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I am guessing your ears are OVERWHELMED by the number of headphones and ear buds on sale for Black Friday this year, but let me cut through the ~noise~ for a minute to tell you that I honestly think that the 32% off deal on Apple’s AirPods Pro — making them $169.99 (originally $249) — is the best one you’re going to find.

Apple AirProds Pro


I am not a fortune teller re: future sales, but I do know that this is the lowest sale price the AirPods Pro have ever been on, which is precisely why it’s not going to last very long!

I should start this ode to my AirPods Pro by saying I resisted the idea of them for ages, and was resistant to even getting AirPods at first — I’m a runner, so I get nervous about them slipping out, and I always figured I’d be too lazy to remember to charge them. But these are honestly so well worth the money that I doubt any purchase I make in the next year will get me as much dollar-for-sanity value.

Apple airpods pro outside their charging case


Honestly, these feel like an extra limb to me now. I feel naked if they are not on my person at all times.

Here’s the main thing you need to know: the noise cancellation on the AirPods Pro is genuinely, alarmingly effective. The first time I put these on and toggled it into noise cancelling mode it was like the whole world fell away. Like, walking down the street I felt like Anne Hathaway in an early 2010s rom com because I genuinely could not hear one thing on a busy crowded New York City street except pop music in my ears.

Pic of AirPods with one of them showing the inner mechanics


I honestly cannot compare the feeling to anything else, and I’ve tried a *lot* of noise cancelling headphones. Like, I’m aware of how creepy this sounds, but it’s almost like you’re on some other plane of existence? Once you toggle them out of noise-cancelling mode you’re like OH wow the world kept happening without me??

And while it’s a full mood that I appreciate while I’m out walking, it’s gone from “wow, neat!” to “oh, cool, I can’t exist without these” when it comes to working from home. I spent the first part of quarantine working in a house crowded with family and liked to be close to the living room where the fam was, but not be distracted. These pretty much blocked out *any* noise (including a very indignant shih tzu).

BuzzFeed editor holding the ear bugs in hand

Emma Lord/BuzzFeed

Now I’m working back in my apartment where there’s tons of construction and the walls are so thin I can hear my neighbor’s Skype conversations word! for! word!! And these have become a genuine necessity to keep me focused.

They’re also super comfy and stay put — and I am saying that as someone who wears them pretty much all through my waking hours. I take them on long, absurdly sweaty runs and they don’t budge. I have them in my ears all day at work and they never ache. I use them to rewatch all bajillion seasons of The Vampire Diaries at night and even then, after a full human day, my ears feel fine.

BuzzFeed editor with AirPods Pro in ear

Emma Lord/BuzzFeed

To some degree, I’d argue these are actually better for your eardrums than a lot of headphones — because the noise cancellation is *so* effective, I don’t ever feel tempted to turn the volume up so much. I used to get warnings from my phone when I had the volume up too loud each week, but not since I got these.

Now let’s talk about the absurd charging capabilities on the AirPods Pro. First of all, the wireless charging case on this is convenient as heck. Even during quarantine I’m on the move a lot — I spend as much time as I can on the weekends outside — so even if the AirPods Pro run out of their 4.5 hour battery life, you can snap them right back into the case and have them fully charged within a half hour (and like, half charged in ten minutes, if you’re impatient like me).

BuzzFeed editor holding charging case

Emma Lord/BuzzFeed

I pretty much just have to remember to charge the case every two days, and otherwise I’m golden. Plus, these give you notice about the charge running out way in advance — it makes a little bleep boop noise and even then you usually have about a half hour left.

It’s also just been really handy to have these during quarantine times. I can talk on the phone easily when I’m walking outside without wires getting tangled in my face mask’s elastic, and the mic picks up my voice so well than I can talk through a mask. They’ve been great as a comfy option to take FaceTime calls, and I love taking long socially-distanced walks listening to podcasts now that I don’t actually get to see real live humans as much.

AirPods pro and case

Emma Lord/BuzzFeed

I loved these before the pandemic and will always love them, but I will always appreciate them for making small things a little easier and a little less lonely feeling in these ~unprecedented times~.

These come with other convenient, intuitive features, too — if your phone or the device you’re listening on is out of reach, you can tap one of the AirPods Pro to pause your music. You can say “Hey Siri” and talk to her the way you normally would. You can also force the AirPods Pro into transparency mode without your phone squeezing one of them.

Model putting white AIrPods Pro earbud into ear


This is especially handy in the winter, when my phone’s often buried deep in a pocket and if I need to turn them off quickly I can just tweak my ear.

And while these are Bluetooth and absolutely work on non-Apple devices, can I just say, the *immediate* syncing to your phone from the moment the AirPods Pro are charged is such a relief. I am very bad at technology. These were absurdly easy to set up.

Screenshot showing the charge of the AirPods pro on a phone screen

Emma Lord/BuzzFeed

Plus, when you put them on for the first time, it runs a little diagnostic on your ear to tell you if you’re wearing the correct size — it has three different silicone tips so you’ll get the perfect fit. It also gives you a quick tutorial so you know how to use all the features.

Plus if you don’t want to be in noise-cancelling mode, you can toggle to two other modes: one is “Off,” where the headphones aren’t doing anything in your ears, and one is “Transparency,” when you can still hear the world around you and your music at the same time.

Screenshot showing the controls on the AirPods Pro

Emma Lord/BuzzFeed

Weirdly, if you just leave the headphones in Transparency and you don’t play any music, you can hear stuff around you *better* than when you’re not wearing the headphones? It filters noise in this specific way so you can hear things closer to you more clearly.

The primary reason I have come here today to yell about these perfect headphones, though, is that I’ve pretty much never seen them this affordable. The $79 off the AirPods Pro makes them *less* than the price it usually is to get regular AirPods (which are $149 down from $199 for Black Friday, if you were wondering) — but in my opinion, if you’re already willing to splurge for regular AirPods, you should do yourself a favor and get these instead.

AirPods Pro next to an iPhone


I cannot emphasize enough how worth it the extra money is on these. I shove them in my family members’ ears at any given opportunity just so they can experience the completely immersive magic of them. AirPods are great, but they have *nothing* on the noise cancellation and convenience of the AirPods Pro.

Also … AirPods Pro make a *great* gift. And gifting season upon us. Just a lil’ reminder, if there’s anyone in your life who loves music, audiobooks, podcasts, or streaming content and might benefit from a total ear bud revamp.


Might as well get ahead of the holiday shopping now, y’all.

Whether you’re planning to get them for yourself or gift them, you can get the AirPods Pro on Amazon for $169.99 (originally $249) this Black Friday — but I’d move fast, because once Black Friday ends, this deal goes, too.

The AirPods Pro


Get the AirPods Pro for $169.99 (originally $249) and check out all the other Apple AirPods products on sale here.

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