If you ever felt relieved you weren’t Bad Luck Brian…

Takes MBTI personality test, fails

intpalive / Via intpalive.tumblr.com


If you ever tried to talk like the Ermahgerd Girl…

Gersberms, mah fravrit berks

u/Marcelo_Teixeira / Via reddit.com


If you couldn’t watch Lord of the Rings without thinking about One Does Not Simply Walk Into Mordor…

One does not simply choose a single fandom

fandonlife-universe / Via fandomlife-universe.tumblr.com


If you got into a relationship and tried not to act like Overly Attached Girlfriend…

I went on Google Earth last night, whose car was that in your driveway June 17th, 2009?

u/rbean0s0rz / Via reddit.com


If you decided your pet’s voice would sound like I Can Has Cheezburger Cat…

a-literal-manul / Via a-literal-manul.tumblr.com


If you rickrolled people into clicking a link that led to Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up…”

@edma06RBLX / @YouTube / Via Twitter: @YouTube


If you begged your friends to go planking…

Halo character laying flat atop a box

meme4meme-blog / Via meme4meme-blog.tumblr.com


If you spent way too much time laughing at Rage Comics…

le wobbly tooth, finally it's out, le lick gum where tooth used to be, horrified reaction

u/3THAN-05 / Via reddit.com


If you wanted to visit the place where You Know I Had To Do It To Em…

@LuckyLuciano17k / thecaroliner / Via thecaroliner.tumblr.com


If you could easily picture the kind of person who *tips fedora*…

u/Shark_Bot / Flokyy / Via reddit.com


If you ever presented an argument through American Chopper Yelling…

An argument with the manager about expire coupons, but it's the American Chopper guys

ugly-bread / Via ugly-bread.tumblr.com


If you ever asked, “What Are Those?”…

really ugly shoes

corviwhite / Via corviwhite.tumblr.com


If you said whaddup to Dat Boi…

Dat Boi dressed as Harry Potter- Dat Boi who lived

accio / Via accio.tumblr.com


If you were making social commentary with But That’s None Of My Business…

Tea is three times more popular than coffee, but that's none of my business

asapscience / Via asapscience.tumblr.com


If you wanted to adopt a shiba inu because of Doge…

a shiba inu says hewo, me dog, hooman, and bork

u/DudePlays / Via reddit.com


If you wondered why you couldn’t be The Most Interesting Man In The World…

I'm not always late for work, but when I am I make up for it by leaving early

u/coolsid19 / Via reddit.com


If you related to Grumpy Cat…

They text me pls because it's shorter than please, I answered no because it's shorter than yes

theladysabryn-blog / Via theladysabryn-blog.tumblr.com


If you celebrated your small wins with Success Kid…

meme-spot / Via meme-spot.tumblr.com


If you responded to a Tumblr post about somebody’s original invention with Shut Up And Take My Money…

Shaking a fistful of money


If you gave your favorite song lyrics the archaic treatment with Joseph Ducreux…

This blended milk and ice drink of mine attracts young males to my front lawn, and thus they proclaim this is superior to thine

shinkuni / Via shinkuni.tumblr.com


If your faith in humanity was destroyed by Scumbag Steve…

u/Variable12 / Via reddit.com


If your faith in humanity was restored by Good Guy Greg…

Buys a secondhand couch from me, brings back a remote, Xbox controller, and $20 he found in the couch

u/Gbaby27 / Via reddit.com


If you desperately wanted to know the story behind Disaster Girl…

The little girl is Alexander the Great, and the burning house is Persepolis

bymilkshakespeare / Via bymilkshakespeare.tumblr.com


If you had too many First World Problems…

Spent so long fishing for my tea bag, my tea is now past its optimal color

advice-animal / Via advice-animal.tumblr.com


If you shared your deep ~shower thoughts~ through Philosoraptor…

Are cardigans the lab coats of library science?

idea-lab / Via idea-lab.tumblr.com


If you reminded people to keep their cool with Keep Calm And Carry On…

Keep calm, grab the salt, don't blink, and text Sherlock

cheshchick / Via cheshchick.tumblr.com


If you tried to walk like Strutting Leo…

Leonardo Di Caprio walking with the cast of friends

Splash / NBCU Photo Bank / NBCUniversal via Getty Images / mattress-king / Via mattress-king.tumblr.com


And if you put David Tennant In Places He Shouldn’t Be…

Disney/ davidtennantinplacesheshouldntbe / Via davidtennantinplacesheshouldntbe.tumblr.com

Then, congratulations! You qualify for the senior discount.


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