With Disney bringing all five seasons of The Muppet Show to their Disney+ streaming network starting Feb. 19, here is a look at the best Muppet Show moments to be watching for!

The Muppet Show sign with Kermit the Frog standing inside the O

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Elton John sings “Don’t Go Breakin’ My Heart” with Miss Piggy

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From Episode 214, “Elton John”

Elton John was a great fit for The Muppet Show. His outfits went perfect with the decor and the company. There are lots of fun moments including a group singalong of “Benny and the Jets,” but the most fun of all is Elton in an electric pink jumpsuit, bowler hat, and heart shaped sunglasses singing “Don’t Go Breakin’ My Heart” with Miss Piggy.


Pearl Bailey in Camelot

Pearl Bailey watching the festivities with wonder

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From Episode 305: “Pearl Bailey”

Tony award winning legend Pearl Bailey appears in a musical epic that takes place in Camelot. It features some of Bailey’s most memorable numbers, including “Hello Dolly!” as well as some harmonizing between Muppet personalities like Fozzie and Scooter.


Steve Martin plays “Dueling Banjos”

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From Episode 208: “Steve Martin”

Steve Martin’s performance on The Muppet Show is as iconic as his early appearances on Saturday Night Live. Steve’s shining moment is a banjo performance with no need for lyrics, as the manic energy his performance of “Dueling Banjos” creates plenty of laughs just as it is. This moment was so memorable, Funny or Die brought Steve and Kermit back together for another round in 2013.


Peter Sellers talks with Kermit

Peter Sellers wearing a Viking helmet and holding two muppet chickens

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From Episode 219: “Peter Sellers”

Peter Sellers, the enigmatic character actor, died young. Many biographies, documentaries, and films have been made about his life. Perhaps his most famous quote about himself was appropriately uttered to Kermit the Frog during the first season of The Muppet Show: “But that, you see, my dear Kermit, would be all together impossible. I could never be myself. You see, there is no me, I do not exist. There used to be a me – but I had it surgically removed.”


Gilda Radner visits Muppet Labs

Budson Honeydew Introduces Gilda Radner

The Walt Disney Company

From Episode 304: “Gilda Radner”

Gilda Radner appears in what might be the greatest Muppet Labs sketch. It is one of those Muppet Show moments where the on stage sketch and the real world of the backstage transition together, after the sketch about super adhesive ends, Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker are still fighting amongst one another, while Gilda complains to Kermit about her hand being glued to her forehead.


The Animal, Harry Belafonte Drum Battle

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From Episode 314: “Harry Belafonte”

The “King of Calypso” himself goes up against Animal in a drum competition, and while I feel Belafonte might have won, no winner is announced and by the end these two were drumming in unison. Cooperation is always the baseline of the Henson brand, and this moment highlights this beautiful concept.


Miss Piggy attacks Florence Henderson

Miss Piggy Attacks Florence Henderson as Kermit watches

The Walt Disney Company

From Episode 107: “Florence Henderson”

When the mother from The Brady Bunch seems a bit too flirtatious with Kermit, Miss Piggy does not just stand idly by. In fact, Piggy offers a key aspect of her personality as she let’s loose her iconic karate chop and those immortal words, “HI-YAH!”


Kermit sings “Bein’ Green”

Kermit the Frog singing

The Walt Disney Company

From Episode 108: “Peter Ustinov”

Not every Muppet moment needs a guest star. I don’t often tear up when I see a singing frog, but when Kermit the Frog sings “Bein’ Green,” well, nobody will blame you if you weep openly.


Floyd Pepper sings “New York State of Mind”

Floyd Pepper sings while Zoot plays sax and Dr. Teeth plays piano

The Walt Disney Company

From Episode 209: “Madeline Kahn”

In most modern day Muppet incarnations The Electric Mayhem house band almost always perform together, on The Muppet Show, it was actually just as common to see just a few of them together. There are plenty of examples of Electric Mayhem performances to choose from, but something about how successfully simply having Floyd Pepper sing what was then a pretty new pop song without any artifice or slapstick antics is as good as these performances come.


Leslie Uggams & Big Bird Sing “Love Will Keep Us Together”

Leslie Uggams and Big Bird singing

The Walt Disney Company

From Episode 318: “Leslie Uggams with Big Bird”

Rarely did Sesame Street characters show up on The Muppet Show, but when Broadway and television actress Leslie Uggams, now perhaps known best for modern roles in Deadpool and Empire, hosted, she had Big Bird right there with her. Their duet of “Love Will Keep Us Together” remains far more listenable than The Captain and Tineale’s original.


John Cleese on Pigs In Space as a Pirate

Pirate John Cleese boards starship and threatens crew

The Walt Disney Company

From Episode 223: “John Cleese”

Pigs in Space was a fun Muppet fueled riff on Star Trek. When John Cleese appeared on The Muppet Show he played a villainous pirate that would have made more sense in the 18th Century, but perhaps a future where pigs fly is also a future where a Muppet parrot is openly disappointed he’s not at home watching a movie with his pirate owner.


Statler and Waldorf Roast Milton Berle

The Walt Disney Company

From Episode 203: “Milton Berle”

It wouldn’t be The Muppet Show without those cold hearted old hecklers, Statler and Waldorf. Even legendary comedian Milton Berle is not immune to their insults, and is visibly hurt by their commentary.


Pig Vikings Perform “In The Navy”

The Walt Disney Company / Via i.makeagif.com

From Episode 524: “Roger Moore”

An odd musical number that remains a staple Muppets moment, even without the use of any of the core Muppets. The song “In The Navy” is word for word Village People canon, but the song takes on strange new overtones as it becomes the theme for Vikings, all pigs, to plunder a village of poor townspeople.


Carol Burnett’s Lonely Asparagus sketch

The Walt Disney Company / Via i.gifer.com

From Episode 515: “Carol Burnett”

Carol Burnett has just the right tone to be an all star Muppet Show guest host. Throughout her episode the Muppets just want to dance, dance, dance, and when you finally think you’ll be seeing Carol’s much anticipated “Lonely Asparagus” sketch, Gonzo ends it all trying to present robotic dancers an award they are not eligible for. Just plain fun to watch Carol strangling Kermit as the credits roll.


Rowlf Sings “What a Wonderful World”

Rowlf comforts a puppy

The Walt Disney Company

From Episode 201: “Don Knotts”

A lot of tender moments on The Muppet Show, Kermit and Rowlf were two of the earliest Henson creations, and sometimes their solo work in the Henson era had the sound of personalities in the twilight of life. Much like the somber “Bein Green,” Rowlf’s rendition of “What a Wonderful World” where he simply sings and strokes a non-muppet puppy is a truly sweet and somehow sobering in the midst of Muppet mayhem.


Sam the Eagle Meets Alice Cooper

The Walt Disney Company / Via tumblr.com

From Episode 307: “Alice Cooper”

Just a short episode opener, this is just a hilarious meeting of the personalities. There really is nothing like watching a provocateur like Alice Cooper get pretentiously trash talked by the self-serious blue eagle, Sam.


Wonder Pig

The Walt Disney Company / Via crazy4gifs.com

From Episode 419: “Lynda Carter”

In the Lynda Carter hosted episode, Miss Piggy goes full Wonder Woman. Her nemesis? A live chicken, obviously.


Luke Skywalker, C-3PO, and R2-D2 Replace Angus McGonnigal

The Walt Disney Company / Via i.gifer.com

From Episode 417: “Cast of Star Wars

Giving those Star War Christmas Special vibes, Luke Skywalker shows up at The Muppet Show. The funniest part about this is the show sets the opening scene as if a purple Muppet named Angus Mcgonagall is being prepped to host, and then is immediately replaced when Star Wars characters burst through a wall.


Brooke Shields and Floyd Pepper in Alice in Wonderland

The Walt Disney Company / Via thumbs.gfycat.com

From Episode 506: “Brooke Shields”

The Brooke Shields episode is a play on Alice in Wonderland. In a very counter-cultural appearance as The Catipillar, Floyd Pepper of The Electric Mayhem, and Brooke Shields’ Alice have a far out conversation about mushrooms.


Renaissance-themed “Scarborough Fair” with Paul Simon

Scooter plays a lute as Paul Simon sings

The Walt Disney Company

From Episode 511: “Paul Simon”

The Muppets can make anything seem a lot more wholesome. “Scarborough Fair” feels a lot different in the background of The Graduate than it does as Paul Simon sings it for a medieval village of Muppets with voices far less melodic than Garfunkle’s.


Jean Stapleton is Wild About Crazy Harry

Jean Stapleton serenades Crazy Harry

The Walt Disney Company

From Episode 306: “Jean Stapleton”

Sure, Kermit had Piggy… Gonzo had Camilla… but who did Crazy Harry have? Well, as luck would have it, he had All In The Family‘s Jean Stapleton all up in his business. Apparently she had a thing for guys heavily into explosives. It is a delight to watch her sing “I’m Just Wild About Harry” as Crazy Harry gets wild with his dynamite.


Liza Minnelli in Copacabana

The Walt Disney Company / Via pinterest.com

From Episode 404: “Liza Minelli”

Liza’s “Copacabana” number includes only supporting cast members, but offers production value that really sweeps you up into the moment. Just because everyone but Liza is a muppet, the danger, excitement, and human experience still shines through. Minnelli being able to treat the Muppet cast and crew with seriousness creates a magical stage show of a number.


Gonzo and Camilla’s First Date

Camilla listens to Gonzo serenade

The Walt Disney Company

From Episode 318: “Leslie Uggams with Big Bird”

Everyone knows that the love of Gonzo’s life is Camilla the Chicken. But did you know their first date was ruined when Gonzo’s wandering fell upon the appealingly bulky Big Bird? Luckily love won in the end.


Fozzie Bear Almost Gets Fired

Fozzie disappoints Kermit

The Walt Disney Company

From Episode 303: “Roy Clark”

Among the great bromances in American History, Martin & Lewis, Obama & Biden, Lemon & Matthau… none is more bromantic than that of Fozzie Bear and Kermit the Frog… but in Season 3 of The Muppet Show Fozzie’s incompetence almost got him canned, and surprisingly this had nothing to do with his corny jokes. Fozzie sent stage hands home, wreaked havoc on the theater, and caused significant injury to Kermit… but in the end Kermit forgave.


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