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We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to share the worst thing that happened to them as a bridesmaid. Here are the shocking results:


This handsy mom:

“We wore strapless dresses. I didn’t realize my bra was showing slightly above my dress on one side, so the bride’s mother put her hand up my dress and lifted [it] right up to my bra in front of everyone at the wedding to pull my bra down a little. Wrong on so many levels.”



This problematic cousin:

“I was a bridesmaid in my older cousin’s wedding. When she asked, I was in the middle of a weight loss journey. I didn’t have to get my dress for another nine months, so it shouldn’t have been a problem. Fast-forward to my final fitting, and the bride came with us. At this point, I lost a little over 30 pounds, and the bride was furious. When I stepped out in my dress, she demanded to know what size it was and then freaked out when she saw it was the same size as her dress. The day before the wedding, she called to tell me I wasn’t allowed in the bridal party or at the wedding because: ‘You’re just as skinny as I am, and now I won’t be the thinnest one.’ Needless to say, she’s an estranged cousin now.”



This allergy emergency:

“I had an anaphylactic attack to the food at the wedding. Turns out, there were nuts in the chicken. I had to be taken to hospital.”


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This uninvited bridesmaid:

“I was asked to be a bridesmaid in my sister’s best friend’s wedding. Seemed odd to me at the time because we weren’t that close but had the same group of friends. [I] went dress shopping with them and was actively saving up to buy a bridesmaid’s dress (I was in college at the time). Found out that I was no longer a bridesmaid and also not even invited to the wedding when I went to my sister’s house and saw her best friend’s save the date on the fridge. I asked her when she received it, assuming mine was in the mail. My sister acted surprised and was like, ‘Didn’t she talk to you? You aren’t invited to the wedding?’ It was so rude!!! I called and texted this chick about it, and SHE NEVER RESPONDED.”



This stolen dress:

“My bridesmaid dress was stolen off my porch a week before the wedding. Awesome. I had to spend even more money and order a new dress. They stopped carrying the style that my friend had picked for her bridesmaids. Great. Thankfully, my friend was okay with a different style that was similar…[but] it was a close call because the dress didn’t [arrive] until the day before the wedding. After that wedding, I decided I didn’t want to be in weddings anymore.”


A group of bridesmaids pose in matching dresses

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This husband (and wedding) drama:

“I was asked to be a bridesmaid for a close friend of mine from college. Then, five months before the wedding, she asked me to step down because a groomsman’s wife felt uncomfortable with me walking down the aisle with her husband. Her husband and I’d known each other since I was 18, [and] I’ve known him and [his] family before she was even in the picture.

Needless to say, I felt bad for my engaged friend for being the messenger, so I stepped down. The night before the wedding, the engaged friend showed up to my hotel room where my boyfriend, another bridesmaid, her boyfriend and I were drinking, and she drank half our liquor. She then proceeded to drunkenly tell me that her wedding was a mess, the groom had disappeared, and she shouldn’t have listened to that one girl.

I’m still friends with everyone except for the woman who didn’t want me to walk down the aisle with her husband. 😂”



This wedding planning disaster:

“I was a bridesmaid for a destination wedding at a beach. We had to pay for everything: flights, hotel rooms, dress, and food. The bride didn’t hire a wedding planner but instead asked [us] to make decorations and organize everything. Nothing went OK.

The ceremony lasted 10 minutes, the judge was late, the father of the bride decided he was against the marriage, no one had their seat assigned at the venue, the venue didn’t know the wedding was planned at a different time zone and from a different location, so the service was late, the food was cold and bland, and half the guests didn’t eat it. On top of that, the bride and groom didn’t register for presents but instead asked for cash.

At the end of the night, the bride got mad because many people were disappointed by such a terrible event that she said, ‘Well I don’t care if you’re happy or not, it’s MY wedding and you can leave whenever you want.’

Needless to say, I no longer speak to that person anymore.”



This awful haircut:

“A friend of mine got a surprise haircut from the bride. My friend has very full curly (4A) hair, and she and the other bridesmaids were at the salon trying different styles for the bride’s approval. The bride suggested that my friend straighten her hair, [cut it], or wear a wig so she looked like the other bridesmaids. My friend said she couldn’t do it, so the bride took it upon herself to help motivate my friend, and she just picked up the sheers and cut a huge chunk of my friend’s hair! My friend was horrified and refused to be in the bridal party. The two have not spoken since.”


Scissors and a comb on a table

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This not-so-friendly sister-in-law:

“When my brother got married, I was added late as a bridesmaid — meaning, he picked too many friends, and so his future wife needed an extra girl for her side. The bride arranged for my hair to be done separately from the group…and [she] told me what time to arrive at the venue. We pulled up on time and found her and the girls out back…taking their wedding party photos without me. The marriage lasted four months before they separated, and two years later, I paid the court fees to file the divorce because my brother had yet to file.”



This wardrobe malfunction:

“For my friend’s Indian wedding, she had the bridesmaid outfits made in India. I am a plus-sized girl, and clearly the seamstress took my measurements as just a suggestion. It was so small! Thankfully, my sister was able to Frankenstein the top to fit me, but the pants I had to wear as is. They were so tight, I purposely wore underwear the same color because I just knew they were going to rip…which they did when I went to sit down. Thankfully the top was long and covered it the rest of the day.”



These unhappy parents:

“I had to play interference between the bride, her overbearing mother, and her dad. Dad was arguing about the placement of the pews not being even. Mom was threatening not to come to the salon to get ready because ‘there was too much to do.’ (There wasn’t.) They were making my sweet friend so miserable!

I finally pulled both of them aside and reminded them this was their only daughter, and they were ruining everything. It gave me a glimpse [into] what her whole life had been like parenting her parents. Good news — they shaped up, and it was a fantastic day!”



This ex-plosive argument:

“I was a bridesmaid at my sister’s wedding, and my partner at the time forgot his trousers at the hotel. [He] blamed me, resulting in an argument that I managed to diffuse, but there was still an awkward tension. He refused to dance with me so I danced with my other sister instead. I think it goes without saying that we’re not together anymore.”


A group of people dance at a wedding

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This final straw:

“I was a bridesmaid for a really close friend. The maid of honor and I opted out of staying at the lodge the bride and groom got because they uninvited my husband to make room for [one of] the groomsmen’s girlfriend at the time. So, we stayed at a hotel. When the MOH and I got to the lodge, the other two bridesmaids and the bride [acted] weird around us and eventually went missing. [We] couldn’t find them for an hour.

Fast-forward to the day of [the wedding], and nothing is ready. The MOH and I ran around in our dresses, trying to get things ready and getting yelled at by the other [bridesmaids]…for not doing [things] the way they wanted. The final straw was when the bride’s grandma came up to us and asked for help pouring the champagne. Both our husbands helped us get things ready, and we [made an announcement] for people to come when one bridesmaid starts yelling at us…We left after that.”



This sudden sickness:

“My friend was a bridesmaid at a wedding I [attended]. The night before, we both shared a hotel room, and she was feeling rather unwell. The morning of the wedding, we went to the venue; she still had stomach cramps and thought it was food poisoning from our cheeky Nando’s. [During] hair and makeup, she kneeled over and was sick! We rushed to A&E with her bridesmaid dress still on. Turns out, she had kidney stones. After getting some strong medication and a new face of makeup, she still made it to the reception.”



Lastly, this demanding friend:

“I was thrown out of a wedding because I have a chronic illness, and medication caused me to suffer two mini strokes in a week. I was signed off work and in the hospital and wasn’t allowed to drive or be unsupervised. I had to come off all my medication while we figured out what happened, so I was in a lot of pain 24/7.

[My friend] became incredibly frustrated that I wasn’t dedicating myself to her wedding, said it didn’t seem like it was my priority, and I didn’t reply to messages quick enough. When I was in the hospital, she got her mum to message me because I didn’t reply to her! Then, she was mad when I said I couldn’t go abroad for her hen do because I wasn’t well and couldn’t afford it. I went to her house for a hen do (my mum had to come with and drive me), and she ignored me the whole time. Her mum quizzed my mum as she didn’t believe I had two strokes. She ultimately emailed me to tell me I could be a guest, but I wasn’t reliable enough to be bridesmaid. I told her to ram her friendship.”



Do you have a bridesmaid horror story? Let us know in the comments below! And for a chance to be featured in similar BuzzFeed posts, follow the BuzzFeed Community on Facebook and Twitter!

Note: Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.


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