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How Well Do You Remember The Movie Gotta Kick It Up?

Disney / Via buzzfeed.com

America Ferrera, in her debut role! Early ’00s dance team drama! Susan Egan! This movie had it all, folks.

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Tell Us How Many Disney Channel Original Movies You’ve Seen And We’ll Guess If You’re A Millennial, Gen-Z, Or A Cusper

Scenes from High School Musical and Descendants

Disney / Via buzzfeed.com

There’s more than High School Musical and The Cheetah Girls.

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Teen Beach Movie Premiered 7 Years Ago, So Let’s See If You Remember It

Two couples from Teen Beach Movie, each labeled "Tanner and Mack?" and "Brady and Lela?"

Disney / Via buzzfeed.com

The most underrated musical DCOM ever.

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Only Someone Who Lives, Breathes, And Sleeps Disney Channel Can Correctly Identify These DCOM Quotes

Sharpay and Gabriella in High School Musical 2

Disney / Via buzzfeed.com

“What team?!” More like WHAT MOVIE?

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If You Can Identify 18/20 Of These High School Musical Characters, You’re An Honorary Wildcat

Ryan, Sharpay, and Coach Bolton looking confused

Disney / Via buzzfeed.com

Do you know your Sharpays from your Tiaras?

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Can You Guess The Disney Channel Original Movie Based On A Really Bad Plot Summary?

The Disney Channel Original Movie logo

Disney / Via buzzfeed.com

We take things very literally around here.

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How Well Do You Actually Remember High School Musical?

A scene from High School Musical with the school's name covered by a question mark

Disney / Via buzzfeed.com

You’ll need your head in the game but your heart in the song.

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If You Were A Lemonade Mouth Character, Who Would You Be?

Mo and Stella from Lemonade Mouth

Disney / Via buzzfeed.com

First, there was High School Musical. Then, there was Lemonade Mouth.

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We Know How Old You Are From Your Disney Channel Original Movie Opinions

Disney / Via buzzfeed.com

Do you know the dance from “We’re All in This Together” or “Cruisin’ for a Bruisin'”?

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Only A Wildcat Will Remember 11/13 Of These High School Musical Lyrics

Disney / Via buzzfeed.com

It’s time to get’cha head in the game and bop to the top!

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Take A Trip To Disneyland And We’ll Reveal Which Descendants 3 Character You’re Most Like

Jungle Cruise and Mal looking upset

Kari Rene Hall / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images / Disney / Via buzzfeed.com

Are you really the queen of mean?

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Go Shopping At Urban Outfitters And We’ll Tell You Which Disney Channel Original Movie To Watch

Urban Outfitters / Disney / Via buzzfeed.com

“I want fabulous.”

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