A handy step stool that’ll help anyone get to those hard-to-reach places or the vertically challenged. When you’re done with it, the stool folds up easily for convenient storage.

Person holding step stool


Promising review: “Great step stool!!! I am 5′ tall so I bought a bunch of these and have them all over my apartment. So helpful and easy to fold up and stick in a corner, closet, etc. Very happy with this product.” —Brooke

Price: $15.49


A three-tier rack to keep any area for shoes a little bit tidier. This contemporary wood and metal piece blends in with its surroundings nicely and is lightweight enough to be moved around easily.

The three-tier rack holding shoes


Promising review: “I love this. It was easy to put together by myself. It is sturdy to hold our family’s shoes and I placed two baskets on top for winter gear storage.” —Celia G.

Price: $34.99


A set of food storage containers that’ll help accomplish those mise en place goals in your kitchen. This set of five OXO pop containers are perfect for storing anything from dry goods to snacks.

The storage containers holding dry pantry goods


Promising review: “Love how easy they are to use and fit perfectly with the food I was wanting to store in them. I plan to buy more!” —MariG

Price: $49.99 for a set of five


A 6-quart Crock-Pot – it does way more than make your favorite dishes. The travel-proof locking lid means easy transport for something tasty.

The crock pot cooking meatballs


Promising review: “Just what I was looking for. The convenience of having something so simple to use and transport without spilling anything!” —Sammi62

Price: $39.99


A deep fryer to make everything taste better. Even the best cooks in the world will tell you everything is tastier when it’s fried, and with this stainless steel gadget you’ll be able to test the theory yourself.

A 3.7 quart deep fryer


Promising review: “Love it …. from box to counter, ease of use, size and the commercial look, I couldn’t be happier.” —Roy G.

Price: $39.99 (originally $49.99)


An air purifier to give your sinuses the protection they need. This slim-designed mini tower is perfect for small rooms and removes up to 99% of airborne particles.

The mini air purifier


Promising review: “I bought two — one for my room and one for the boys . It’s very easy to clean and use. I definitely recommend to use in daily basis.” —Karla D.

Price: $49.99


A trash can that isn’t a regular trash can, it’s a cool trash can. This Simplehuman waste bin will do more than hold 4.5 liters of garbage, it’ll look good on the job too.

The gold trash can


Promising review: “No touch deposal. Odor control. Perfect fitting trash bags. Stainless steel. Easy to clean. Overall, a great product!” —SWilliamsJD

Price: $24.99+ (available in seven colors)


A serving tray for the host who knows presentation matters. This 16-inch wooden and brass round board is as stylish as it is functional, especially for those going for a rustic aesthetic.

A serving tray


Promising review: “I absolutely love how versatile this tray is! Really dresses up our living room. Used it for fall decor, Christmas decor, and now spring decor. Beautiful and very good quality.” —Zubby

Price: $29.99


An accent rug that will have people asking you where you bought it from. This decorative runner comes in two colors that will add just the right amount of pop to any floor you set it on.


Promising review:“Beautiful! Even better in person. I loved this rug so much I bought two more as runners for my hallway.” —Ashia

Price: $11.99+ (available in six sizes and two colors)


Promising review:“Beautiful! Even better in person. I loved this rug so much I bought two more as runners for my hallway.” —Ashia

Price: $11.99+ (available in six sizes and two colors)


An over-the-door mirror for someone who needs a full-length once-over before leaving the home. With hooks that hang over a bathroom or bedroom door, this reflective piece saves space while creating the illusion of more space.

An over-the-door mirror


Promising review: “I don’t have much space in my room for a full mirror, so over the door was the only option I had and I have no regrets with this one.” —AMF

Price: $50 (available in two colors)


A smart plug that will instantly make you feel more in control of all the electronics in your place. Download the app, and use it to power up or down your devices

Woman controlling slow cooker from her phone because of the smart plug


Promising review: “These plugs are fantastic and after using them in my living room for two of our lamps, I want them in my whole house.” —McKenah J.

Price: $29.99


A compost bin for the person who knows not all waste is equal. With its clean design and removable vented lid, this bin makes separating your food scraps more convenient than ever.

The silver compost bin


Promising review: “Before, we’d dump food waste in our kitchen bin and it would quickly start to smell. Decided to purchase this bin and it kept odor locked inside. It’s also very easy to clean and disinfect.” —Plant Mom

Price: $29.99


A utility cart that can stay in its place or be moved around easily. This three-tier metal cart with wheels can move easily between rooms and with its sleek design, it looks like it belongs anywhere you place it.

A rollable metal cart


Promising review: “Very sturdy cart at a great price. Can be used for so many things.” —Lakmak

Price: $35 (available in two colors)


A grip pad to keep all the rugs in your home from slipping underneath your feet. Not only does the pad prevent your rug from bunching, it also adds a layer of cushion to your rug.

A carpet grip pad


Promising review: “This works exactly as expected. I put it under my rug that my bed sits on top. I used to have problems with the bed shifting slightly as I would get in or up, but not any more.” —kktot

Price: $4.99+ (available in seven sizes)


A laundry sorter that makes separating your dirty clothes easy. With four compartments, and wheels to roll the hamper around in, laundry day will be a breeze.

A compartmental hamper


Promising review: “I purchased this so I can better organize laundry days… You can wheel it in and out of rooms which is convenient.” —Zuly

Price: $40.99


A doormat ready to be stepped all over. This blank coir mat has a vinyl backing to help keep it in place and can be customized however you choose to express yourself.

A doormat


Promising review: “I love this door mat. It’s perfect. It’s not fancy, it’s just a doormat. And that’s exactly what I wanted for my front door mat.” —Deb M.

Price:. $9:99


A weighted blanket that will help you reach new levels of cozy. At 12 lbs, it’s not too heavy, but applies just the right amount of pressure to help you fall asleep quicker than you normally would.

The gray weighted blanket


Promising review: “Bought this as a lap blanket for my recliner and it was a bit too heavy for that so I tried it on my full size bed and it is wonderful. I’m falling asleep quicker and sleeping more soundly.” —L Latture

Price: $25


An accent lamp that looks like it came straight from a contemporary art museum. The geometric shape of this marble lamp will not only light up the space, but it is also sure to spark conversation from guests.

An accent lamp


Promising review: “Looks beautiful in my home and gives off just the perfect amount of light.” —Andrea

Price: $35


A three-step stool for when those hard-to-reach places are even harder to reach. Take cleaning, hanging, mounting, or even cereal storage to new heights with this ladder that reaches 58″.

A three-step ladder


Promising review: “If you’re looking for a solid, sturdy step ladder— this is it! I love how the top has sections to hold different materials like screws and screwdrivers! It’s well constructed and folds up very easily when you are done.” —Rachel

Price: $44.99


A pair of bookends that will give your bookshelf a tropical vibe. These white and gold, pineapple-shaped book holders will add some flavor to any shelf you put them on.

A pair of bookends


Promising review: “I absolutely love these! Gave them as a bridal gift and ended up buying myself a set as well. Super great quality, sturdy, cute and heavy duty.” —Cayray

Price: $21.99


A spice rack to spice up your kitchen. This three-tiered, wooden organizer is a useful touch for the home cook who cares about function and appearances.

A spice rack


Promising review: “It looks beautiful and perfectly organized my spice cabinet, definitely feels sturdier than one of the expandable spice racks.” —AndersonP

Price: $21


An end-table that can squeeze into those narrow spaces or stand alone. This functional, C-shaped piece will add some cuteness and functionality to whatever space you put it in.

The side table


Promising review: “Love this side table. It feels sturdy and looks of good quality. Assembly was super easy and it looks great in my room.” — Beau

Price: $34.39 (originally $42.99; available in three sizes)


A wine rack to hold a few of your favorite bottles until the in-home happy hour begins. This eight-bottle wooden case has a cool design that’ll make you look like a serious collector.

8-bottle wine rack


Promising review: “I bought this wine rack to use in our exercise room to hold small towels and I LOVE IT! Great design and quality and this is well-made.” —jkabj

Price: $36


A humidifier that’ll help you breathe a little easier in your place. Whether you want better sleep, healthier house plants, or just cleaner air, this handy device will fit your needs.

The humidifier on a nightstand next to a bed


Promising review: “Works perfectly for my space. Its not super quiet, but it’s not bothersome either. Actually rather tranquil hum.” —Kay

Price: $39.49


A small fan when you want to cool off but not freeze. Keep this mini fan close by the next time you want to chill out while working at your desk or watching Netflix on your couch.

The small retro-looking mini fan on a bookcase


Promising review: “Best for a small space, I got it for my desk but it’s working better than I expected. I love it and it’s really cute unlike other fans.” —Jenny

Price: $39.99


A light bulb that you can actually hear. If you’ve ever wanted more speakers but lack the space, this bulb is a bright idea that will brighten your room with light and sound.

A lightbulb speaker


Promising review: “I really enjoyed trying out this bulb. It surprised everyone to know that sound was coming from it and they were very interested in learning more about it and where they can get one too.” —Ned

Price: $27.99


A set of small flashlights just in case. One can never be too prepared for unexpected darkness, so be ready for the moment with this pack of useful flashlights, including a compact one for everyday use.

A set of three flashlights


Promising review: “I really like how the flashlight can be made smaller, which is convenient for carrying in a bag or pocket. The adjustable beam light is nice as well!” —Britnbar

Price: $12.99


A compact organizer that comes in multiple colors. Make this set of six storage cubes pop or blend in with any space in your place and keep everything organized.

The fabric storage cubes


Promising review: “They are perfect for what I needed them for and one fits in my closet for extra storage. Standing up they are a little taller than a toddler.” —Sabryna

Price: $29.99 (available in five colors)


A basket to hold anything from toys to towels. No one has ever said they have enough baskets, but this deep woven rectangle-shaped basket might be enough to do whatever job you need it to do.

A basket


Promising review: “Very nice basket, sturdy and can be used for many things. Very appealing to look at. I would highly recommend this item to someone to buy.” —Sue

Price: $38


A cordless vacuum that will make small cleanup jobs a breeze. This handheld vacuum is lightweight and comes with a brush to handle any upholstery messes.

Person vacuuming tight corner with the handheld vacuum


Promising review: “Suction is impressive for a small vacuum, even with a relatively dirty dust bin/filter. Battery life is more than enough for several small jobs before needing a charge. And performance vs price is outstanding.” —Caleb

Price: $39.99


A steamer to smooth out the fuss of getting wrinkles out. This both sanitizes and steams your garments with ease and heats up quickly.

A steamer


Promising review: “I love this steamer. It really makes my shirts look really great for work. I can’t wait to use it on my wedding dress.” —Seleon508

Price: $39.99

The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.


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