Recently, we asked members of the Buzzfeed Community whether they had an unusual pet that they thought was superior to a cat or a dog. Here are some of the best responses:


“I have a bearded dragon… and they are so lovable and friendly.”

Sabine Arnold / Via Getty Images

“[They are] much lower maintenance than a dog or cat. Not that I don’t love dogs and cats, but if I want to spend a night away I can without having to worry about finding a dog sitter!”


“People don’t realise how affectionate they can be… [my bearded dragon] loves cuddling in the evenings and if you stroke his head or ears he’ll close his eyes and lean into the strokes. He also loves a bath and being wrapped up like a little burrito.”


“Bearded dragons especially are so chill. They just want to sit on the couch with you and eat some crickets.”



“Chickens are the best!”

Anthony Lee / Via Getty Images

“Got five girls that we raised from chicks! They are so funny and affectionate! I’ve always disliked birds, but these girls are the best!”


“I have nine chickens. They are better than any other pet (fight me) because… they require very little care and can be kept anywhere… along with how easy they are to take care of, they give eggs, [which has] has saved me so much money… they make great companions, [and] they are amazingly smart! … I’ve taught mine tricks [and] they respond to their names. If anyone wants an unusual pet, I 1000% recommend chickens!”



“I have 15 tarantulas.”

David Alligood / Via Getty Images

“They’re super low maintenance and nowhere near as scary as people think. Plus they come in lots of different colours and sizes. They’re a great talking point with guests too!”


“I have a pumpkin patch tarantula [because] I HATE pet hair.”



“We used to have a couple of orphaned civets… that we took care of.”

Spmemory / Via Getty Images

“People thought it was very weird that we were raising them! They were very cute, almost like cats in some ways! They consumed meat and fish, and once they were big enough, we released them back into the wild but one of them kept coming back to visit us… I would wake up to find the little fella sleeping, curled up on my bed!”



“I had a rat and she was the most lovely little creature.”

Chris Scuffins / Via Getty Images

“They’re so kind natured and will just sit on your shoulder all day!”


“They’re like the perfect combo of a cat and a dog, generally less maintenance overall and are the most adorable little things! … Having them for the past few years has been a great help for our mental health especially 🥰🐀.”


“I can’t imagine my life without rats anymore! …. People are always quick to judge them as they see them as pests but fancy rats are not the same as wild rats. They’re bred for the best genetics, handled since birth so they never bite, and they’re just so darn floofy 😍.”



“I had a crowntail betta for three years.”

Teddybearpicnic / Via Getty Images

“People normally assume that fish are just blobs that swim around and eat, but my fish Dumbledore was actually lively and interactive. He memorised my face and swam up to me when I walked by his tank; I even taught him tricks. I really did love him even though he was a fish.”


“I had a betta that would watch TV with us!”



“I have three gorgeous giant African land snails.”

Vadym Terelyuk / Via Getty Images

“They are fascinating as well as adorable. Many people tell me they’re gross, which is sad as they are sweet and make brilliant pets.”


“I have a giant African land snail named Klaus. It’s so relaxing watching him eat or just roam around his viv. He’s low maintenance and likes rock music.”



“I have a chinchilla called Ru (after the drag queen, of course).”

Justaslive / Via Getty Images

“He is the best decision I’ve ever made! I had him because I had terrible anxiety and he kept me so distracted I’ve gone from having panic attacks everyday to pretty much zero! He’s the cuddliest and most cheeky thing. He also throws his poo at my brother because he (Ru) don’t like him, so bonus!”


“I have a chinchilla named Dorothea and honestly she’s so freaking sweet and chill.”



“I have two corn snakes called Kandinsky and Blossom.”

Thomas Spaeter / Via Getty Images

“Once you have their living environments set up they are very easy maintenance – daily spot check for poop and feed them once every two weeks. They are lovely to handle, and not at all aggressive. They won’t get too big – around five foot in length. I also have a cat who is waaaay more hassle than my snakes lol.”



“Ducks – they’re not only cute and friendly but also very hardy.”

Nigel Killeen / Via Getty Images

“Ducks can be either friendly or skittish depending on how you raise them, and the bonus is that they lay eggs all year round.”



“I have two Australian tree frogs.”

Dwi Septiyana / Via Getty Images

“I love them to pieces, [they] … sing to me as I spray them down each night. They love you as much as a dog or a cat. but they love you in more unique ways.”



“I have alpacas.”

Thiemi Higashi / Via Getty Images

“They live outdoors, so no hair all over the carpets. They don’t need to be taken for walks… [and they are] friendly, look cute, and provide gorgeous soft yarn, as well as the best possible fertiliser for the veg garden.”



“I have three marbled newts.”

Paul Starosta / Via Getty Images

“They are super easy to look after. I have an eco setup with woodlice and springtails who clean the waste so the enclosure only needs cleaning out six times a year. They also eat the woodlice and springtails, which I supplement with crickets. All in all, if you want a low maintenance, hypoallergenic pet, get an amphibian.”



“My grandparents used to have a flock of sheep.”

Peter Mason / Via Getty Images

“My sister and I used to spend hours down in the field and the baby lambs each spring were so cute! Feeding time was so much fun cos we’d walk around with a bucket and the sheep would chase us! Plus, when they got sheared, we’d all get a new jumper.”



“I have two turtles named Quill and Gamora.”

Vicki Smith / Via Getty Images

“They are fun to watch and they are very calm.”



“I have two sugar gliders, their names are Bandit and Iggy.”

Sevendeman / Via Getty Images

“They are truly the BEST pets I’ve ever had! They do require a little more time and work than some of the more common pets, but overall I think it’s really worth it.”



“I have a ball python named Kaa (yes, after the snake in The Jungle Book).”

Kmatija / Via Getty Images

“A lot of people are afraid of snakes, but there are a lot of misconceptions about them. For starters, ball pythons are not venomous, and only grow to about three-to-five feet, which means no, they cannot eat your dog/cat/child. Snakes make great pets because they are relatively low maintenance and affordable… Their scales are so soft, their derpy faces are adorable, and there is something mesmerising about watching them slither around flicking their tongue out!”


“My snakes have been amazing for my anxiety. They’re ball pythons, so they’re hefty and like to curl up on my chest where it’s warm. The weight of them is crazy soothing, as is the movement of their muscles.”



“I have a tortoise called Grendel.”

Scott Shymko / Via Getty Images

“He’s like a small hard dog but without the allergies. You can walk him on a lead and he likes sitting on knees. He is the best!”



“I have a snow kingsnake named Calypso.”

Murilo Gualda / Via Getty Images

“She’s about a year old, and four and a half feet long. She has helped me… during online school because she can sense anxiety… so I can take her out during a panic attack and she’ll help [me] calm down. Meanwhile, my dog is snoring on my bed and has no interest in what’s happening.”



“I have an American giant millipede named Filbert.”

Michaelutech / Via Getty Images

“She’s awesome.”



“I have a blue tongue skink.”

Cavan Images / Via Getty Images

“She’s the most friendly, docile, curious lizard ever!”



“I think the more unusual ‘pet’ I have would be my colony of dermestid beetles, or flesh-eating beetles.”

Henrik_l / Via Getty Images

“I collect skulls/bones, and the beetles clean the specimens for me. Even lower maintenance than snakes and they help me out!”


Disclaimer: please think before you get a pet of any kind – especially an animal that needs specialist care – and remember that not all animals are suitable as at-home companions, or indeed, may be legally owned in your part of the world!

Note: Some entries were edited for length and/or clarity.

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