This is to introduce the Gistwheel WhatsApp Group.

The group makes it easier for our users from different locations to interact more easily, in addition to many other benefits like:

Games on Gistwheel WhatsApp Group

We have three games on this group Join the group (if you’re not already a member) with this link :
1.hangman: type hangman to play ,you’d be required to fix in missing letters to complete a word.This tests your ability to predict, and spell correctly.
2.Knowledge quiz : Type quiz go play. This quiz tests your knowledge of history, Geography, current affairs, and general knowledge. It’s normally five questions, give concrete questions. This comes with a prize if one could give correct answers to all five questions.
3.Vocabulary test: Type vocab to play.This is the most interesting and easiest.It tests your knowledge of English words.This game is highly recommended, because it helps you build your vocabulary base.This will make you have interest in your dictionary once again.
More on Gistwheel WhatsApp Group
Google/Yahoo/Bing search :
You can search any thing, as you would on Google, and it would load Easy and fast,with relevant links for more details. To search,simply type wiki followed by your search .

Latest world news,live scores and football updates

The latest world news,live scores and football updates flash the moment they happen.This group makes it much more easier for you to stay updated, get much needed information at your fingertips, very easy and free!!

Join now!!

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