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When you’re feeling down, you probably have a sort of coping method to help ya soothe yourself. And for some people, that method is music!

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Music can be a powerful, emotional tool.

You just crank up your go-to song(s) and drown out the world, letting the music overtake the stress.

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So we wanna know, what songs do you listen to when you’re feeling overwhelmed and why?

For the times when you feel like “an old cardigan,” you sway to Taylor Swift. / Via

Or you turn on Ariana to remind you to breathe.

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~Just keep breathin’ and breathin’ and breathin’ and breathin’.~

Do you jam to Lizzo to remind yourself that you’re the baddest bitch?

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And grab yourself some juice, while you’re at it.

Or do you sing (see: scream) it out to Rihanna, ’cause please.

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Take a bow.

On the other hand, maybe you listen to Harry Styles because we all go through highs and lows.

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Like he says, “We’ll be alright.”

Speaking of being alright, do you just blast Kendrick when you need to tap into some resilience?

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Wouldn’t you know?

Whether it’s punk, soul, or a pop ballad, share what songs you turn to when you’re feeling overwhelmed below and why it’s your go-to!

You could potentially introduce someone to a song that’ll help them get through tough times and be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!

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