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On today’s episode:

1. It’s been a rough couple of weeks for millennials on the internet, as they’re faced with an uncomfortable truth: that they may no longer be the generation that gets to dictate what is and isn’t cool.

We’ve all been so wrapped up in Gen Z’s opinions on skinny jeans and side parts, that we may have forgotten that not all that long ago it was Boomers who were experiencing the wrath of America’s teens. Anyone remember “Okay, Boomer?”

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Today we talked to New York Times Opinion Columnist Farhad Manjoo about why we even have generational classifications in the first place.

Listen to hear Farhad explain why factors like wealth and power are far more divisive than generational gaps, why they think “Okay Billionaire” should be our new catchphrase, and break down how Generation X has managed to avoid all this drama (hint: it involves listening to Nirvana.)

2. Ted Cruz is being Ted Cruz while Texans are just trying to survive.

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3. Serena Williams’ exit from the Australian Open has people asking her about retirement.

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