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The cartwheel text:

person using emojis to simulate a cartwheel


The pie text:

joke about pie prices in the bahamas and jamaica aka the pie rates of the carribean



The leg text:

text about someone asking if theyd rather lose an arm or leg and they say leg because they need both arms to snowmobile


The grandma text:

text from grandma that reads your car is on fire april foul


The Mercedes text:

text where someone asks for a picture and the guy sends a selfie but they meant picture of a car


The Jeff Bezos text:

text asking why jeff bezos isn't santa despite having all our addresses and money


The Neal text:

text from a stranger of neal street and the other person says we haven't talked in 3 years


The orange text:

text reading what rhymes with orange and the other person says no it doesn't



The Wendy’s text:

text to a grandma about getting wendys after surgery but she's so high she spells it wendjys


The Robert text:

text saying you're a piece of shit and then is this robert and they say its todd and they say fuck off todd you're a piece of shit too


The car sale text:

person asking if a car is still available and the other person says yes and they say okay and the other person says are you interested and they say no



The squirrel text:

person accidentally calling their baby girl a barbque squirrel


The flash text:

person saying i was looking for my phone with the flash of my phone


The bird text:

person sending a pic of a bird and the other person says i hate him dumb bird wing toobig


The mower text:

person trying to sell a mower for 19000 dollars and the other person asks is it made of gold and the other person says no its red


The grammar text:

person spelling thief thceif because someone says i before e except after c


The joke text:

person says tell me a joke and the other person says did you hear abotu the two antennas that got married and the other person says no and they say ok


The nap text:

person saying shut up i'm trying to nap and the other person says i thought you were at work and they say i am


The frog text:

person sending a big frog pic and the other person says tell him to be small


The cheating text:

person saying i didn't mean to cheat on you and accidentally sends a pic of the stonks guy


The deep text:

person who says sbeve


The crack text:

person who says there's a crack in their phone but it's a pic of a butt


The phone text:

text reading i love my new phone it fits everywhere and the other person says what and they say it's an in your window but they mean innuendo


The heaven text:

text reading did it hurt yah i was talking about the fall from heaven it all hurts my life is pain and suffering


And the landlord text:

landlord saying no pets in the apartment and the other person sends a nice looking frog and they i saw i will make an exception

He does, doesn’t he.

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