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A fluffy sherpa blanket for naps on the couch or a cuddle session with your favorite human or furry friend. Bonus: This comes in six colors!

The fuzzy blankets in six colors


Promising review: “Favorite blanket I’ve ever owned. It’s so incredibly soft but doesn’t get fluff coming off. Washes great with no issues. My pup and I love the king-size so much, I ordered her the throw size!” – Jessica

Price: $8.88 (available in six colors)


A modern tripod table and floor lamp set because who doesn’t want a two-for-one price deal? This modern, minimalist design will be easy to match with your existing decor.

A lamp set in a home


Promising review: “Simply can’t be the price. Assembly was pretty straightforward, and both seem pretty good quality! The cord is run through one of the legs, so it doesn’t hang down awkwardly, which I appreciate. I’m very happy!” – Rachel

Price: $42.13 (originally $59.99)


A tufted trellis decorative throw pillow to give any room a modern farmhouse or boho vibe. This fun pillow is made from 100% cotton fabric and is filled with ~recycled~ polyester.

A cream pillow on a grey couch


Promising review: “This pillow is amazing. I ordered two, and they both came looking exactly alike. They are also massive pillows as well, a lot bigger than I ever anticipated. They’re very full, plush, and soft. I also really like the boho look; they match the theme of my living room. 10/10 would recommend.” –Lynsey
Price: $15.87 (available in four colors)


A tabletop wooden tray for a rustic vibe. This tray is perfect as a centerpiece for any table. You can use this tray for entertaining, to hold a vase, for TV remotes, and so much more.

A wooden tray on a table


Promising review: “Perfect for me farmhouse decor (in the making)! I use it to put small vase, flowers, books, anything cute.” –ATT

Price: $14.22


A French-style gold frame to give any room that ~je ne sais quoi.~ This is perfect for a glamorous vibe! These gold frames come in various sizes, so it’s easy to keep the frames consistent throughout any home.

A few gold photo frames


Promising review: “I was so surprised I was able to find such a sophisticated looking frame here on Walmart and so happy that I did. The finish on the frame is really beautiful with the soft silver patina, and the antiqued rope work on the inside really gives it the perfect finishing touch.” – PeterT

Price: $8.49+ (available in four sizes)


A simple lamp with a USB port, so you can charge your phone whenever and wherever in your home. This lamp is on the smaller side, so it’s ideal for a small space.

A silver lamp with a USB port


Price: $16.84 (originally $19.99; available in three colors)


A white-wash, ~farmhouse~ wall mirror because sometimes you just need to check your outfit one last time before heading out the door. Additionally, it would be great for some TikTok videos (not saying that’s our only use for a mirror…but).

A wall mirror in a home


Promising review: “The quality of this mirror was so much better than I expected, especially for the price. I bought this to sit atop my vanity and I absolutely love it! The white wash goes great with my farmhouse decor.” –Sarah

Price: $48


A ~floating~ clock that showcases the classic architectural design for a unique vibe. Although this piece is simple, it will make any room look cooler and more ~aesthetic.~

A bed with a clock above it


Promising review: “Perfect size for our wall. Easy to hang up. The clock’s ticking sound is barely heard!” –Donyelle

Price: $39.95


A lightbox novelty decorative sign because let’s be real here — it’s super cute and irresistible. Use this to showcase ~whatever~ is on your mind.

An image of light box with "Make Today Awesome" written


Promising review: “It looks so cute in my house, and it’s a nice size.” –Cristina

Price: $16.98 (originally $25; available in rainbow)


A set of six lightweight floating picture frames for a modern feel. These float frames are a minimalist’s dream come true.

A home with floating frames hung up


Promising review: “These frames are PERFECT for a gallery wall. They are super lightweight but not flimsy. I am excited to order more and add to my gallery. These would also be great to display children’s school art. The assembly process was a breeze. These can be stood up on a shelf or easily hung on the walls.” – Briana

Price: $16.09


A ~personalized~ art canvas with you and your S.O.’s name “carved” onto a tree because it’s super cute and will make your S.O. blush. It makes a great gift and bonus, it comes in three sizes!

A wall with an art piece showing a tree


Promising review: “I ordered this for a couple who has everything. It is in black and white, which they love. The carved heart is perfect with the date below. Very different and a nice keepsake.” –Pattekat12

Price: $24.99+ (available in three sizes and unframed)


A faux suede decorative throw pillow with ~flange~ that’ll look great on every surface, your couch, your bed, and more. Be warned. your pet might try to steal this to sleep on.

A chair with a bright blue pillow on it


Promising review: “Love the texture and quality of these pillows! They are inexpensive, but you wouldn’t know it! They are filled with cushion to provide a comfortable rest behind your back The soft texture look good with other textures. You will absolutely love these! I have bought so many of them because you can’t beat the style and quality!” –karen

Price: $7.88 (available in five colors)


An ~elegant~ mercury glass gold vase to add a pinch of elegance to your space. It is sure to stand out in your home, no matter what.


Promising review: “OMG….now this is one home decor piece to brag about….not only is the design, quality, and size just right….but the style blends in well with all my decor that I purchased for my ‘new’ home….this was a purchase that I could not go wrong with…..just blown away how well this item just held my stemmed faux floral arrangements so well and just kicked my home decor 10 notches to perfection!!” –Joseph

Price: $12.97 (originally $15.95)


A bronze traditional task lamp to make you feel like you’re living in a historical drama. This lamp is perfect for your desk or if you want to live your best dark academia life. Plus it’s super bright!

A traditional bronze light at a desk


Promising review: “The picture hardly does it justice, nice heavy base and vintage style accents my desk nicely. Large enough shade put light where you need it most! Excellent purchase.” –Karver

Price: $25.91


A funky diffuser that’s inspired by the stars because if you have to WFH, at least you can make it feel like a spa day. This diffuser even comes with some essential oils, so you’re ready to go!

A rainbow- colored diffuser with oils


Promising review: “Love that it mists, and the smell is amazing. Great for relaxation and stress reliever! It makes a great nite light with different colors, and love the effect around the defuser! Love the price too! Getting another one for my front room!” – Jess8336

Price: $24.72


A “hello” doormat to welcome everyone into your home. This chic doormat is such a simple and inexpensive way to make your home feel more ~homey.~

A home with a "Hello" doormat outside


Promising review: “Looked everywhere for a mat like this, and they were all outrageously priced. This appears to be a pretty good quality mat, looks great and is affordable.” –stephanie

Price: $11.44


A set of three white ceramic pillar candle holders that’ll give your space a timeless look. Use these as a centerpiece, or even spread them throughout your home to improve the atmosphere.

White candle pillars in a home


Promising review: “Exactly as pictured. Package was good. Happily sitting on our dining table with pillar candles.” –Meklit

Price: $24.97


A faux fur throw to embrace your inner polar bear this winter. These faux fur blankets may be super cuddly, but they are also surprisingly lightweight so that you can keep ’em around all year long.

Three faux fur blankets in white, grey and pink


Promising review: “This blanket is super soft. It’s a good size for sitting on the couch watching TV.” –CherZ

Price: $18.94 (available in three colors)


A set of two-wire baskets with fabric for anything and everything. These rustic baskets are inspired by visions of historical France and perfect for that ~French girl vibe.~

A set of wire baskets with fabric


Promising review: “I love how you get two different sizes! I make frequent trips to the farmers market, and these baskets are perfect to store my produce and baked goods. They look cute all together and also can stack for storage.” – Amy

Price: $18.99


A five-light floor lamp that’ll brighten up any room — it’s got five light fixtures for a reason. Plus, each light is flexible, so you can adjust it to your liking.

A room with a 5-head lamp


Promising review: “This lamp exceeded my expectations, especially with such a low price. My home office is dark, so I wanted something that would provide a lot of light. I am using LED bulbs, and I am very happy with the amount of light this lamp provides. Definitely recommend!” –Gina

Price: $29.99 (originally $34.99; available in silver)


Plus a textured lightweight, solid curtain panel to help with the brightening. This design is perfect to spruce up any room for a more casual and chill look.

White curtains in someone's home


Promising review: “I am very pleased with these curtains!! They are the perfect addition to my bedroom. They have a little texture like the description says. You can somewhat see through them, which isn’t a problem since I wasn’t going for anything heavy. I wasn’t sure how they’d be because I ordered them sight unseen during the quarantine for COVID but couldn’t be happier!!:)” – Bridgett

Price: $4.88+ (available in three sizes and in eight colors)


A striped washable bath rug for any ~nautical~ themed bathroom or really any bathroom. It even has a skid-resistant background, so you don’t slip and hurt yourself.

A striped bathroom mat on the floor


Promising review: “This rug is just what I was looking for well made washable does not fade.” – tinkerplants
Price: $22.05 (originally $25.88; available in five colors)


A crushed velvet tufted square floor cushion to glam up your favorite spot to sit. These ~oversized~ cushions are perfect for stacking up on any bench, bed, and more.

A green floor cushion on a floor in a home


Promising review: “Just got these for my mediation space, and I love them. I got them in emerald green. Gorgeous color, soft and seem to be good quality. They’re also stuffed really well. So you don’t need to worry about feeling the floor beneath you. I’m very pleased with them.” –alison

Price: $29.99 (available in eight colors)


A set of white marble bookends that take you from A to Z, literally. These bookends are perfect for updating your bookshelf or office space.

A set of marble bookends


Price: $20.59


A navy three-piece area rug in an abstract pattern to stand out in your home. These rugs are machine-washable and have a nonskid latex backing.

A blue rug with white detailing in a home


Promising review: “These rugs are great for the price. I bought them because living with a dog; I needed a lot of sand control. Placed the runner and larger mats by the backslider. Dog loves to lay on them and look outside. Placed the smaller one just outside the door. Working great so far it’s been a week, and sand is minimal. I love that I can throw these in the washer when needed. They’re a little cheap, so if you’re looking for something super soft and plush, these aren’t. But I love them and can’t beat the price!! 5 stars.” –Laura

Price: $38.41


A rustic wood desktop organizer because if you have to work from home, why not do it in style? Plus, we all know how easy it is to lose things in our home.

A rustic wood desk organizer


Price: $32.47 (originally $39.99)


A candle holder with spots for not one, not two, but seven candles! This candle holder can hold three pillar candles and four votive or tea light candles. The silver colors make it easy to match to any decor style.

Silver candle holders in a home


Promising review: “I have a glass top coffee table, and this goes perfectly with it. The candles light through the glass holders and the tabletop.” – NEPA

Price: $32


A set of room-darkening curtains, because sometimes you need to block out the sunlight. These are designed to help your sleep better and to keep out unwanted heat and cold.

Black curtains hanging in a room


Promising review: “Beautiful and do a decent job of blocking out light. I bought curtain ring clips to hang them. Just really pretty curtains!” – Kat

Price: $9.94 (originally $12.69; available in two sizes and in seven colors)


A backrest lounger pillow for your bed, because who wants back pain? This backrest is super ~soft~ and perfect for lounging as we all continue to WFH.

A tan backrest


Promising review: “I was hesitant to buy this pillow online, as I had read reviews of many different ‘husband pillows,’ and I was concerned this may have a chemical odor or be too soft or just not work. I am thankful I gave it a try, as it is terrific. It has a touch of softness, BUT it has the firmness/structure necessary to be supportive. It gives plenty of support without being hard. It has no odor. It is a great shade of blue. I highly recommend it!” – backpacker

Price: $15.87 (available in four colors)


A small storage basket tote made from ~woven plastic~ for organizing any room. You can use these for a variety of different items, including clothing, bath products, office supplies, and so much more.

A brown, grey, blue and white basket being used in a home


Promising review: “I am pleased with the sturdiness of the baskets. Love the handles. Have problems with my hands, and these handles make lifting the baskets great.” –2012sunshine

Price: $16.97 (available in three colors)


A set of gold metal cougar bookends to keep your books looking fierce at all times. These bookends are perfect for adding a little glamour to your home.

A set of gold bookends on a table


Price: $49.20

The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.


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