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Unless you’re cuckoo bananas, you remember Manny Santos from Degrassi: The Next Generation, aka the best character ever.


Manny had so many iconic hairstyles and outfits on the show, from pink tracksuits to front bangs.


Here’s a breakdown of Cassie’s ratings:


Young Manny outfit

pink tie dye and flower light denim wash jeans

TikTok / @isteelethings / Via

Cassie’s verdict: “Really cute, perfect back-to-school gear.”

Rate: 8


Velour pink tracksuit

tight tracksuit showing midriff

TikTok / @isteelethings / Via

Cassie’s verdict: “I love tracksuits, but this shade of pink did not do me any favors. It just didn’t fit that well.”

Rate: 6


Sheer crop top, jeans, and pink thong

Manny and Craig kissing and dancing

TikTok / @isteelethings / Via

Cassie’s verdict: “This shade of pink, though…love this outfit. Very Britney Spears.”

Rate: 9


Short, choppy haircut

shoulder-length bob with layers and bangs

TikTok / @isteelethings / Via

Cassie’s verdict: “I tried to do this fashionable mullet, and it just didn’t turn out…but I really, really, really tried to make it work.”

Rate: 4


Blonde hair and short bangs

TikTok / @isteelethings / Via

Cassie’s verdict: “I just couldn’t make this one work, could I? Okay, point for bravery!”

Rate: 1


University Manny

natural long wavy hair with fringe bangs, wearing cute patterned scarf

TikTok / @isteelethings / Via

Cassie’s verdict: “This was ‘Degrassi Goes Hollywood,’ ‘Life Is a Show’…it was safe, average.”

Rate: 7


And finally, the iconic blue thong look

Manny walking down hallway in famous Season 3 scene showing her thong

TikTok / @isteelethings / Via

Cassie’s verdict: “This look. This was Manny from cute to hot, the thong…”

Rate: “10 cause it’s so iconic.”

Thank you to Cassie Steele and the Degrassi gods for brightening my 2020.


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