Annoying pop up ads in android and PCs
Have you ever experienced annoying pop up ads that suddenly pop up in your browsers and aps, blocking the scree and making your phone unenjoyable for you?
the truth is that some of these ads inasmuch as they are annoying and disturbing, most of them are harmless, while others are ploys to collect sensitive data from your phone. For good or for bad, nobody wants to have ads messing up their usage of phones they bought with their own money.
what do you do when you get infected with malwares and adwares?
First of all, prevention is better than cure. do not download apps you don’t need. then if by mistake you get infected with such malwares, do not lose hope. get the Avast free all-in-one security with their free anti-adware. Avast gives you premium protection free for seven days. this gives you the chance to maximize their premium security to your advantage. simply download avast and do a deep scanning of your phone. this will expose all hidden malwares, with options to resolve them.
i’m writing this because I just came out of one hell of an experience myself.
I got a new Phone and allowed my friends take it home for weekend. I got it back and my phone became a stranger to me. each time I put my data connection on, different ads pop up full screen, blocking whatever I was doing. most of these ads do not even disappear even after I clicked the ‘dismiss’ icon. this resulting in me rebooting my phone lots of times before I would accomplish a simple task. sometimes my phone will automatically download and install apss I don’t know and these would be taking up my storage space. I got mad and wanted to smash it. but then on second thought I decided to browse about the problem as I know that other people must have experienced such. I came across Avast. I installed and activated the 7 days premium protection. the first scan showed about four hidden malwares , and up to seven hidden files in my phone. I just clicked on ‘resolve all’ and these were gotten rid of and my phone returned to normal.
hope this helps you out too.. do let me know here in the comment box!

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