[Chorus 1 – Jr. Gong x2]
Tribal war
We nuh want no more a dat
Every man deserve to earn
And every child deserve to learn, now
Tribal war
A nuh dat we a defend
Every man deserve a turn
Like a flame deserve to burn

[Verse 1 – Nas]
Man what happened to us?
Geographically they moved us
From africa
We was once happiness pursuers
Now we back stabbing, combative and abusive
The african and arab go at it they most muslim
Used to be moving in unison
Disputes would end
Bounty hunters and grape street get cool again
Some standard housing
Got the young running rampant
Wilding, for a phantom
He can style in
Mask on his face
Grabbing his luger
Saying, ‘gnobody move or I’ll shoot ya’
Man you’re expiring
Catch 25 and he does it like a man
He sides with black
White pride and mexican
Survive the best he can
Strap a shank to his thigh
Why do we all collide?
Why do the young die?
Extortion, murder and burglary
Tattoos his chest
Says his enemies don’t deserve to breathe



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