A Cuisinart 5.5 quart mixer, because you will surely want to whip it out whenever you’re baking delicious cakes or mixing homemade pasta dough.

a red stand mixer


Promising review: “This mixer was easy to set up and operate, the attachments were easy to put on and take off, and the price was HALF the price of other brands. The splatter shield is a game-changer, especially for the ‘flour clouds’ produced by a regular hand mixer. Looking forward to adding the pasta and ice cream maker attachments!” –Laurie

Price: $199.95 (available in five colors)


A set of LED puck lights to adhere under your cabinets and open up your counter space, allowing you to see more clearly. These pucks also work anywhere your home may need extra light, like in the garage, basement, or even closet.

three led lights on display in front of a cabinet that has LED lights adhered under it


Promising review: “It’s a nice unit and was easy to figure out how to install. It adds a nice bit of light to my desk.” —Sketty

Price: $15.62 (available in two colors)


A narrow rolling shelf that’ll provide you with the perfect home for all of your onions, potatoes, and shallots.

a 4-tiered rolling cart holding pantry essentials next to a kitchen island


This rolling shelf is also great for chicly storing laundry detergent by your washer.

Promising review: “So easy to assemble and I’m grateful for having the extra space that my tiny kitchen lacks! I filled it up with frequently used items so this works, great plus it’s so lightweight I can move to any part of the kitchen. I just may buy another.” —Peggy

Price: $38.70+ (available in two sizes)


A Pioneer Woman citrus juicer, because once you live life with a citrus juicer, you’ll never want to go back to squeezing juice and pulp out with just your hand and all you might.

a white juicer with a floral design nect to citrus fruits


Promsing review: “When a recipe calls for any type of citrus juice, I really prefer using fresh fruit to get that juice from. This Pioneer Woman handheld citrus press not only coordinates well with my other kitchen pieces from the same brand, but does a great job squeezing out every drop of juice.” –ccsakura

Price: $7.97


A Hamilton Beach automatic can opener, because nobody should ever have to deal with the torture that is opening a can manually.

a stainless steel automatic can opener


Promising review: “I have purchased three of these for myself and as gifts for my sisters. Very easy to clean and use. My sisters both have had finger joint replacements and they love how easy to use. It’s better than other electric can openers that I have owned that cost twice as much.” –georgest16

Price: $19.96


A Better Homes & Gardens acacia wood cake stand that will display all your at-home baking trials and can double as a home for diffusers and candles on your coffee table.

an acacia wood cake stand holding a bundt cake on a counter


Promising review: “Love this cake stand!! I purchased it to replace a crystal one that I keep on my counter that was a wedding gift 24 years ago. This fits in nicely with my farmhouse themed home and resembles an old wooden thread spool. I used the dome from my old one and I’m all set to display my baked goods!” –cookie0616

Price: $19.94


A Somerset Home kitchen towel set to spruce up your dishwashing experience. This set of towels are great for dish-drying, counter cleaning, or can be decoratively hung on your stove.

The set of dish towels


Promising review: “We bought these because we were looking for regular kitchen towels that didn’t cost $7-$10 apiece! These have a great texture and soak up the water. I’m glad we got these!” —awarmgir

Price: $22.88 (available in two colors)


A three-tiered spice rack so you can organize all of the tiny bottles taking up space in your cupboard. While you’re at it, store thin bottles of vinaigrette on the top rack.

The black wire spice rack


Promising review: “This is a great spice rack. You can set it on your counter or wall mount. I bought different colored spice bottles to jazz it up and now I have all my spices beautifully displayed within reach of the stove.” —HIOR

Price: $13.98


A French press, because making coffee in a French press is arguably the best way to make coffee at home. Consider adding this device to your morning routine for a cup of joe that even Agent Dale Cooper from Twin Peaks would approve.

a silver and black French press holding freshly brewed coffee


Promising review: “This is a great product. It makes about three cups. I had a regular coffeemaker and it wasn’t working well anymore. I had several people tell me about this make and model for what I am looking for. I appreciate reviews and I read about this model. I could not be happier with my purchase. I absolutely love using this with three scoops of my favorite ground coffee, and I add some nutmeg with hazelnut Coffeemate creamer. It smells up my entire kitchen and is delicious. I would highly recommend this product for someone interested in making up to 3 cups (they also sell an 8-cup model as well).” —Caramel1

Price: $14.84+ (originally $26.82+; available in two sizes)


A Lodge Dutch oven that’ll make the perfect sourdough bread, cook up a mean stew, and act as an ideal deep fryer. Dutch ovens last forever, so consider this an investment for the future.

a red dutch oven holding mushroom risotto


Promising review: “I love this pot. It’s so well made and the food cooked well in it. I got the red that looks great in my apartment. Very happy with this purchase.” –Happycustomer

Price: $39.94 (originally $49.99; available in two colors)


A Better Homes & Gardens food storage set, because you shouldn’t have to endure bags of sugar and rice taking up your precious counter space. These canisters are airtight, meaning that you can easily store tea or cookies in them without ever having to worry about your edible goodies going stale.

three airtight containers of various sizes with white lids


This comes with a set of three canisters.

Promising review: “Liked that these containers are different sizes and they seal well! I stored goldfish in one and marshmallows in another. They haven’t gotten soggy or stale. These are nice.” —Kris

Price: $14.88


A Ninja blender, because there is no good smoothie without a powerful blender. But why stop at smoothies? You can also make milkshakes, chop vegetables, and pulverize soups with this bad boy.

a ninja blender with a balck lid pouring a smoothie into a glass


Promising review: “The Ninja rocks. I purchased a cheaper blender before this one and returned it. The Ninja will power through frozen bananas like a boss. I can walk away from it while it is turning my frozen items into a smoothie and it stays put. And it holds a lot in the large pitcher. I am very happy!” —Rebecca

Price: $79


An Instant Pot air fryer that’ll turn into your very own one-stop-shop for frying, roasting, and warming your food. Once you add an air fryer into your life, it’ll be hard to imagine your life without it.

a silver and black instant pot air fryer desembled to show the lid and inner compartment


Promising review: “I have used the pressure cooker and air fryer features. The air fryer basket works perfectly despite being able to hold less than the basket on our power air fryer XL. We are happy to have made the switch! Being a renter our space is limited especially when it come to the kitchen. This simple switch has allowed me to get rig of our crock pot and stand alone air fryer giving us back much needed counter space. Plus it cooks the food in half of the time of a traditional oven/pot. What’s to lose?” —Nenaeh

Price: $129


A Hamilton Beach two-speed hand blender that will quickly become a tool you use daily. Whether you are in the mood to puree tomato sauce, blend creamed spinach, or even make a delicious Greek frappe coffee drink, this handy tool will be your best friend.

hand blender and whisk attachment


Promising review: “Works well. Am able to use blending/chopper tool in cooked vegetables to make creamy sauce or soup. Perfect for disguising veggies in foods for kids.” –Amanda

Price: $21.96


A FoodSaver 2-in-1 vacuum sealing system, because there is nothing worse than going into the fridge for some delicious leftovers and discovering that your favorite dish has gone bad. This device works well with already cooked foods, and with meats and veggies you plan on storing in your deep freezer.

a black vacuum sealer sealing a storage container full of pasta


Promising review: “I bought this to replace another that had lost some function (it was old enough that I felt OK about it). I had misgivings about this one because I liked my old one very much, but — so nice — this one is better. It’s quicker, quieter, just as compact, and just as easy to use. The making bags function is genius.” —Linda

Price: $189


An onion dicer to ensure that your onions are diced uniformly, with zero tears from chopping included.

hands using an onion dicer with a green lid to chop an onion


Promising review: “This completely blew away my expectations! I even tried it on tomatoes and it chopped them better than I ever could. It’s simple to use, simple to clean, and even dishwasher-safe. My only regret is not buying it sooner. I love this thing!!” –Arabel

Price: $15.49


An electric peeler, because preparing delicious meals requires much chopping, dicing, slicing, and peeling. Let this device peel your fruits and veggies for you while you take care of the rest.

an electric peeler peeling a potato


Promising review: “As my arthritis progresses it just keeps getting harder and harder to do things for myself. This fruit/veggie peeler makes it so easy for me and fast. I just put the food on and adjust the levers and away it goes. I just have to cut the food up into the size I need. I love it!” —cookie

Price: $25


A Lodge pre-seasoned cast-iron skillet that will become your new best friend when making everything from the perfect French omelet to delicious rosemary lemon chicken thighs.

a cast iron skillet with holding an entire roasted chicken


Promising review: “I got this for a weekend camping trip and used it to cook all breakfast and dinner meals. Lets just say it will be my go-to pan from now on. It’s AMAZING! I love it so much; it’s super easy to clean, provides even heat, and cooks everything perfectly. I am so happy I finally purchased this after always being hesitant about getting one for years!” —Meg

Price: $17.90 (originally $26.74)


A meat chopper, because breaking up meat and veggies should not be a hassle whenever you make Bolognese.

a black meat chopper


Promising review: “My first meat chopper and I’m wondering why I waited so long. Really helpful. I’ve used this one a lot since getting it and it’s really standing up very well.” –Walmart Customer

Price: $4.97


A Pioneer Woman ceramic cookware set to cook every single meal in every day. Whether you’re looking to simply fry up some eggs in the morning before a long day of work or make a delicious casserole for a Friday night dinner, you’ll surely be whipping these pots and pans out.

a set of blue pots and pans with red yellow and green floral designs on them


This set contains a 1.5-quart saucepan with a lid, a 2.5-quart saucepan with a lid, a 5.5-quart Dutch oven with a lid, a 4.6-quart sauté pan with a lid, a 9.5-inch frying pan and a 12×8-inch ceramic baker.

Promising review: “My wife loves this set. She was very happy with it. Love how nothing sticks on it. Beautiful pattern in combination with the rest of our Pioneerwoman goods.” —Alex

Price: $79 (originally $99)


An electric kettle so that making your hot beverage is as pleasant as a cup of tea. This kettle boils water for you to the ideal temperature for your stew, meaning you won’t ever have to worry about standing over a stove with a food-safe thermometer ever again.

a glass and stainless steel electric kettle boiling water next to a cup of tea


Promising review: “I love the stainless-steel finish and the glass just gives it the right touch. Its very fast, boils up water in minutes and very easy to use and fashionable.” —Davandre

Price: $35.48


A Veggetti spiral vegetable cutter, because you deserve to spend way less time preparing your Zoodles than eating them. This tool also works great for julienne cuts of carrots, cucumbers, and even radishes.


Promising review: “Surprisingly wonderful! I was not expecting much, but now zoodles are the best thing I have experienced in the low carb world, and this is great to work with.” –Willie

Price: $9.97 (originally $23.67)


Promising review: “Surprisingly wonderful! I was not expecting much, but now zoodles are the best thing I have experienced in the low carb world, and this is great to work with.” –Willie

Price: $9.97 (originally $23.67)


A cushioned kitchen mat for those who spend plenty of time in the kitchen. This mat absorbs a great deal of shock as you walk to and fro, saving your knees from damage as you make your third dish of the day.

a black rectangular floormat in a kitchen


Promising review: “Very nice cushioning. I placed the larger one under my sink with two smaller ones in my problem areas. I have white grout ,so they cover the areas where the grout gets dirtiest.” —Walmart Customer

Price: $10


A salad spinner, because there truly is no better way to wash and dry your lettuce and leafy greens than by placing them in this device. First, take out the sieve, and wash your vegetables in cold water. Then, remove the vegetables and pour the water out. After that, place the sieve back in, insert your vegetables, and start spinning. Et voila, you now have clean and crisp veggies ready to eat.

a salad spinner with vegetables inside


Promising review: “The salad spinner works perfectly. It has a tight sealing lid and spins effortlessly. Most places sell similar items for a much higher price. This works better than I expected, based on the price I paid, which is always an advantage.” –Goldwingrider

Price: $12.70 (originally $18.97)


A Pioneer Woman knife set so that you can chop everything with ease before cooking. This’ll look cute on your counter, too.

a turquoise knife set in a wood knife block on a counter


This set includes a chef’s knife, a bread knife, a utility knife, a paring knife, six steak knives, a pair of scissors, a sharpening steel, a Nakiri knife, and a wood knife block.

Promising review: “I just love this knife set. Had my eyes on this particular one for a couple of years and finally decided to get it. Knives are nice and sharp and cut anything like butter, so smooth. It’s enjoyable to cut food now.” –PMR5

Price: $49.97 (originally $69.97; available in eight colors)


A Bodum cold brew and iced coffee maker so that you’ll never have to experience another failed attempt at brewing your favorite coffee beans into a refreshing drink. Simply insert your beans into this press, add cold water, and leave it in your fridge overnight. Yes, coffee shop quality coffee can be this easy.

A white cold brew press holding iced coffee next to a glass of iced coffee


Promising review: “This cold brew coffee pot is a gem for the price! I love that I can make coffee once every few days instead of every day. The drawback is that you can just brew a cup on a whim, it does take at least eight hours to steep in the fridge. I have recommended this little guy to many people.” —Ash

Price: $22.20 (available in three colors)


A food-safe thermometer, because there is no safer way to know that your chicken roast is ready than by getting an exact measurement of its temperature. Not into roasting meats? This thermometer is perfect for checking the temperature on boiling water for delicate coffees and intricate teas.

a read food safe thermometer checking the temperature of a pork chop


Promising review: “Works great. Open it up, turn it on, wait a few seconds, and then insert the probe. Wait five seconds and bingo! The internal temperature is displayed. The battery is a AAA, cheap and easy to find.” –Gregory

Price: $13.99 (originally $19.99)


An Oster convection toaster oven to do everything from toasting the perfect bagel to making great personal pizzas on the weekend.

a toaster oven with food inside on a counter


Promising review: “The results from the toaster oven are great. I’m a person that really would rather use my toaster oven than my stove oven. I use it to heat up frozen foods and reheat pizza slices (they are so much better heated than microwaved). So I use this item daily. I’ve only had it a week but results have been good so far.” –Mari

Price: $44.88


A 20-piece gadget set that has everything you need for grating cheese, ladling soup, and stirring stews. Plus, it’ll go perfectly with your shabby chic decor.

a 20-piece kitchen set displayed on a cutting board


This set includes a y-shape julienne peeler, a grater, a whisk, tongs, a spatula, a spoon, a basting brush, an acacia wood turner, four measuring spoons, four measuring cups, a large measuring cup, a melamine spoon rest, and a wood cutting board.

Promising review: “I was impressed and pleasantly pleased with this Gadget Set. All the gadgets seem well made, and I like how they look. And the best part was the price!” –GMac

Price: $40 (available in two colors)


A nonstick double burner griddle with metal handles so that you can make perfect pancakes or taco meat at home without having to worry about a messy stove as the aftermath.

a flat griddle with meat and vegetables on it


Promising review: “I love this griddle. It cleans up so easily and heats nicely. It basically turns my stove into a big griddle.” –42786

Price: $19.97


A 13.75″ nonstick wok to bring ease to the process of making stir fry, while adding no cleanup time after your meal is done.

a black wok with wooden handles on a kitchen counter


Promising review: “My husband really enjoys a great Japanese fried rice and I love that it cooks to perfection. No more messy or sticky rice and burnt food. The size was just perfect.” –Marta

Price: $5.76 (originally $8)


And an olive oil and vinegar dispenser set so that you will never have to worry about accidentally pouring too much olive oil on your freshly made sourdough focaccia when all you really wanted was a drizzle.

a glass olive oil and vinegar set


Promising review: “Love these dispensers. The top that closes when not in use is exactly what I was after for sanitation purposes. They seem durable and look nice on my counter. Can’t ask for more.” –Choffman

Price: $12.99 (originally $18.99)

Need ingredients for all your new recipes? Shop each recipe directly through the app, or check out Walmart’s grocery selection to get veggies, meat, seafood, and more delivered right to your door.

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The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.


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