We recently asked the good people of the BuzzFeed Community about their masturbation habits and they did not disappoint! Here are some of the best answers:


“I LOVE to rub my nipples while masturbating.”


– Anonymous


“I love to masturbate in nature.”

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“If I masturbate, often I don’t even think or watch anything related to sex. I solely focus on the sensation and feeling.”

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“Once climax is reached, I immediately back to what I was doing.”

β€” fallondetimberlake


“I love to masturbate with a full bladder!”

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“Not because I’m into water sports or golden showers or anything, I just feel like everything is heightened when my bladder is full and I’m knuckles deep inside of myself.”

– Anonymous


“I don’t know this is normal or not, but I do enjoy what I like to call a ‘marathon wank’.”

Momentum Pictures

“Basically, I settle in for like three to four hours, watch a ton of porn, maybe scour Twitter, or watch a film with good sex scenes. Then I won’t do that for like a week or longer. I normally do some edging while I do this, and I only ever cum once or twice. But yeah, it’s definitely more of a marathon than a sprint for me!”

– Anonymous


“I’m female and I live in an apartment on a really busy street at night. Normally, I like to turn all lights off in my house and, with curtains open, I like to masturbate in the window.”


“There are people passing by…. They can’t see me… But I see them… Sometimes people randomly look to my window but they don’t see it… It makes me horny.”

– Anonymous


“”Male, 28, straight. I have much more intense orgasms when I lie on my back and lift my legs in the air and bend my knees.”

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“This lets me play with my feet which is a big turn on for me, or if I’m feeling extra horny I can slip a finger inside my bum while I play with myself.”

– Anonymous


“I struggle with dysphoria, so I normally do it though my underwear.”

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“Plus, it seems to add more friction to enhance the feeling.”

– Anonymous


“I waterboard myself in the shower. No I am not kidding.”

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“When I was young, I couldn’t swim underwater without plugging my nose. So I think it works for me… Because it allows me to trust myself.”

β€” jenniferoxley


“I have to use the palm of my right hand, and I just rub against it while using my left hand to keep my right hand firmly pressed against me.”

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“Sometimes I might also put a finger or two inside my vagina or just barely penetrate my ass at the same time. But I can get off just doing it through my clothes and sometimes it only takes me about 30 seconds.”

– Anonymous


“When I’m home alone I like to do it with a condom, so I can relax and not worry about the mess when I get to cum.”

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“Nothing gets me hornier.”

– Anonymous


“I am not sure if it is strange at all, but I used to masturbate in class, in front of everybody. I simply crossed my leg and squeezed them.”

Jive Records

“I don’t know if my teachers ever knew, but nobody ever said anything!”

β€” b4e06a47ad


“I’m right handed, but I always use my left hand to masturbate.”

Dolan Twins / Via youtube.com


“I like to watch Netflix and porn at the same time – four or five hours can be pretty standard.”

Comedy Central

– Anonymous


“I wrap my hand around my blanket and kinda dry hump it.”

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– Anonymous


“I am really into butt-play and rarely masturbate without toys… When I have the time, I would watch porn, usually some gang-bang or group action, and prop up a mirror so I can watch what’s happening to my ass.”

Comedy Central

“It’s hottest when I can sync my movements to how the guys on screen are getting railed.”

– Anonymous


“I HAVE to cum at the same time as the porn star.”

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“I will watch the same 30 second bit of footage over and over until we cum at exactly the same time.”

– Anonymous


“I just read incredibly descriptive sex scenes in books (not a visual porn fan) and squeeze a pillow between my legs while wearing panties.”


“I have vaginismus… and my vulva is sensitive so it reduces discharge-y mess that way.”

– Anonymous


“I masturbate when I’m bored rather than when I’m ‘in the mood.'”


“Sometimes I do it first thing in the morning to force a happy start to the day.”

– Anonymous


“Idk if it’s weird or not, but I have to be lying on my stomach with something down there like a folded sock or t-shirt.”

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“Then I just grind my clit and the surrounding area that’s pressing the sock or shirt while I’m propped up on my elbows usually reading or watching something. It’s literally the only way I can really cum.”

– Anonymous


“I like putting on a lot of makeup before I start. Bright red lipstick, eyeliner, brows – all of it done very thick and not natural at all.”

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“I even give myself a fake mole with an eyeliner pen. Then I edge myself several times, looking at porn, and finally when I’m super sensitive and close, I put away the porn and finish myself off in front of the mirror.”

– Anonymous


“I can only climax if I’m holding a wet sponge to my face.”

CinΓ©dis / Via giphy.com

“The scent just really gets me going and sometimes I breathe in the water which adds to the pleasure 😏.”

– Anonymous


“I’m just here out of curiosity, but as others have opened up, I will too. I don’t masturbate, and I haven’t since I was 14.”

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Note: Some entries were edited for length and/or clarity.

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