After four GRUELING months of waiting, Gigi Hadid FINALLY revealed her and Zayn’s daughter’s name, and in the most low-key way ever — by slipping it into her Instagram bio!

Gigi's bio says "Gigi Hadid, khai's mom, IMG Worldwide

Instagram.com / @gigihadid

KHAI’S MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Instagram.com / @gigihadid

OMG. So, Khai…I love it. But immediately, I was like, “What’s the meaning behind it???” So my Google search began.

E! / giphy.com

According to an ever-in-the-know TMZ source, the name is a tribute to Gigi’s paternal grandmother, whose name was Khairia.

“Gigi loved everything about Tata,” Gigi’s dad — and now Khai’s grandpa — captioned the post. “Gigi won first place in an art competition of a portrait of her Tata.”

We love a heartfelt family connection!!!

The CW / giphy.com

I’d say Gigi and Zayn totally nailed it with this name, and Gigi’s grandmother would be so, so proud.

Sending love to Gigi, Zayn, baby Khai and their whole fam!!! 💖💖💖

MTV / giphy.com

UPDATE: An earlier version of this post cited an inaccurate translation of Khai’s name.


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