Since my first year in the university I’ve been living off-k (off campus) Living off campus has its merits and demerits. You come and go when you like,invite who you like ,total freedom from any form of restriction.
I lived in one of the best lodges close to school. I had enough money,enough charm and charisma to make the girls hover over me like flies.Being chiked by girls is not new to me. I never had to worry about cooking because girls competed whose food I was going to be eating more. In turn I favored them with my smiles,some nice time out and some kinda security.
Life off-k was great,however we had one great threat – the school Anti-cult. Those men are devils ,rippling muscles everywhere. They never bothered to those inside school .They made the lodges off-k a hell for us. They’ve chiked nearly every good looking girl living off-k. If you ever find yourself having any problems with any fine girl ,guys would always advice you apologize and let go.or face the goons.
In my very Lodge,my friend Ken and I had more power than the lodge president himself. We were the ones who put him in office.
The final year ritual has always been that once the finalists write their final exams, guys always poured water on them.Some bad bellies would then start taking advantage of this to deal with perceived to enemies. Some would pour peppery water,and all types of dirty and disgraceful stuff .
My friend Ken Advertently poured some unclean water on one of the “hot chicks in town” The girl poured retaliated. And then backed up her attack by hauling her expensive 15900 At him.He picked up the phone and threw it down into the dirty water. That was it.
The next day our guys tipped us off on an expected visit by Anti-cult. The goon came with rippling muscles and Chest that grew out big in front of him.We were off before then. Two days after,he came by and ordered us out. I wasn’t directly involved but somehow my name got mentioned in the case because I was supporting my man.
“Were you guys not told that I wanted to see you??”
We stood calculating our chances.
A thunderous slap that had muscles landed on Ken’s face.The slap shook him greatly.
All the girls who had one reason or the other to quarrel with him and some guys that lost their babes to him began to cheer at his disgrace.
I got annoyed and at the same time frightened. I stood no chances against the huge-chested muscular beast standing before me.I had to save my face and my friend’s.
“What’s your problem guy?? The school authority has warned you guys against harassing students like this.How can you come here this early morning this exam period to start slapping students?? You think having muscles entitle you to harass anybody you see?”
I was retreating as I was venting.
“Will you come here!!! I said come here now!”
Part of me was afraid but I was willing to fight it out to the end.
Some guys upstairs were jeering wildly. ” he’s calling you, why not go and collect your own slap? Lol!!!”
I walked up to him. ” you know you can’t touch me.ask This girl here if I was the one who poured water on here! If you dare touch me,I won’t stop you,but I swear to you you’ll will not leave this place the way you came!! ” my eyes at this point were blood red. ” do you know who I am?? You think just because you have muscles you can harass whoever you see?? By the way the school authority has banned you guys from going around lodges and harassing innocent students”
I knew I had cut deep.
“Shut up there” he managed to sneer with a subdued spirit.
He called the girl out for a tetea- tetea .He came back and without looking at my face asked me to get out. I went up amidst cheers from my fans and foes. For the first time in the lodge someone stood up against a goon.
From the safety of upstairs I shouted out to Ken that I was dressing up to go see the Dean of students affairs.
After about fifteen minutes Ken came up holding his battered left face. “He said I should pay 10k for That stupid girl’s Brazilian hair and go repair her phone.” He was looking so overcome.
“Ken, we’re going to the Dean’s office now! That fool has touched the tiger’s tail.”
We bandaged his left face.To our advantage he had a not-too fresh wound on that left face and had swollen up.
” Jeeeez!! You mean an Anti-cult did this to you,this exam period??? ”
We told our story again adding justifiable spices where we could.
“Go get me a letter from your lodge president to confirm that such an incident took place in your lodge and at the time you said, involving K.K .If this is true, K.K is done for!”
That afternoon the lodge president the weakling that he was started pleading with us to let the sleeping dog lie. We gathered our friends and there and then set up an impromptu hostel committee for his immediate impeachment. He realized there and then that we meant business. I suspect he called the goon and told him about our visit to the Dean.Because that night The goon made desperate calls to us,to come and see him.We told him no,that if he wanted to see us he should come to our Lodge.The next afternoon he came. He looked so defeated.He knew what the Dean could do when he genuinely gets angry.He came with the lodge president ,using the lamb as mouth piece.
“Please guys ,let’s resolve this issue maturely,like men”
I glared at him,”you didn’t realize he is a man when you were slapping the yup outa him in front of the whole lodge”
When he saw the lodge president could not make us budge,he took up the begging himself. We stuck to our guns.I told him he’d have to pay back the money Ken spent on treating himself and any other conditions Ken might impose,otherwise first thing the next day we’d be in the Dean’s office to finish up the business.
When he saw that I was wondering he one pouring the fire,he asked to talk to me over a bottle of Brandy at the Runners bar. I did a mental calculation.The brandy would not be a bad idea,but who knows how many toes this goon had stepped on..’fore someone pays with his life for an offence he didn’t commit.
“No thanks”
Ken charged up then, “he has to call down everyone in the lodge and openly kneel and apologize!”
I gave him a double side glance.He understood. And quickly covered the statement up as if he never said it.
I looked at K.K “I would have followed up what Ken said,but for the sake of manhood. You never considered that when you were disgracing him out there and trying to shine to the lodge Chicks.”
The girl involved even came in and joined him to plead.
When we finally ended the case ,the guys pocket got relieved of no less than 4k.
But then the incident added more Diadems to our crowns. Now we have an anti-cult friend,a goon friend who is willing and ready to answer us any time any day. Some times we go drinking with him,showing the babes around how much our levels have changed. We have crossed the Rubicon. Our stories soon spread throughout the lodges around and even inside school. That got us somewhere big ,more freedom.

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