Let’s be real: Americans have a history of getting Vegemite toast all wrong.

Like, remember the whole Tom Hanks situation when he was in Australia last year? Bless his soul, but this is not the best way to eat Vegemite.

And while it’s usually not their fault because they don’t have an Australian on hand to guide them, it does result in some terrible demonstrations of how NOT to eat Vegemite — especially for first-timers.

A man holding a piece of bread slathered with Vegemite


This image haunts my dreams.

Not convinced? Let me present Selena Gomez, who shared a snippet from Selena + Chef to her Twitter page this morning.

In her tweet, Selena mentioned that Australian chef Curtis Stone had sent her some local treats to try.

First up was Mint Slice, which immediately got a thumbs up from Selena because it reminded her of Christmas.

Selena in her kitchen, holding up a Mint Slice which has a bite taken out of it

@selenagomez / Via Twitter: @selenagomez

Hard agree, I love me a Mint Slice.

Next up was Tim Tams, which Selena had already tried thanks to her Aussie fans gifting her them in the past.

Selena in her kitchen, holding up a Tim Tam

@selenagomez / Via Twitter: @selenagomez

FYI — she loved them.

Then one of Australia’s most iconic chocolate bars, the Violet Crumble, which got a “nuh-uh” from Selena.

Selena in her kitchen, holding up a piece of Violet Crumble that has a bite taken out of it

@selenagomez / Via Twitter: @selenagomez

I guess Violet Crumbles can be on the ultra-sweet side, but still — THEY’RE SO GOOD.

This was followed up by ANZAC biscuits, which Selena loved and said would be perfect to dunk in some coffee or tea.

Selena in her kitchen, holding up an ANZAC biscuit

@selenagomez / Via Twitter: @selenagomez

I can confirm that ANZAC cookies taste a million times better when they’re dunked.

And then, of course, the Vegemite was saved for last, with Selena saying she was “very hesitant” to try it.

Selena in her kitchen with her hands on the table

@selenagomez / Via Twitter: @selenagomez

Selena started off her taste test by giving the Vegemite jar a sniff, which is something you absolutely should not do.

@selenagomez / Via Twitter: @selenagomez

Cue Selena saying, “Oh my gosh…WHY?!”

She then followed this up with another bad decision, choosing to scoop the Vegemite straight OUT OF THE JAR and into her mouth.

@selenagomez / Via Twitter: @selenagomez

Considering that, it’s no surprise that her reaction was this:

@selenagomez / Via Twitter: @selenagomez

*Cries in Australian because that’s not how you eat Vegemite.*

Network 10

Why does the USA continually disrespect the good name of Vegemite???? It’s so delicious, when you’re not eating it like Nutella.

Being the absolute angel that she is, Selena apologised to Australia and said “I love you guys…it [her reaction] has nothing to do with you.”

Selena in her kitchen, smiling at the camera; she is holding a Tim Tam and a glass of water

@selenagomez / Via Twitter: @selenagomez

Selena, on behalf of Australia, we accept your apology and blame it on Curtis Stone, who should have sent some instructions on how to properly eat the fine delicacy that is Vegemite.

Sony Pictures

And if you ever need someone to give you an updated tutorial, I’m HERE for you.

Anyway, for the non-Australians reading, the best way to eat Vegemite is to get a piece of toast, slather it with butter and then scrape it lightly (emphasis on the LIGHTLY) with Vegemite.

@PeterWMurphy1 / Via Twitter: @PeterWMurphy1

But honestly, if you love to spread it on thiccccc, go for it.


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