Recently we asked the BuzzFeed Community to share the saddest underrated TV scenes. Here are the best monologues that were submitted!


On Buffy the Vampire Slayer, when Buffy finally broke down in front of Dawn after their mom died:

Buffy asking who will take care of them if not her, and saying she couldn't let Dawn see her upset

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“When Buffy says, ‘Who’s going to be if I’m not? Have you even thought about that? Who’s going to make things better? Who’s going to take care of us?’ it always makes me cry. The way her voice breaks. She and Alyson Hannigan as Willow never fail to make me sob with them.”



On Teen Wolf, when Stiles convinced Scott not to kill himself and called Scott his brother:

Stiles calls Scott his best friend and brother, and says if he does this, he'll have to take Stiles with him


“It’s one of my favorite episodes. ‘If you’re gonna do this … you’re gonna have to take me with you.'”



On This Is Us, when Kevin broke down on his old high school football field:

Kevin says he keeps getting second chances when he expects to be punished, and that he tries to tell everyone about his painkiller addiction and how he's in pain, but they don't listen, they just cheer


“No one gives Justin Hartley the credit he deserves for the superb acting in that episode (and the whole series).”



On Supernatural, when Castiel confessed his love for Dean right before he died:

Castiel telling Dean he's changed because of him and that he cares now about people and that he loves Dean

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On The Vampire Diaries, when Bonnie stopped Damon before he desiccated in a coffin for 60 years and told him how she felt about him not even saying goodbye:

Bonnie telling Damon she knows he wrote her a letter so he could imagine whatever reaction he wanted, but her real reaction is that she's not okay with this, and he's hurt her, and that's what she wants him to remember

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On Shameless, when Fiona told her mother how she’s had to raise her siblings and how well they were doing without her:

Fiona rattles off her siblings and says their accomplishments, saying they did it all without their mom because she wasn't there


“Fiona’s speech to Monica crying and saying, ‘You were my mother too’ when Monica came back and tried to take Liam. It was absolutely heartbreaking. Emmy Rossum did a phenomenal job in that scene.”



On The Good Place, when Chidi told Elena a Buddhist belief about death as he said goodbye to her forever:

Chidi tells Eleanor to picture a wave, saying you can see it and know what it is, then it crashes on the shore and is gone, but the water is still there. The wave has returned to the ocean, where it's supposed to be



On Breaking Bad, when Jessie admitted to his group that he was there to sell meth, and questioned their method of self-forgiveness:

Jessie asks if then it doesn't matter what he does or how many dogs he kills, because if he's a good guy and "accepts" it it's okay, then calls that a load of crap



On WandaVision, when Vision comforted Wanda after Pietro’s death:

Vision tells Wanda he hasn't felt grief because he's never had anything to lose, but also says that grief is just love persevering



On Game of Thrones, when Jaime told Brienne why he killed the Mad King:

Jaime says the king told him to burn women and children and kill his father, and asks if Brienne would've followed those orders


“It was just such a powerful scene and gives us an explanation of who Jaime actually is and how we have misunderstood him. That was the moment he became one of my favorites. You really feel sad for Jaime in that scene.”



On The West Wing, when Mrs. Landingham told Charlie about her twin sons dying in Vietnam:

Mrs. Landingham explains her sons were gunned down on Christmas Eve really young, and it was hard that it happened so far away, because they were probably so scared and needed their mom


On The 100, when Clarke and Bellamy watched the tape Monty had left behind for them:

Monty asks if the planet is beautiful, and says he hopes humans do better there and that Clarke and Bellamy will be happy. He tells them to be the good guys and says they'll meet again

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“I was crying so much. It was so sad.”


“Oh god, I sobbed so hard through the last 10 minutes of that episode.”



On Buffy the Vampire Slayer, when Anya had trouble conceiving of death after Joyce died:

Anya talks about how she doesn't understand why Joyce can't just get back in her body and wake up, and how Joyce can't eat or drink or brush her hair anymore, and it's all mortal and stupid

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“The little speech she has while standing in Willow’s dorm room is so heartbreaking. I can hold myself together before that, but once Anya breaks down, I’m sobbing.”



On Killing Eve, when Villanelle talked about not feeling anything:

Villanelle says most days she feels nothing except boredom, and that she tries hurting herself or buying things or doing thinks she likes and nothing works



On Shameless, when Monica died and Fiona told Frank that she was never there:

Fiona shouts that Monica was never there, and that Fiona at age 9 had to take care of all the kids and Frank, dragging him inside when he was passed out drunk so he wouldn't freeze to death


“Fiona threw her entire life away, dropped out of high school, and had to have multiple jobs just to take care of her siblings. She had to be the mother she never had and was still treated like shit throughout the show. That scene breaks my heart and sends chills through my body no matter how many times I watch it.”



On This Is Us, when Kate got upset about the police killings of Black men and Randall talked about how exhausted he was:

Randall tells Kate he wants to comfort her, but where would that leave him? He doesn't want to do that pattern anymore because he's exhausted



On Sherlock, when John talked to Sherlock’s headstone:

John tells Sherlock he was the greatest person he ever knew and that he knows Sherlock never lied, then tells Sherlock to stop being dead



On The Vampire Diaries, when Damon talked to Alaric’s headstone:

Damon says when you lose somebody there's just a hole where they used to be, and that he should be long gone since Elena didn't choose him, but he has to stay to take care of his brother and the others

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“We never really saw an emotional side to Damon until this moment. It makes me cry every single time.”



On Grey’s Anatomy, when Bailey broke down to Derek after operating on her former high school crush:

Bailey lists her accomplishments, but says that she saved his life and he still doesn't see them. She says she might as well still be that nerdy high schooler who didn't go to homecoming because he didn't ask her



On Teen Wolf, when Sheriff Stilinski finally remembered Stiles:

the Sheriff says he remembers Stiles and him getting the jeep and how he ran it into a ditch, and how his mom used to call him Mischief, but he always had a good heart


“The moment when he finishes and Scott smiles always makes me cry.”



And finally, on M*A*S*H, when Margaret confronted the nurses:

Margaret asking if the nurses have ever showed her friendship or offered her coffee, and asks if they can imagine what it's like to walk by the tent and hear laughter and know she's not welcome


“There are so many sad scenes in M*A*S*H, but the one that sticks out for me that a lot of people overlook is in ‘The Nurses’ when Margaret break down and tells the other nurses how lonely she is. ‘Can you imagine what it feels like to walk by this tent and hear you laughing and know I’m not welcome? Did you ever once ever offer me a lousy cup of coffee?’ Maybe it’s because I was so lonely as a kid, but it makes me sob every time.”


“I always, always remember that scene. The way she drags in her breath, you can hear her throat is practically closed with emotion.”


Got any other heartbreaking monologues that didn’t make the list? Let us know in the comments below!


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