You can now very easily publish your jobs on and be sure to get to the people you are looking for within the shortest time!
How can this be done?
If you are a registered member of the site,a job dashboard page is there to give you control of your jobs..Check the “post a job” page to post your vacancies and manage your posted jobs with the job dashboard.
. Not registered? Click. Register
Not a member and still want to post jobs? Don’t worry, We got you covered! Simply visit Our homepage Check the side bar,you’ll see pages,click “post a job” and follow the prompts.very easy to create and manage.If you encounter any challenges doing or need assistance posting your job,reach us at
[email protected] .

What if the vacancies gets filled?
Your job dashboard has facilities to enable you stop running vacancies for already filled positions.

Is the posting of jobs restricted to any country?
You can post your job from any where in the world,and be able to indicate the region you have vacancies.

Why post your jobs on gistwheel?

We have a wide reach worldwide to take your vacancies to the right audience.Our numerous social network and share buttons enables you to share your jobs with your friends and social contacts.
How much does it cost?
It’s absolutely free!

Warning: any suspicious posts or addressess would be detected by our highly sophisticated anti-spam system and the poster IP would be automatically blocked.

To job applicants
Our system will go a long way to check the authenticity of employers,that not withstanding your discretion is advised.

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