Last Friday, like the rest of the world, I watched the first two episodes of WandaVision.


I was having the best time spotting Easter eggs and hints – but all that excitement paled in comparison to what I felt when a certain character appeared on screen…

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“Is that….it can’t be!” I said to myself.

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(And also my Buffy the Vampire Slayer group chat).

But it was!!! Ladies and gents, Miss Emma Caulfield herself was on screen as Dottie, the icy housewife with an iron grip over the neighborhood.


Now, who is Emma Caulfield, you (heathens) ask? She’s been a staple on TV for decades, but her most famous role is as Anya in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the ex-demon who was Xander’s seasons-long girlfriend/fiancé and “the cutest of the Scoobies.”

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Look, Anya was probably my favorite character on Buffy, and she was done absolutely dirty, but IDK if y’all are ready for that conversation.

Emma was absolutely hilarious and charming and PERFECTION in that role, hence my excitement. But I wasn’t the only one who was excited:

Most people were just in awe of the perfect casting:

Anya was famously blunt and to-the-point, often being perceived as rude, so seeing her as a queen bee type was very fun.

Actor Tom Lenk (who played Andrew in Buffy) used an A+ moment from a Buffy episode to express his excitement:

But some people were a *little* disappointed that there were no interactions between Dottie and the bunny that was to be used in Vision and Wanda’s act in Episode 2:

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In case you don’t know, Emma’s character Anya famously was terrified of bunnies, even singing about it in the Buffy musical episode “Once More With Feeling.”

As you can see, we briefly flash to Dottie/the rest of the audience after seeing the bunny in WandaVision, but Dottie says nothing!


Truly a missed opportunity.

Now, part of the reason why people were so excited was because seeing Emma was a surprise to many of us, as she only just announced her casting on Jan. 11.

Twitter: @emmacaulfield

The secrecy around her role made me wonder what Emma’s role will be moving forward. In the episode, she seems suspicious of Wanda and Vision.


Notably, it feels more sinister than the normal Bewitched/supernatural sitcom trope of a neighbor who’s suspicious. I found it super odd that Wanda even suggested that Dottie thought she wanted to harm people, and even odder that Dottie said she didn’t believe her.

She’s also present when Wanda receives a mind-boggling message from reality, breaking a glass and bleeding IN RED.


Emma appears to be in more episodes, and I have a feeling she’s not just a random character — she’s going to have something to do with what’s happening to Wanda.


Some have hypothesized Dottie is actually Clea, a princess from the Dark Dimension in the comic books that has a relationship with Dr. Strange. As we know, WandaVision will tie heavily into Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness.

In conclusion, Emma, we are so excited to see you back! Fans, I will leave you with this final BTS photo.


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