The bright green “on light” on the old external computer speakers:

Close-up of a external computer speaker with the green light on

Rebecca Kahl/ youtube.com


Happy Bunny T-shirts and the sarcastic statements on them:

A blue Happy Bunny T-shirt featuring a smiling bunny and "I am not spoiled, I deserve all my stuff"


Best Buy having like 50% of its floor space dedicated to just DVDs:

A photo of an older woman in a black winter coat looking DVDs in the DVD Family section of a Best Buy store

Tim Boyle / Getty Images


And the Apple Store having 50% of its floor space devoted to iPods and the accessories for them:

Picture of a four teens each looking at an iPod and wearing headphones inside an Apple Store

Scott Olson / Getty Images


Bougie designer iPod covers, which cost almost as much as the player itself:

A Coach iPod cover with Coach monogram and hot pink leather trim


The iPod Nano commercial that featured Feist’s “1234” music video:



Gateway computers and the cow-print boxes they came in:

A stack of Gateway computer boxes with cow-print on them

Tim Boyle / Getty Images


My Name Is Earl and it being a pretty popular TV show:

A photo of Early lying on a hospital bed surrounded by the other characters

20th Century Fox/ Everett Collection


G4’s Attack of the Show!, which was the nerdiest show on TV:

Hosts Kevin Pereira and Olivia Munn standing on the set of "Attack of the Show!"



Amanda Bynes’ Dear by Amanda Bynes clothing line…

Amanda Bynes standing in between 4 mannequins dressed in her clothing inside a Steve & Barry's

Jemal Countess / WireImage / Getty Images


…and Sarah Jessica Parker’s Bitten clothing line, both of which were sold at Steve & Barry’s:

People shopping the Bitten collection at a Steve & Barry's

Peter Kramer / Getty Images


Spike Guys Choice Awards, which seemed like an award show that you would get if you combined Maxim magazine, a trucker hat, and an energy drink:

Tila Tequila picking up Guys Choice Award that is in the shape of a stag antlers

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images


B. Dalton bookstores, which was a mall staple:

Exterior of B. Dalton Bookstore

James Leynse / Getty Images


The Good Guys! stores, which always felt like a fancy Best Buy:

Exterior of a The Good Guys! store with shoppers walking in

Glenn Koenig / Los Angeles Times via Getty Image


CD label makers that wasted sooooo much printer ink:

A CD Stomper label maker still in the package


Calling tweets “microblogging”:

A screenshot of an article titled "5 Microblogging Sites That Aren't Twitter"


Car cassette adapters that let you listen to your iPod in the car:

A black RCA cassette adaptor


DVDs that came in cardboard cases and had a double-sided DVD (one side for full-screen and one for widescreen):

A DVD case opened


Madonna and Missy Elliott’s Gap ad campaign:

The Gap via Getty Images, Matthew Peyton / Getty Images

The Gap via Getty Images, Matthew Peyton / Getty Images


Waist chains that came with long dangling pieces, which scratched your skin:

Photo of a woman wearing a crop top and a waist chain with a star hanging off of it


Myspace Secret Shows, and you never knew anyone who actually went to them:

A photo of Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips on stage at Myspace Secret Show

Anna Webber / WireImage


Family Guy ringtones, which you had to text to get and also pay for:

donaldmouseforsaturn/ youtube.com


And finally, VH1’s The Fabulous Life of… series that, in retrospect, probably was not 100% factual:



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