent my niece a set of these along with some other wedding gifts. She loves them as much as I do.” —ChrissyinMI

Price: $9.97


A pre-seasoned cast-iron skillet that will convince you, once and for all, that cast iron is not that hard to clean. Seriously, soap and water, people.

Cast iron skillet


Promising review: “I should’ve bought this years ago! I bought this after being disappointed in other nonstick pans. I was hesitant because I doubted its ‘pre-seasoned’ status. But for a buck more than the nonsticks, I figured ‘why not?’ Well, I LOVE this pan. It is SO great and easy to use, and easy to clean up. Now I’m fixing to buy the cast-iron grill because I adore this pan so much.” —PTownShopper

Price: $14.88


A cast-iron Dutch oven for making pot roasts, stews, and certain breads (we’re looking at you, sourdough) without the typical residue left on less sturdy pots and pans.

Dutch oven


This 6-quart Dutch oven has easy-to-clean enamel rims and cooking surfaces for consistent, even cooking. Use it to broil, braise, bake, or roast in the oven at temps as high as 500 degrees F, or sauté, simmer, or fry on any stove top.

Promising review: “Finally, I have a heavy-bottomed Dutch oven. I have Lodge cast-iron skillets that I’ve used for years. Great quality. This is the first enamel-coated piece I have used and it is fantastic. It’s beautiful and so easy to clean. Nothing sticks.” —asilnottus

Price: $69.90


A nonstick cake pan for birthday parties at which at least one thing isn’t a mess. Sorry we can’t say the same about the carpet.

Cake pan


This 9-inch x 13-inch pan is oven-safe to 450 degrees F.

Promising review:Easy to clean and did not warp after baking fish sticks at 425 degrees F. Nonstick surface works as advertised.” —Skiddy

Price: $10.99


A set of color-coded knives with blade guards to better ensure you avoid cross-contamination — unless you want to use the same knife you sliced onions with for cutting the pineapple.

Knife set


This professional-quality knife set comes with an 8-inch chef’s knife, 8-inch slicing knife, 8-inch serrated bread knife, 7-inch santoku knife, 6-1/2-inch utility knife, and a 3-1/2-inch paring knife.

Promising review: “Right tools for the job! I love these knives! From the bright color coding to the weight and balance of each blade as well as the blade covers, I finally found the set for all kitchen needs! I’m very happy with this purchase. They’d make a great gift. Very pleased!” —Ladyhawke

Price: $29.99


An electric carving knife for demonstrative holiday turkey chop-ups that don’t result in disgruntled guests — at least insofar as food bits landing on them is concerned.

Electric knife


Hey, guess what? Removable and dishwasher-safe blades!

Promising review: “I am very pleased with this electric knife. It is long and I cut up a 10-pound turkey breast, boneless. I had to have a curtain amount and so the slices were thin and this knife is great! Really sharp.” —lovetheknife

Price: $12.97


A dishwasher-safe roaster pan for meals and, when not in use, hiding your stash (of cookies).



Promising review: “Love it! I am so excited to now own one of two roasters that my mom always used when I was growing up. So happy!” —Patticakes1967

Price: $12.76


A nonstick grill pan for grilling meats, vegetables, and seafood, as well as hot sandwiches and paninis — just not all at once, necessarily.

Grill pan


This dishwasher-safe 11-inch square grill pan is coated with Teflon for easy cooking and easier cleanup.

Promising review: “Works great! This grill pan is wonderful. We cooked sausage and steaks in it and both came out perfectly. It cooks evenly, which is great. Super easy to clean. I really like this pan.” —tinkerwd

Price: $14.92


A motion sensor trashcan to anticipate and accommodate your hurried disposal of the yuck from the kitchen sink strainer — without your needing to touch the lid.

Trash can


This trashcan has hands-free motion sensor technology: the lid opens and stays open when there’s an object in front of the sensor, and gently closes five seconds after.

Promising review: “Glad we got it! We love this trashcan! It is very sleek! This allows us to actually fill a 13-gallon trash bag! Recommend this to anyone looking!” —MamaDeb

Price: $39.98 (available in three colors)


A 40-piece set of food storage containers to tidily put away all your leftovers — and no, it does not make sense that any of your four-alarm chili would be left over after book club.

Food storage containers


Dishwasher-, freezer-, and microwave-safe. Stackable. Comes with 20 containers with lids — four half-cup, two 1.2-cup, four 2.1-cup, four 2.9-cup, four 3.2-cup, and two 6.2-cup containers.

Promising review: “These are great! I bought this set and got rid of all the other storage containers I had cluttering up my cupboards. These containers freeze with no brittleness and microwave without getting soft and misshapen. No matter what I’ve put in them, including tomato sauce, none have stained. I like the easy-find lids also since I tend to misplace things.” —klutzprez

Price: $9.98


A set of canisters to securely and attractively house your baking ingredients like sugar, flour, more flour, raisins, jelly beans — you get the idea.

Canister set


Set includes one 24-ounce canister, one 38-ounce canister, and one 72-ounce canister.

Promising review: “Love this set! It’s the perfect color for my kitchen. I use the larger one for flour, medium for sugar, and so far I have not used the smaller one. Thinking I will stash my K-pods in it! The lids all have a rubber seal to help keep things fresh. I am very happy with my purchase.” —Tammy2566

Price: $34.99 (available in 12 colors/patterns)


A vacuum sealer system to safely store your foodstuffs for future consumption — like, three-years-hence future consumption.

Vacuum sealer system


Starter kit comes with bags and a removable, dishwasher-safe drip tray for any excess liquid or crumbs.

Promising review: “Love it! This is easy to use and easy to store away. I buy food in bulk and vacuum-seal and freeze until needed. You don’t have to hold down the buttons while it seals or vacuum seals and it only needs about three extra inches in addition to the size of the item to vacuum-seal. My old sealer used about five to six inches extra so I ran out of bags really fast. It also allows you to stop vacuum-sealing in the middle of a cycle for those soft items like bread and muffins so they don’t get crushed.” —meccasia

Price: $82.49


A spice rack with jars of spices included to centralize and organize what would otherwise be a drawer full of mismatched, random, and likely expired spice containers — including the misleading “allspice.”

Spice rack


This set comes with 16 jars of common spices — and a promise from the makers to refill any of them for up to five years from purchase, free.

Promising review: “The best spice rack I have come across. It has a variety of seasonings which is great because I needed help in this area. I did not have many on hand and every time I have wanted to try a recipe I never had what I needed. The rotating rack is shiny and spins smoothly. And you get free spice refills for five years!” —ConCon01

Price: $19.97


A raised cake stand with a glass cover to both show off and keep fresh your baked goods, freeing up a bit of counter space for more culinary adventures.

Cake stand


Promising review: “Beautiful cake stand. I bought this as a gift for my sister. She loved it! It’s looks like a vintage cake pedestal. I shop estate sales and these type of cake stands sell for a whole lot more. My sister placed cupcakes in it and it looked so pretty!” —paulakpoo

Price: $29.82


A 20-piece set of kitchen towels and pot holders so you’re not pulling hot pans out of the oven using a kitchen towel or wiping down counters with an oven mitt because that’s all you have on hand.

Kitchen towels


Set includes two terry kitchen towels, two flat kitchen towels, four terry dish cloths, four scrubber dish cloths, four flour sack kitchen towels, two oven mitts, and two pot holders — all machine-washable.

Promising review: “This kitchen set is the most complete set I have ever had. It consists of two oven mitts, which I might add fit comfortably and work great. You get two pot holders which is great because using one is not the safest way to go. It also consists of terry and flat kitchen towels dish cloths and a flour sack. It is a set that will go great in any kitchen. After washing everything they look great. I would highly recommend this set.” —UNCHARTED123

Price: $24.99 (available in seven colors)


An electric tea kettle so you’re not devoting a burner on the stove to heating up water. Use that spot to cook something already!

Electric kettle


Promising review: “Stylish and great product! This is stylish, matches my other appliances, and doesn’t take up a lot of space. Heats up quickly. The blue light is cool-looking, I love the auto shut-off and that it has an option to be cordless. Easy to clean. My mom saw this and now she wants one. Solid product.” —michelle

Price: $22.94


A set of three cutting boards to, again, avoid cross-contamination — you don’t want to cut up vegetables you’re serving fresh on the same cutting board you just quartered a chicken on.

Cutting board


The three sizes of these reversible bamboo cutting boards are 13″ x 9.5″ x 3/8″ (large), 11″ x 8.5″ x 3/8″ (medium), and 8″ x 6″ x 3/8″ (small).

Promising review: “Loving these cutting and serving boards! They look just as pictured and really go with my kitchen. They’re lightweight, easy to clean, and great for serving foods on because they’re easy to carry and handle. The bamboo has been pleasant to cut on with vegetables, cheeses, and meats. I would recommend these for others looking for quality cutting boards that are easy to care for and get the job done!” —EmilyC

Price: $13.99


A bread maker because doing it the old-timey way involves way too much work — not to mention mess. Oh, wait — we mentioned the mess. So anyway, bread makers are way tidier.

Bread maker


This bread maker has 16 pre-programmed menu options and can do three crust colors, and three loaf sizes.

Promising review: “Fourth loaf and still loving it. This unit is well designed, easy to use, and makes bread worth eating! Made a simple loaf with all-purpose flour, then a French loaf with bread flour. The crust was flaky and crunchy and the bread flour (having more gluten) made the bread texture chewier. I have used a few different bread makers over a few years. This one is a good one!” —HappyCamper00

Price: $129.99


A countertop pizza oven that does way more than just pizza, providing you more flexibility in terms of what (if anything) goes in the oven — which is always a PITA to clean.

Pizza maker


This rotating pizza oven can heat up frozen foods like chicken wings and nuggets, fish fillets, and more. The nonstick pan is removable for easy cleanup and compact storage.

Promising review: “I am shook! What a great purchase! We were tired of the smoky house when baking a pizza in the oven so we were searching for pizza ovens when I came across this item. Just made our first and it’s amazing!” —Missy

Price: $54.00


A nonstick broiler pan to catch drippings from the stuff you’re baking much more effectively than that gross sheet of aluminum foil you installed in 2017.

Broiler pan


This steel broiler pan is coated in stick-free porcelain.

Promising review: “Love this broiler pan! The pan is easy to clean and fit perfectly in the bottom ‘drawer’ of the stove.” —PokenoGranny

Price: $19.39


A nonstick Bundt pan for smooth extractions of your cakes and limited post-slide cleanup.

Bundt cake pan


Promising review: “Wow, great pan! Some of the reviews seemed to indicate that this was, perhaps, a cheaper quality pan when stating that it was real lightweight, but it’s a very good pan, sturdy quality, and bakes cakes very well. Amazingly easy to use and clean. The cake slips right out perfectly. So glad I purchased it.” —Jiggs

Price: $8.97


A splatter screen with odor-absorbing powers to keep the sights and smells of your exuberant cooking from permeating the walls.

Splatter screen


This dishwasher-safe, stainless-steel splatter screen features an activated carbon filter that absorbs unwanted odors during cooking. Did we mention it’s dishwasher-safe? ‘Cause it is.

Price: $19.99


A spoon rest to save you the 20 to 30 seconds you invariably spend scrubbing the stove top where you left your cooking spoon for all that time you were supposed to be stirring. Risotto doesn’t make itself!

Spoon rest


Promising review: “Super cute! Honestly don’t know what I was doing before i started using this spoon rest. It’s so convenient.” —Emily

Price: $8.48


Silicone oven mitts for when you need intense heat protection and maybe even liquid resistance. No judgments — it’s not always easy to pull a skillet full of boiling stuff out of the oven without giving yourself third-degree burns.

Silicone oven mitts


These waterproof, machine-washable Silicone oven mitts are heat-resistant up to 482 degrees F.

Promising review: “Great oven mitts. You feel zero heat. They are long, protecting more than just hands. They are also easy to clean. Very happy with my purchase.” —Emily

Price: $24.84+ (available in four colors)


A silicone pastry mat to keep all your intricate patisserie work tidy — and that applies to the pastries as well as your workspace!

Pastry mat


This mat has inch and centimeter sizes clearly displayed — perfect for precision. Its nonstick surface is easy to use and clean.

Promising review: “Best household item. I love this product. Great for rolling out dough. Cleanup is awesome.” —Phyllis

Price: $8.79-$11.79 (available in three sizes and two colors)


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