Recently, this tweet about seeing Bill Clinton at a bookstore went viral:

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So it inspired me to ask the BuzzFeed Community about their weirdest celebrity encounters they’ve ever experienced, and yup, they’re weird! Here are some of our favorites:


I was almost late to my own law school graduation because Joe Biden was attending — his nephew was also graduating. He was vice president at the time and his motorcade caused a huge traffic jam. I had to park my car a few blocks away and run — in heels — to campus. I almost got tackled by Secret Service because I was trying to find my place in line, which I guess was too close to the VP.




Just pressuring Fabio into pretending to be my baby daddy at Whole Foods…no big deal!” —emocookie61


“When I was in high school, I was visiting a friend in Cape Cod who would vacation there every summer. One day, we went into town and walked into a little antique shop only to see all the members of Aerosmith helping a lady carry a large item out to her car. So weird to see a rock band antiquing together.”




“On a trip to New Orleans in November 2019, my friends and I had just arrived to the city and were driving to our hotel when we stopped at a red light and we noticed a group of people congregating outside of a seedy-looking bar. It was mostly normal-looking people, but we saw a few big, burly guys dressed head to toe in black. Then…I realized who the guy in the middle of the crowd was…dressed in matching plaid and maroon slacks, drinking beer from a plastic cup, talking and laughing, was BILL CLINTON!!!



I almost ran over Clint Eastwood with my car in Sun Valley, Idaho in the summer of 1992 or 1993. I had been at my parents’ house for the weekend and was due back at work and running late, so I was speeding through town and he stepped off the curb in front of me. I slammed on my brakes and stopped in the middle of the road and got out and we started yelling at each other before I realized who he was. When I realized it was him, I said, ‘Well…you shouldn’t jaywalk. Can I have your autograph?’ He told me to ‘F**k off’ and walked away!




“My friend was supposed to meet me for a drink at the Ritz Carlton but couldn’t make it. A manager of the bar came by with a bottle of champagne and sent my friend to the penthouse. We got a call from the bar saying it’s closing for a VIP party and we had to come back down before they locked the doors to the public. I hung out with Slash and Velvet Revolver the rest of the night.



I once spotted David Hasselhoff walking the tiniest dog in an Urban Outfitters. When we locked eyes and I froze, he said ‘Yeah, it’s really me’ and walked off. I clearly need to work on my poker face.”



New Line Cinema

I was living in New York City and walking across the Brooklyn Bridge when I noticed David Eigenberg (Steve from Sex and the City) walking toward me. It was exactly like the scene from the SATC movie where he and Miranda meet and decide to reconcile!”


New Line Cinema

I was living in New York City and walking across the Brooklyn Bridge when I noticed David Eigenberg (Steve from Sex and the City) walking toward me. It was exactly like the scene from the SATC movie where he and Miranda meet and decide to reconcile!”



“I worked as a camp counselor a few years ago and met Bruce Willis (and his wife) and Vanessa Trump (Donald Jr.’s ex-wife) because I was a counselor for their kids.



Epic Records

My mother actually had Michael Jackson knock on her door back in the ’80s when he was serving as a Jehovah’s Witness. My sister was a baby at the time and he complimented on how cute she was and they actually talked for a while. My mom never realized it was him until she read in the paper the next day that he was in town. She even said to him, ‘Has anyone ever said you look like Michael Jackson?’ And he said, ‘Yeah, I get that a lot.’ My mom LOVES to tell that story.”



“I saw Mitch McConnell (boo) in a Perfect Pita.”




“While on a work trip in Chicago, just as I was putting my first ever slice of deep dish pizza in my mouth, we noticed 98 Degrees (minus Nick) a couple of tables away. As a ’90s child, I obviously had to be creepy and ask for a pic!”



“I used to work at this place that rented tubes to float down the Delaware River. One slow day, Fred Schneider of the B-52s came in with some friends (this was when ‘Love Shack’ was a huge hit). I casually mentioned that I was a fan and he was polite, but reminded me that he was on vacation. I stole the waiver sign-in sheet for that day, and still have it somewhere…




“I was walking right past the high limits section of a casino in Southern California when Ray Romano was being escorted in with a couple security guards. He looked right at me as I said, ‘Holy shit, it’s you!’ He laughed and shouted, ‘Hi!’ and my dumbass says, ‘Hope you win big! Maybe walk out a millionaire!'”




I was visiting a college friend in a very small town in Connecticut for her birthday when I ran into Hoda Kotb in Starbucks, out of nowhere. She was in town for a book signing that my friend later told me is known for hosting famous authors. It took me a second to place her because it surprised me that she wasn’t surrounded by security!”



“My friend used to go to the same gymnastics place lots of celebs’ kid went to, and my friend’s mom saw Katie Holmes and her daughter Suri Cruise there.



Harmony Gerber / WireImage

“I once met Kevin Bacon. Most people don’t realize he actually has a band with his brother, and one time, they performed at my local state fair. He signed my shirt!”



Geffen Records / giphy.com

“I was walking through a vintage furniture store while on vacation in Palm Springs and walked right in to Tom DeLonge from Blink-182 while staring at a really cool midcentury modern piece.



“I was locked up in DC, and taking classes in the education department. I saw Nick Cannon while he was touring the facility with Howard University. Not my finest moment, but who cares.”



HBO / giphy.com

I gave Rose Leslie (Ygritte from Game of Thrones) back her sunglasses when she left them on the self-service checkout at a Tesco Metro.”


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