Her popularity has put her on the hard-to-find list of many modelling outfits.
Her looks and personality still keeps them coming after the stunning university finalist.

Miss Resanaz is one of the most stunning beauties that have not allowed themselves to be flattered with wads of dollars. The many magazines and modelling outfits that she has turned down their offers so far will tell you something about miss R, she prefers to take her time and choose who she follows.the beauty in a an interview chat with gistwheel editor, gave some insights into her life,and views of life in limelight.her dress sense really puts what we see on stage these days into question.
from your pics available on the net,and your growing popularity on the runway, your sense of fashion brings you out among most people in showbiz. In your wardrobe, which will you call your most comfortable outfit that you can always fall back on?

My most comfortable outfit will always be a pair of jeans, a loose top and a pair of flat sandals.
What’s your compulsory fashion don’t, something you can never try?

When it comes to fashion, I don’t think I can wear leggings or anything like that. I love skinny jeans but I can’t try the ordinary leggings. They have a way of making a slim person look even slimmer.My fashion sin is buying so many handbags. That’s my obsession. I love good handbags and I buy a lot even if there is no money.
What’s in your make-up bag?
In my makeup bag, you will find different products from MUD cosmetics. You will see a concealer, foundation, compact powder, eyebrow pencil, lipstick, mascara, highlighter, eye shadows, makeup brushes etc. don’t begin to think you have run into a “painter man” lol! you can see from my recent pics i hardly paint, i have this thrill in being the real me, maybe with slight make up.

What is your Beauty Philosophy?
My personal beauty philosophy is beyond the exterior, I believe one should never miss an opportunity to better another’s day. Even in the smallest effort of a smile. You should always leave your glow lit in others
If you were to inspire someone, what would be your first word?
Belief…. I would say just believe in yourself and this entire world is yours… It’s only your belief which will open u to the universe and help you accomplish and achieve the biggest goals
these days we see most girls bleaching their lives out, surgerying their God-given natural bodies to almost decay. we find you stick to being original, what is your motivation?

like i said earlier, i always believe that i have, and i am the best of me, i can never be anything better in another person’s shoes. i don’t want to start disclosing my popularity, and ongoing opera contracts. if these people find me so, i need no more than to be at peace with who i am, accept myself as God created me.
how would you describe the girl of your tribe?
if you must know, i am an Igbp girl, proudly Igbo!
Even heaven knows that when it comes to beauty, our pretty and sexy Igbo women are still the best around lol. don’t get me wrong, we still have diamonds from other tribes, but just take this, Igbo girls, a sect of Nigerian girls from the south-eastern parts of the country, are one of the most beautiful and intelligent women in the world! an igbo girl understands the true meaning of FAMILY.
Igbo girls have deep regard for family and so usually want to have members of their family around most of the time. Her relationship with her parents, siblings and even extended family is close knit and she will not compromise or cut them off in a hurry
final word
i want to thank the Gistwheel team for organizing this, i’m quite impressed with the work on here, thumbs up to the team!

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