It led to employees in several industries β€” from servers to flight attendants to customer service reps β€” sharing how they have gotten back at rude customers.


Now, we don’t 100% condone some of this behavior, obv, but these stories are still super entertaining to read. Here’s what people said:


“As a server, sometimes when rude customers ask for butter, I give them cold butter, even though I have room temperature butter, because I know the cold butter will rip up their bread.”

β€” officialbtw


“I under-blend their smoothies, so the little chunks block their straws.”

β€” @ebonymallinson


“As a deli worker, when a customer is being a Karen, I’ll squish the cheese together after I slice it, so it’s impossible to separate later.”

β€” @mickmoo420


“As a barista, I give them decaf espresso shots.”

β€” @seekingsunflowers


“I work in a hotel. Late arrival guests didn’t tip when I helped them with their luggage, so I phoned them in the middle of the night.”

β€” @gezadanielmolnar


“I work at a grocery store. When rude customers don’t wear a mask, I will spray fart spray in the aisle.”

β€” @rachaelhendrick


“As a flight attendant, for rude customers, I book their airplane seat on a 10-hour flight next to the bathroom.”



“I used to double charge them, so they had to go wait in the customer service line to get a refund.”

β€” @misticfox0


“It was ’98 or ’99, and there was an Oscar De La Hoya fight on that night. I was working for a local cable company, and a customer called in saying they ordered all this food and had all these people over to watch the pay-per-view fight, but it wasn’t working. So, I eventually fix it for them. I hear the entire party cheers. The man on the phone goes, ‘Thank you! What’s your name?’ and I told him, ‘Javier.’ He goes thank you, and then calls me a racial slur and hangs up. So, I turn the fight off on his TV and leave notes for other employees to not turn it back on. The next day, I see that he had been calling all night to get the fight back on, and no one turned it on for him. I win.”

β€” @vidrioetchshop


“A cop came into my store with no mask in his uniform. I didn’t notice until he was leaving, so I said, ‘Sir, next time you come in, I need you to put on a mask.’ He looks me dead in the eyes and said, ‘I have a medical condition. What are you gonna do about it?’ I was pissed, so I looked at his badge, and then I later called the police department and told them. Ever since then, every time he comes in, he’s wearing a mask. Every time.”

β€” hellyabananabreaddude


“Shout out to all the servers. For rude customers, we crop dust β€” especially if it’s busy and loud and the music’s going and they definitely won’t hear you. We crop dust.”

β€” @bree_ann_uhh


“I worked for a car rental company. Moving is stressful, so people were always stressed out. Most of the time, people were fine. But sometimes, people would say, for example, ‘I’m moving from Sacramento, California, to El Paso, Texas.’ So, I’d say, ‘OK, that’s a five-day trip.’ Some people would say, ‘No, I can do that trip in three days, so only charge me for three days.’ These numbers are based on the safety driving eight hours a day β€” that’s how we want you to drive their equipment. If they kept going and were rude and insulting, I’d say, ‘OK, you’re right. Are you ready for your confirmation number?’ Then, I’d rattle off eight random numbers, and they wouldn’t have a moving truck that day.”

β€” @miranda.macabre


“I worked at a discount grocery store. There were a bunch of rude customers β€” I had people even throw food at me and laugh about it. I had to ring up every single thing manually. Basically, if they were rude to me, if it was 99 cents, I’d ring it up as $2.99. The receipts were so long that they didn’t check. I wound up charging them $30-$40 more, just for how rude they were.”

β€” @heather.blr

I will never have an attitude or be rude ever again, OMG. Have you ever done anything to get back at rude customers? Let me know in the comments below!


Responses have been edited for length/clarity.


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