If you haven’t heard of it yet, I guarantee you will, because Nomadland has basically been winning all the awards this year. I mean, just look at this screenshot from one of the trailers, LOL:

A screenshot of the film covered from edge to edge with film laurels

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And, for the record, I did not photoshop this image. It is literally just all the film laurels Nomadland has…so far.

Anyway, Nomadland follows the journey of a woman named Fern (Frances McDormand) as she packs her van and sets off on the road, exploring a life outside of conventional society as a modern-day nomad. And it just dropped today in theaters and on Hulu!

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The film is directed by star-on-the-rise Chloé Zhao — whose next film is the hotly anticipated Marvel film Eternals — and, frankly, I loved it. Here’s everything I thought while watching…

Note: Mild spoilers ahead!

1. Empire…what a name for a town.

2. Also, WOW, didn’t know zip codes could actually be discontinued?!

3. Oh, I’m already cold, and I’m just sitting at home on my sofa.

4. LOL, the old butt shake to dry your tushie! AND it’s ice-cold out. *Shivers*

5. Honestly, impressed she knows all the lyrics to “Greensleeves.”


7. Wow, how did they actually get to film inside an Amazon warehouse?!

8. I mean, maybe it’s fake, but like…this looks PRETTY REAL.

9. And…oh, these HAVE to be real people.

10. LOL, I love Frances McDormand.

11. Oh for SUUUUURE these are all real people.

12. Linda May!

13. FERN!

14. Morrissey shoutout.

15. The Amazon lunch room reminds me of a school cafeteria, LOL.

16. I feel like I’m watching one of those tiny houses YouTube videos where they tour you around their setup…and I love it?

17. Awww, her dad’s dishes.

18. I feel like I’m listening to my mom haha.

19. THIS. IS. FASCINATING. (Looking inside an Amazon warehouse.)

20. “My mom says that you’re homeless, is that true?” GIRL, kinda rude.

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21. Oh no, LINDA MAY. This story.

22. Here I go, I’m tearing up (I predict this won’t be the only time through this movie).

23. Awww, her little New Year’s tiara.

24. Honestly, sitting home alone on NYE and hearing fireworks outside from everyone else is HIGHLY relatable.


26. She didn’t take the dog. *unimpressed face*


28. “I’m not exactly sure what you would be eligible for.” Worst unemployment office employee ever.

29. I love it when vast nowheres look like art. The magic of cinema!

30. Hello, chili!

31. “No, I’m a carnivore. Thank you though.” LMAO

32. Her van is called “Paint, because she takes me where I ain’t!” — This needs to be a bumper sticker. Ha!

33. Also loving that this movie was shot with just a lot of natural light.

34. Like, who knew an RV camp in the middle of nowhere could look so gorgeous?

35. *Immediately adds soundtrack to Spotify playlist*

36. Wish I could know what the 10 commandments of stealth parking are.

37. LOL, Frances is adorable.

38. Pooping in a bucket? Check.

39. Hey look, David Strathairn!

40. Pretty sure he’s the only other “actor” in this movie.

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41. I sense a budding romance.

42. Gotta be honest, I would love to go to an RV show.

43. HELLO, CORNDOGS. And giant ones at that.

44. OMG. Tasers!

45. “It’s like a disco.” Lollll

46. LOL, these ladies pining over an in-RV washer and dryer is HIGHLY relatable.

47. FYI, old people line dancing is surprisingly charming.

48. Awww, bye friends.

49. Not gonna lie, I would love to visit this rock farm. Love a good rock or gemstone.


51. I love Swankie’s pirate flag.

52. Honestly, though, if these are real people (and not “actors”), I am impressed with their acting skills!

53. IDK why seeing someone play a flute and just hanging out in their van is funny, but it’s funny?

54. Oh lord. Noooooo, FERN.

55. You’re really doing it…welp, if you gotta go, you gotta go.

56. Oh, no, Swankie…

57. *Tears up*

58. And, like that, I suddenly want to ditch everything I own and travel all over in a van.

59. Ooh, I wonder if these are actual old photos of Frances McDormand growing up?

60. Hello, Fern, your husband was hot. (I’m sure she knew haha).

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61. It’s so wild to see abandoned ghost towns.

62. Whoa, what is this tunnel???

63. Man, I’d love to bathe in and float naked down a cool river.

64. Well, well, well…hello, Dave.

65. “We be the bitches of the Badlands.” Hehe.

66. “Oh, that’s almost a whole bag of Doritos!” LMAOOO.

67. Awww, their little makeshift sheet masks.

68. Uhh, where ya goin’ Fern?

69. Okay, she needs to stop. She’s making me nervous.

70. Oh, I love the idea of Linda May’s earth ship!


72. UGH. Fuck the puke (or whatever it was) and that guy.

73. Fern: “You’ve got a nice setup.” Me: “Wow, he does.”

74. Not gonna lie, I would like one of those Wall Drug paper hats…

75. …AND one of those donuts.

76. LOL, this movie is determined to make me hungry.

77. This Wall Drug dinosaur reminds me of the ones out at Cabazon.

78. Sigh. Remember being able to travel and go siteseeing? I miss that.

79. I just realized Fern can never fully stretch out in her bed and…UGH.

80. Potatoes! That’s it, that’s the thought.

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81. Damn, this is some backbreaking work.

82. Ha, The Avengers (in case you needed a reminder what year this is).

83. The swallows!! Swankie made it.

84. *Tears up YET AGAIN*



87. …how dare you, Chloé Zhao.

88. So, to recap: We went from pizza, to fried chicken, to now burgers in less than like 10 minutes and I’m like *watering mouth emoji.*

89. This is some good casting. I fully believe this woman COULD be Frances McDormand’s sister haha.

90. Oh, hey, it’s Derek!

91. This kid really reminds me of Spicoli from Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Like, a nomad Spicoli.

92. NorCal!

93. Another thing I miss: driving along the PCH. (IDK if that’s where they are, but it looks like it?)

94. LOL, nothing quite as awkward as being forced to hold a baby.


96. God, I love Thanksgiving food. AGAIN WITH THE GOOD FOOD.

97. Fern not being able to sleep in this bed in a house is giving me very Cast Away vibes.

98. Aww, man, Swankie.

99. *Here’s me crying again.*

100. Dang, what a view.

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Nomadland is available NOW in theaters and on Hulu (free for subscribers)!


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